King's Stockade

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Description and Requirements

The King's Stockade is a "location" (see below) where players who have violated the terms of the game are placed. Once in the King's Stockade, a hunter receives hunts from friends if they were online before being banned (i.e. if banned when active, you stay online for an hour, and can still receive hunts-by-friends, but you may not go back online after your time is up), and you continue to receive trap checks for the 24 hours after you are banned. These hunts all take place with your normal stats, as if you were hunting normally in the same location you were in before you were banned.

Quoted from Giorgio Sintichakis on the MouseHunt Tavern discussion boards:

It's not a "real" place. It only appears for those who are banned. Just a little way to reassure those involved that the culprit has been dealt with, such as in cases of scams, hacking, trouble-making, etc. The parties involved and victimized can see their "location" and be at rest that the devs have stepped in and dealt with things.

You cannot travel to the King's Stockade and it does not exist as an actual environment in the game. It's merely placeholder text that is automatically shown when a user has been banned. However, the location of the player seen from the hunting group is the location that the player was hunting before he/she was banned.

Restriction, Banishment and Banned

Hunter profiles have been updated to display more detailed information about active account restrictions and Hunter profiles now clearly indicate when a player has been Banished or sent to the King's Stockade

In the Patch Notes for June 11, 2019 the devs implemented a means of temporarily disabling specific game features for specific players to avoid placing players in the King's Stockade for minor rule infractions.

  • Communication This restricts the ability to write to cork boards and to access the forums.
  • Trade Embargo This restricts the ability to use the Marketplace and to send supplies and gifts to friends.
  • Competitive This restricts the ability to join teams, participate in tournaments, and contribute to scoreboards.
  • Interaction This restricts the ability interact with other players such as joining maps and going on hunts with friends, and all restrictions listed above.

In the Patch Notes for July 5, 2019 the devs implemented Banishment in which players can now be Banished for violating game rules

  • Banished This restricts the ability to interact with other users. This includes, but is not limited to: Forums, Cork Boards, Marketplace, Supply Transfers, Gifting, Teams & Tournaments, Scoreboards, Treasure Maps, and bringing friends on hunts.


  • Banned/King's Stockade This restricts the ability to access the entire game.

History and Trivia

The King's Stockade is the title of one of the books in Zurreal's Folly.

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