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This article is about the hunting location. For the Mouse Group, see Mouse Group#Iceberg

Iceberg, dead ahead!

Teeming with mice, and on a collision course with the beaches directly outside Gnawnia's castle, this Iceberg must be stopped at all costs!

You must be the rank of Lord/Lady to travel to this dangerous area.

Description and Requirements

The Iceberg is a location in the Rodentia region requiring a minimum rank of Lord/Lady and Icebreaker License to enter. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


These are the shops that can be found in the Iceberg:

Iceberg Mice


Generals appear at the end of each stage, unless a hunter has drilled past the generals into the next stage. Hunters get a chance to catch a particular general three times, if they have failed to catch him on the first hunt. After three failures, hunters may get a different general.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Slide and Knockback Values (ft)
Catch FTC
Lord Splodington Iceberg (General) Bottled Cold Fusion 4 0
Lady Coldsnap Iceberg (General) Bottled Cold Fusion 8 0
Princess Fist Iceberg (General) Bottled Cold Fusion 12 0
General Drheller Iceberg (General) Bottled Cold Fusion 50 -6

Treacherous Tunnels

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Slide and Knockback Values (ft)
Catch FTC
Chipper Iceberg (Tunnel Rat) 16 0
Icebreaker Iceberg (Tunnel Rat) 16 0
Incompetent Ice Climber Iceberg (Invader) 4 -4
Polar Bear Iceberg (Invader) 8 -4
Snow Slinger Iceberg (Invader) 8 -4
Snow Soldier Iceberg (Invader) 4 -4

Brutal Bulwark

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Slide and Knockback Values (ft)
Catch FTC
Iceblock Iceberg (Invader) 8 -4
Mammoth Iceberg (Brute) -6 -20
Polar Bear Iceberg (Invader) 8 -4
Snow Bowler Iceberg (Brute) -4 -16
Snow Slinger Iceberg (Invader) 8 -4
Yeti Iceberg (Brute) -4 -16

Bombing Run

The Mad Depths

Icewing's Lair

Hunting Strategy

Hunting tips by Larry

Our brave and daring scouts have reported that the Iceberg is broken up into five distinct zones with different mice in each. The further down you go, the more dangerous it becomes!

Treacherous Tunnels: Tunnel Rats roam these halls, ever-expanding the Iceberg's tunnel network. Their tools can be put to use making your own tunnels, so catch as many of them as you can!

Brutal Bulwark: Dangerous Brutes live here, and they'll knock you silly! At the very least, they'll knock you back a few paces, slowing you drastically. If only you could find a way to stop them...

Bombing Run: Bomb Squad mice use high explosives to carve huge caverns and trip up intruders. But if you could turn their bombs against them, you could certainly speed up your descent.

The Mad Depths: Mad Zealot mice prowl here. They are both hard to catch and powerful – they will knock you back if you don't catch them. Avoiding them would be best.

Icewing's Lair: Icewing herself commands the Iceberg's deployment from here, deep in the heart of the Iceberg. Be brave in facing her, hunter, as she will give no quarter!

Floating in the path of the Iceberg are three bonus chests holding supplies for the icy invasion. If you can defeat the Iceberg before it reaches them, their contents will be yours! If the Iceberg crashes into them, their contents will be lost to you as they float ashore to be used by the invaders, so work quickly for the most rewards!


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