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The original purpose of the Laboratory was to research the minor mouse problem Gnawnia was having. A few less than ethical experiments soon gave rise to new breeds of mice altogether. Now overrun with the very mice it spawned, few hunters dare to step foot on its grounds.

The Laboratory is the first location that hunters can find from the Burroughs region. To get there, a map piece is required, and the player must be ranked Master or above. To find this map piece, which is dropped by a Ninja mouse at random, a hunter must be ranked Journeyman or greater and hunting in the Mountains. Alternatively, a Laboratory map piece can be purchased in the Marketplace.

In the Laboratory, a hunter will find breeds of mice such as Mutated White mice, Mutated Grey mice, Dwarf mice (which drop the Key to the Town of Digby), Steel mice, Zombie mice (which drop the Tattered Map piece to the Mousoleum), Monster mice, Granite mice, and Bionic mice. All mice have the potential to drop Lab Research, worth points, or potions to imbue Brie or SuperBrie and convert them into Radioactive Blue Cheese.

The cost of travelling to the Laboratory is at least 19500, but varies according to your location and the number of people hunting there.

Cost of traveling from the Labratory:

-- Guide: A person should bring more than 200 pieces of brie to the lab in order to make a decent profit. For someone sticking around for the long haul, the lab is a money maker.