Labyrinth of Love Trap Skin

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Labyrinth of Love Trap Skin
Skin Info
Obtained Via: ?? Tradeable: ??
Event: ?? Giveable: ??
Cost: ?? Craftable: ??
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
Get lost in love within the walls of this romantic maze! Mice trapped within this lovely labyrinth experience something similar to being on a long, seemingly endless, love cruise. Extended stays inside of this trap melt even the hardest hearts into a lovey-dovey mush!

Weapon Info

The Labyrinth of Love Trap Skin can be used on Endless Labyrinth Trap. The trap's stats (power, power bonus, attraction bonus, etc.) are not changed.

Purchasing Info

The Labyrinth of Love Trap Skin may be made available during the annual Valentine's Day event and can be traded on the Marketplace.

History and Trivia