Hollow Heights

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Hollow Heights is a region released on 9 September 2015 and consists of areas to the south of the Whisker Woods and Sandtail Desert. There are three known locations:

The following location was released on 12 May 2015, and a Fungal Cavern Map Piece is required to enter it.

A recent settling of sand near the southern edge of the desert has revealed a hidden passageway into an underground cavern.
The Fungal Cavern is the site of an underground aquifer, a damp place full of mushrooms and poisonous plants. The walls are rich with Minerals and sparkling Gemstones that reflect and scatter what little light enters the cave.

The following locations were released on 9 September 2015, and a Labyrinth Key is required to enter them.

Topsy, turvy, left is right, up is down, can't make heads or tails of it all maze of epic proportions. Navigating the Labyrinth is simple yet complex. The strongest of hunters easily collapse to their knees in sheer madness trying and failing to complete this almost living structure. Even those that make it through have no better understanding of its layout.
Built upon the ancient ruins of Mousu Picchu, this technologically-advanced superstructure of a city lies behind the endless, twisting corridors of the Labyrinth. Hunters must brave the mind-bending maze before entering this city in order to discover the secrets behind its multi-faceted society.
A hunter must make his/her way through the Labyrinth in order to hunt in Zokor

To move to a new area within the game, click on the TRAVEL button. The map will show all your discovered areas, as well as any special considerations of note in a specific area. It will also show the minimum rank required to hunt in that area.

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