King's Giveaway (2018)

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A King's Giveaway ran from 23 January through 31 January. Additional Prize Mice were released throughout the Kingdom. These mice began dropping King's Prize Keys that opened Mystery Prize Packs and Mini Prize Packs.

A banner above the Hunter's Journal tracks the Hunter's inventory of King's Prize Keys and, when opened, the pop-up allows Hunters to use the keys to open 10 Mystery Prize Packs. The pop-up also tracks Prize Mice catches by Hunter's Title.

Acquiring King's Prize Keys

All Prize Mice will drop 1 King's Prize Key when caught. All other mice can very rarely drop King's Prize Keys.

Mystery Prize Pack Contents

The following items are found inside these packs, but are arranged randomly:

Mini Prize Pack Contents

Once all 10 Mystery Prize Packs are opened, additional King's Prize Keys can be used to open Mini Prize Packs.

These packs can contain 1 Baitkeep Charm, 1,000 Gold, 10,000 Gold, 20,000 Gold, 3 King's Credits, 1 Rare Map Dust, 1 Regal Charm, 1 Super Regal Charm,1 Ultimate Luck Charm, 1 Ultimate Power Charm