Hunter's Hammer

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Use your Hunter's Hammer to smash various items into smaller parts!

This Crafting tab option can be used to smash certain items for use in crafting other items. The in-game Hunter's Hammer Crafting page lists items that can be smashed or dismantled, along with the quantity of each item owned. Upon selecting an item, a window pops up to show the hunter what will result from the smash, as well as a chance to select the quantity before hitting the Smash button.

If the item being smashed is currently in use as a Weapon or Base, the hunter is given an error message: "Sorry, you can not destroy your last equipped trap". To smash that item, it is necessary to first equip a different trap.

Many smashed items can be reassembled, but sometimes the reassembly requires extra ingredients (for example, Curds and Whey for SUPER|brie+). However, there are some items where smashing is a one-way conversion (for example, High Tension Spring).

Smashing a Library Assignment will allow you to select a new assignment, although you will be unable to start a new assignment for the next hour.

Items produced by smashing

The following items are known to be produced with the Hunter's Utility Hammer. Some smashed items have more than one source, in which case it is up to the hunter which source item to smash.

Smashed Item Source
A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Parts Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery
Aleth Essence 0003 (3) Ber Essence
Aleth Essence 0009 (9) Cynd Essence
Aleth Essence 0027 (27) Dol Essence
Aleth Essence 0081 (81) Est Essence
Aleth Essence 0243 (243) Fel Essence
Aleth Essence 0729 (729) Gur Essence
Aleth Essence 2187 (2,187) Hix Essence
Aleth Essence 6561 (6,561) Icuri Essence
Ambush Trap Parts Ambush
Barnacle Fishy Fromage
Brain Extractor Parts Brain Extractor
Chess Pieces Zugzwang's Last Move
Chrome Nanite Coating Chrome Nannybot
Clock Parts Clockapult of Time
Cobweb Mousataur Skull
Crushed Crush
Damaged Coral Fragment Fishy Fromage
Dark Chocolate Charm 05 (5) Eggscavator Charge Charm
Dark Chocolate Charm 20 (20) Eggstra Charm
DeathBot Parts Mouse DeathBot
Digby DrillBot Parts Digby DrillBot
Endless Labyrinth Trap Parts Endless Labyrinth Trap
Est Essence Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprints
Fel Essence Clockwork Portal Trap Blueprints
Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprints
Fire Salt Dragon Ember
Gingerbread Cheese (15) Plank of Gingerbread
Gur Essence Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints
High Tension Spring Parts High Tension Spring
Hobby Horse Parts HitGrab Horsey
HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse
Ice Blaster Parts Ice Blaster
Icuri Essence Clockwork Portal Trap Blueprints
Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints
Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprints
Launcher Parts Harpoon Gun
Net Cannon
Magic Essence Maki
Maki String Cheese
Magical String Cheese
Empowered SUPER|brie+
Mouse Scale Fishy Fromage
Nannybot Parts Chrome Nannybot
Nothing Library Assignment
Oasis Water Node Trap Parts Oasis Water Node Trap
Obelisk Parts Obelisk of Slumber
Obelisk of Incineration
Phantasmic Oasis Trap Parts Phantasmic Oasis Trap
Polluted Base Parts Polluted Base
Radioactive Curd Radioactive Blue Cheese
Rainbow Mohawk Wig of Awesomeness HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse
RhinoBot Parts RhinoBot
Rift Circuit Chips (3) Rift Circuitry
Sandstorm MonstroBot Parts Sandstorm MonstroBot
Scrap Metal Canister Ring
Scum Scrubber Trap Parts Scum Scrubber
Shattered Rift Crystal Crystal Tower
Smashed Pumpkin Pumpkin Pummeler
Smashed Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Soul Catcher Parts Soul Catcher
Sphynx Wrath Parts Sphynx Wrath
Steam Laser Mk. I Parts Steam Laser Mk. I
Steam Laser Mk. II Parts Steam Laser Mk. II (Broken!)
Superstar Nanny Glasses Chrome Nannybot
Thorned Venus Mouse Trap Husk Thorned Venus Mouse Trap
Time Out Upgrade Chrome Nannybot
Toboggan Ride Parts Explosive Toboggan Ride
Tournament Token (2) Veteran Tournament Token
Tribal Timber (3) Tribal Base
Venus Mouse Trap Husk Venus Mouse Trap
Mutated Venus Mouse Trap
War Scrap (3) Frosty Metal
Heating Oil
Wire Spool

Additionally, in 2011 with the introduction of the Enraged RhinoBot, it was temporarily possible to obtain RhinoBot Parts and Icy RhinoBot Skin from smashing an Icy RhinoBot.


Move along, nothing to see here!

In the special case of a Library Assignment, using the Hunter's Hammer produces Nothing. This item in the Special category is then immediately removed from the hunter's inventory. In other words, all hunters always have 0 instances of this item, and it does not show up in normal inventory listings.