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A large part of the gameplay in MouseHunt involves managing Inventory. As Hunters progress through the game, they unlock the ability to travel to more locations and catch more difficult mice, which in turn can result in better Loot and improved Crafting abilities.

Listing Inventory

A hunter's inventory is spread over several screens each reached from the main Heads-up Display. Most screens can be found underneath the Inventory tab, with the exception of Map Pieces located under the Travel tab.

The inventory categories are:

Additionally, the Hunter's Profile includes a list of Weapons, Bases, Maps, and Collectibles, giving a partial inventory view to all other hunters.

Obtaining Inventory

There are several ways to gain inventory:

Sometimes, an Event provides an additional way to obtain inventory, sometimes by exchanging other collected items at a special page. Items obtained in this manner are usually marked as Limited Edition, and are not available after the Event ends.