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Welcome to the King's Royal Prize Shoppe!

Larry has been hard at work, collecting loot from across the Kingdom to use as prizes!
You can redeem King's Credits in exchange for these special items!

The Prize Shoppe is now the General Store at the King's Arms and offers items for purchase, not with gold, but with King's Credits, which were first dropped by Treasurer, Snooty and High Roller mice during the King's Giveaway, and later dropped by Zombot Unipire and Grave Robber Mouse during the Zombie Invasion Weekends. King's Credits were also available as contents of 2011 Birthday Gifts and 2010 Winter Hunt Gift Boxes. Additionally they can be found in Day 4 and Day 5 Loyalty Chests.

Items for Sale

Item Cost
Meteorite Piece 1
Mining Charm 1
Amplifier Charm 2
Artisan Charm 2
War Scrap 2
Cheese Belt Token Pack 3
Cheese Claw Token Pack 3
Cheese Fang Token Pack 3
Crate of Delicious Stones 3
Crate of Savoury Vegetables 3
Crate of Seashells 3
Spellbook Charm 3
Crate of Vanilla Beans 4
Rook Crumble 5
Scrap Metal 5
Warpath Commander's Charm 5
Bottled-Up Rage 6
Coal 6
Pinch of Annoyance 6
Raisins of Wrath 6
Cherry Potion 8
Radioactive Blue Cheese Potion 8
Wicked Gnarly Potion 8
Runic Potion 12
Regal Theme Second Half 15
Pollution Control Supply Kit 25
SUPER|brie+ Supply Pack 30
Shrink Ray Trap 45
Drill Charge 50
Sheriff's Badge Charm 50
Super Briefs 50
Fluffy DeathBot Blueprint 100
Grungy DeathBot Blueprint 100
King Chromo Skin 150
Lion Sphynx of Life Skin 150
Ninja Ambush Blueprint 195

History and Trivia

The Prize Shoppe owner is too timid to step foot in the Haunted Terrortories.
Please travel to a different location to visit the shoppe.
The Prize Shoppe owner is not fond of ice and snow.
Please travel to a different location to visit the shoppe.
  • 12 January 2012: King's Arms was released, and the prize shoppe was replaced with the following message:
Hear Ye Hear Ye!
The King's Arms is now open!
Long under construction but finally finished, the King's Arms is your one-stop shoppe for specialty items collected the world over!
Fantastic finds, such as:
A pack of Cheese Belt Tokens from the far reaches of Furoma!
A crate of Delicious Stones from the dunes of the Tribal Isles!
A supply package of SUPER|brie+, nearly guaranteed to help you catch the mice of your dreams!
Or even...
The always stylish Super Briefs - only available at the King's Arms!
Keep in mind, your pile of gold won't help you here, hunter! Only King's Credits - earned through Daily Rewards and on certain special mice - will help you here.