King's Gauntlet

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This many-storied tower is the King’s personal challenge to MouseHunters everywhere: anyone who can reach the top is among the kingdom’s elite. The King’s Gauntlet works on a tier system, with Hunters advancing to the next floor by hunting with cheese that they collect on the current floor. The Gauntlet is meant as a challenge for hunters of all skill levels, but in order to ascend to the very top, a Hero’s rank will come in handy.

Description and Requirements

King's Gauntlet is a location in the Valour region requiring a minimum rank of Apprentice and the King's Gauntlet Floorplan to enter. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


These are the shops that can be found in the King's Gauntlet:

King's Gauntlet Mice

Mouse Points Gold Tier Loot
Clockwork Samurai 150 210 Tier 1 Gauntlet Potion Tier 2
Hapless Marionette 90 100 Tier 1 Gauntlet Potion Tier 2
Puppet Master 200 210 Tier 1 Gauntlet Potion Tier 2
Sock Puppet Ghost 225 210 Tier 1 Gauntlet Potion Tier 2
Toy Sylvan 115 100 Tier 1 Gauntlet Potion Tier 2
Wound Up White 70 100 Tier 1 Gauntlet Potion Tier 2
Bandit 300 180 Tier 2 Gauntlet Potion Tier 3
Escape Artist 200 295 Tier 2 Gauntlet Potion Tier 3
Impersonator 120 180 Tier 2 Gauntlet Potion Tier 3
Lockpick 150 180 Tier 2 Gauntlet Potion Tier 3
Rogue 700 295 Tier 2 Gauntlet Potion Tier 3
Stealth 500 295 Tier 2 Gauntlet Potion Tier 3
Berserker 425 210 Tier 3 Gauntlet Potion Tier 4
Cavalier 1,300 700 Tier 3 Gauntlet Potion Tier 4
Fencer 300 210 Tier 3 Gauntlet Potion Tier 4
Knight 900 700 Tier 3 Gauntlet Potion Tier 4
Page 325 210 Tier 3 Gauntlet Potion Tier 4
Phalanx 430 1,000 Tier 3 Gauntlet Potion Tier 4
Cowbell 700 800 Tier 4 Gauntlet Potion Tier 5
Dancer 2,900 1,700 Tier 4 Gauntlet Potion Tier 5
Drummer 2,800 800 Tier 4 Gauntlet Potion Tier 5
Fiddler 4,090 800 Tier 4 Gauntlet Potion Tier 5
Guqin Player 5,000 800 Tier 4 Gauntlet Potion Tier 5
Aquos 6,750 1,000 Tier
Black Mage 4,440 3,500 Tier
Eclipse 379,000 300,000 Tier
Fiend 72,000 50,000 Tier
Ignis 4,490 1,000 Tier
Necromancer 17,000 4,000 Tier
Paladin 25,200 2,500 Tier
Sacred Shrine 19,500 9,000 Tier
Terra 4,200 1,000 Tier
White Mage 20,400 9,000 Tier
Zephyr 5,900 1,000 Tier

Hunting Strategy


Mice in this location are Gauntlet Gladiators with unique weaknesses. While their exact weaknesses are not known, mice of Tier 1 can be caught with any normal cheese, and are essentially never missed by even moderately powerful physical traps. Mice of Tier 2 are weak to physical traps; their vulnerability to other power types is unknown but it is reasonable to conclude that they resist most or all. Mice of Tier 3 and 4 are weak to tactical traps.

Cheese Usage

All standard cheese types can be used in this location. It is recommended that Hunters start out with either Marble or Swiss, and stay away from Brie as using this cheese will very likely result in a net gold loss.

Progress to more difficult levels of the King's Gauntlet requires the use of special cheese, acquired through the use of potions dropped as loot in this location.

Hunting tips by Larry

Why hello, Mousehunter! It looks like we’ll be ascending the King’s Gauntlet together!

Hunters have flocked in from all over the land to face the terrors, the wonders, and the challenges of the King’s Gauntlet. If you can make it to the top of this tall, tall tower, you will gain lots of loot, and you will be able to count yourself among the land’s elite.

Every Hunter starts on floor one, using any bait they wish. From then on, Hunters progress to the next floor by using potions collected on the previous floor to make special cheeses. There is no need to travel-- just equip the right cheese to move to the next floor!

On each floor, the mice are weak to a different power type. If you get confused, the cheese descriptions may lend a hand. The further you go up the Gauntlet, the more difficult, and profitable, the mice become. Can you make it all the way to the top, and defeat the mysterious Eclipse Mouse?

Good luck, MouseHunter, and don’t get tired on the stairs!


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