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Larry's job is to roam the land to seek out and train those who seem worthy to become a fabled MouseHunter. He guides new hunters throughout the tutorial and gives them everything they need to start their journey. He also teaches them how to use the Hunter's Horn.


Tutorial Items

When a hunter first starts, Larry gives them several items as part of the tutorial.


Hunters that like the Facebook fan page can sometimes receive a gift from Larry. When a gift is claimed, a message is left in the Hunter's Journal:

I received XXX from Larry the Friendly Knight!

Hunting Tips

Larry has been assisting hunters since 21 July 2009 by providing detailed information on each hunting location on the hunter's camp page below the trap setup.

When a Toxic Spill is in effect, Larry can be seen wearing a hazmat suit.



Whisker Woods



Bristle Woods

Tribal Isles

Varmint Valley


Sandtail Desert

Rift Plane


Larry's Loot Lexicon

Since 26 August 2010 the Loot items are clickable in journal entries and link to a new page called "Larry's Loot Lexicon". This page shows some basic item information such as image, description, item class (e.g. Crafting), whether the item is tradable, giveable or limited edition, and the quantity owned.

History and Trivia

  • In December 2009 Larry offered hunters the chance to exchange items they had collected during the the Great Winter Hunt for a limited edition trap, the Christmas Cracker Trap, or for some SUPER|brie+.
  • From 8 June 2010 (release of Mousehunt version 3.0), Larry had previously given free travel to Town of Gnawnia. However, to accommodate with the new titles introduced on 30 June 2010, Larry provided free travel to Meadow. His free travelling services became obsolete on 29 July 2015 when travelling costs were removed.
  • In June 2014, Larry hosted Larry's Football Challenge, where hunters could collect Gnawnian Footballs and score goals for loot.


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