King's Credits

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Congratulations! You've been awarded a King's Credit! Visit the royal prize shop to claim a prize of your choice, or keep saving up to redeem greater rewards!

King's Credits are awarded during the King's Giveaway, and are the only currency accepted in the Prize Shoppe. They can be obtained by catching prize mice: Treasurer, Snooty, or High Roller. A Hunter with a higher Prize Power is more likely to encounter a prize mouse.

History and Trivia

Mousehunt's 3rd Birthday Celebration.

  • Hunters can share 3 King's Credits with friends by publishing the news when they level up to a new Rank title.
  • A hunter can determine their current number of credits on the Special tab, or with this in-game link. Credits can be saved for use in a future event.

Amounts Dropped by Prize Mice