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Welcome to the King's Royal Prize Shoppe!

Larry has been hard at work, collecting loot from across the Kingdom to use as prizes!
You can redeem King's Credits in exchange for these special items!

The Prize Shoppe offers items for purchase, not with gold, but with King's Credits, which were first dropped by Treasurer, Snooty and High Roller mice during the King's Giveaway, and later dropped by Zombot Unipire and Grave Robber Mouse during the Zombie Invasion Weekends. King's Credits were also available as contents of 2011 Birthday Gifts and 2010 Winter Hunt Gift Boxes.

Items for Sale

Item Cost
Lucky Horseshoe E 1
Meteorite Piece 1
Cheese Belt Token Pack 3
Cheese Claw Token Pack 3
Cheese Fang Token Pack 3
Crate of Seashells 3
Crate of Savoury Vegetables 3
Crate of Delicious Stones 3
Crate of Vanilla Beans 4
Scrap Metal 5
Coal 6
Pinch of Annoyance 6
Raisins of Wrath 6
Bottled-Up Rage 6
Radioactive Blue Cheese Potion 8
Wicked Gnarly Potion 8
Runic Potion 12
SUPER|brie+ Supply Pack 30
Shrink Ray Trap 45
Super Briefs 50
Grungy DeathBot Skin 100
Fluffy DeathBot Skin 100
Ninja Ambush Skin 195

E   Item only available during specific events.

History and Trivia

This shop was first released during the King's Giveaway in November 2010.