Hunter's Hammer

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Use your Hunter's Hammer to smash various items into smaller parts!

This Crafting tab option can be used to smash certain items for use in crafting other items. A drop-down menu on the Hunter's Utility Hammer page (in-game) lists items that can be smashed or dismantled. When an item is chosen, from the list it appears in a box on the right side that lists what smashing the item will produce and asks how many the player wants to smash. The bold warning at the bottom of this box says, "Warning: There may not be a way to reassemble this item!" Despite the warning, all currently known smashable items can be reassembled. Some may require additional purchased items, such as Curds and Whey (for SUPER|brie+) or the Bead of Slumber (for the Obelisk of Slumber), others do not (e.g. DeathBot Parts).

Smashable items

The following items are known to be produced with the Hunter's Utility Hammer:

Item from Smash Item to Smash
DeathBot Parts Mouse DeathBot
Digby DrillBot Parts Digby DrillBot
High Tension Spring Parts High Tension Spring
Hobby Horse Parts HitGrab Horsey
HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse
Launcher Parts Harpoon Gun
Net Cannon
Magic Essence SUPER|brie+
Obelisk Parts Obelisk of Slumber
Obelisk of Incineration
Gingerbread Cheese Plank of Gingerbread
Rainbow Mohawk Wig of Awesomeness HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse
Smashed Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Thorned Venus Mouse Trap Husk Thorned Venus Mouse Trap
Venus Mouse Trap Husk Venus Mouse Trap
Mutated Venus Mouse Trap