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{{ Skin
{{ Skin
| method = [[Donations]]
| method = [[Donations]]<br />[[Marketplace]]
| cost = 3.00
| cost = 3.00
| imglink = http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt301/s18067/LarrysFirstMoveSkin.jpg
| imglink = http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt301/s18067/LarrysFirstMoveSkin.jpg

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Larry's First Move Skin
Skin Info
Obtained Via: ?? Tradeable: ??
Event: ?? Giveable: ??
Cost: ?? Craftable: ??
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ?? Image: External Link
Zugzwang may be familiar with Technic and Mystic Knights, but what about Friendly Knights? Apply this skin to your trap to put a friendlier face on Zugzwang's First Move


The Larry's First Move Skin can be used on Zugzwang's First Move. The traps power stats do not change to see the traps power, luck etc. see the Zugzwang's First Move page by clicking Here.

History and Trivia

The Larry's First Move Skin was released on 23 September 2011, with the overhauling of the Skins system.