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'''Power''': 75<br>
'''Power''': 75<br>
'''Power Type''': Physical<br>
'''Power Type''': [[Physical]]<br>
'''Power Bonus''': 5%<br>
'''Power Bonus''': 5%<br>
'''Attraction Bonus''': 20%<br>
'''Attraction Bonus''': 20%<br>

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The High Tension Spring is one of two possible weapons that a hunter can purchase at the very beginning of the game (the other being the Tacky Glue Trap). It has no effect on Cheese.


Cost: 600
Points required: 0

Power: 75
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 20%
Luck: 2
Cheese effect: No effect

Razor sharp barbs adorn a crushing bar held with over 1000 lbs. of tension.