Hunter's Profile

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The Hunter's Profile consists of 3 tabs:

  • Profile
  • Mice
    • Lists of mice hunter encountered in every Group, with the average weight and heaviest catch statistics
    • Lists of mice hunter encountered in every Location, with the average weight and heaviest catch statistics
  • Items
    • Weapons the hunter has acquired
    • Bases the hunter has acquired
    • Maps the hunter has collected
    • Collectibles the hunter has obtained

Finding Your Hunters Profile

There are a number of methods of finding your hunter's profile. The most common is by clicking on the mousehunt shield (just above where it says your rank). However, there are other methods of finding not only your own, but your friends' and other hunters'.

  • Hunting Group – If you go to your Hunting Group page (simply by clicking on the 'Friends'-Button) you will be able to get to all your friends that have the MouseHunt application installed. To quickly find a certain player, type their name into the search box and click search. This will return that player or players depending on how specific your search was. Then click on their name and you will go straight to their hunter's profile.
    NOTE: by clicking on the little green arrows next to a player's gold and points stats you can also find a direct link to the page on the scoreboard for their gold and points respectively.
  • Through the Scoreboard – Go to 'Lore' > 'Scoreboard' and search their name in the search box. Then just click on their name and you'll get to their hunter's profile. You can also do this for your own hunter's profile - but it does take longer.