Jungle of Dread

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Named by the tribes, this dangerous jungle is home to some of the most terrifying mice ever discovered. Long ago the leaders of the tribes discovered a spicy cheese made with peppers capable of distracting the mighty beasts of the jungle. This peppered bait may be the key to luring these mice to a trap...

Description and Requirements

The Jungle of Dread is a location in the Tribal Isles region requiring a minimum rank of Hero and the Ocean Navigation Kit. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.

Jungle of Dread Mice

Mouse Max Points Min Gold Power Type Preferred Cheese Loot
Chitinous 44,405 5,846 Shadow Pungent Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Timeless Mystic Gem
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Fetid Swamp 19,110 5,156 Shadow Crunchy Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Hinge of Eternity
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Jurassic 39,470 6,491 Shadow Creamy Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Ancient Relic Staff
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Magma Carrier 49,335 7,181 Shadow Spicy Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Encrusted Metal of Time
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Pigmy Swarm 5,800 841 Shadow SUPER|brie+
Vanilla Stilton
Vanilla Bean
Primal 16,450 5,801 Shadow Sweet Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Ethereal Rope
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Stonework Warrior 24,670 4,511 Shadow Magical Havarti Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Engraved Solid Stone Slab
Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Sylvan 273 429 Physical

Hunting Strategy

The 6 different flavours of Havarti cheese are required to attract the 6 Shadow mice in this location, each of which drops specific loot that is necessary to craft the only Forgotten type weapon in the game: the Ancient Box Trap. Superbrie or Gouda cheese attracts the Pigmy Swarm Mouse, which drops vanilla beans.

The hunter will need to use the strongest Shadow type weapon since the mice in the Jungle of Dread resist Arcane damage.

Hunting tips by Larry

My knowledge of this area is woefully inadequate, due to my total knee-knocking fear of entering here. Maybe when you learn some things about this area, you can give me some tips. How does that sound?


Trap Setup Options for Jungle of Dread

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