Ice Drill

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Ice Drill is a specialized drill used to quickly bore through ice, assisting hunters in reaching deeper depths of the Iceberg. There are four types of ice drills available at the Iceberg General Store, as shown in the table below.

Type of Ice Drill Max drills per invasion Feet per drill Comes with Trap requirement
Ice Drill Mk. I 5 20 3 Drill Charges None
Ice Drill Mk. II 6 20 3 Drill Charges Steam Laser Mk. II
Ice Drill Mk. III 7 20 4 Drill Charges Steam Laser Mk. III
Diamond Ice Drill 8 20 5 Drill Charges Steam Laser Mk. III

Drilling past Mouse Generals will skip them and their loot.

History and Trivia

Ice drills were first introduced on 24 May, the same day that the Iceberg was released.