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Several Letters to Santa play a major role in the Great Winter Hunt 2012 event. Each letter is dropped by the Confused Courier Mouse, to unlock various stages within the event, and tracks the various requests made by Greedy Al that led to his disillusionment with Santa and the creation of the MegaBuy Mart. The first letter (age 12) can be found in any Location, and unlocks travel to the MegaBuy Mart. All other letters can only be found by hunting with Festive Feta in the MegaBuy Mart, according to the following schedule:

Letter Available Toy New Mouse Repeat Mouse
Age 6 10 December Moon Mobile Triple Lutz Scrooge
Age 7 12 December Toy Raygun Ribbon Mouse of Winter Past
Age 8 14 December
Age 9 17 December
Age 10 19 December
Age 11 21 December

After a letter has been found, it unlocks a new mouse attracted to Festive Feta, as well as a mouse from prior events attracted to Winter Charms, both of which drop a toy part; collecting 10 of these parts then builds the toy. Constructing all 6 toys is necessary to purchase the Wrapped Gift Trap to catch Greedy Al and unlock the Last Letter.

While it is possible to view Larry's Loot Lexicon for each letter in advance, that only provides a link to the actual letter contents, and if a hunter has not yet obtained that letter, a popup box appears warning:

Uh oh
You don't have this letter yet.

Likewise, viewing a toy prior to unlocking the letter sees merely this description:

You don't yet know what this is.

Progress of letters received can be seen in the Heads-Up Display at the MegaBuy Mart.

Letter to Santa, Age 12

Oh no! This mouse clearly never received any of his Winter Hunt presents, and has grown bitter and vengeful! We must warm his frosty heart by making all the toys he missed as a child. Hunt until you find a Confused Courier with a misplaced letter, and then find the parts needed to build the missing Winter Hunt toy!

The image of this letter reads:


I believed in you once but that was a long time ago. I waited every year to see what I would get, but would find nothing. Not even a response to my letter. I know I wasn't the best mouse growing up, but I only asked for a little in return.

I guess I've learned to just take care of myself and not rely on others. One day, I will be rich and powerful, and I will just get my gifts for myself. I will teach everyone that this is the only way to guarantee happiness. I won't let you disappoint anyone ever again.

Farewell Santa,

Letter to Santa, Age 6

To build Moon Mobile, you'll need: 10 Moon Mobile Parts

The image of this letter reads:

Hi Santa
Dear Santa.
I am a good mouse.
Can you please bring me moon.
All of it. It is Cheez.
thank yu.

Letter to Santa, Age 7

To build Toy Raygun, you'll need: 10 Raygun Parts

The image of this letter reads:

Dear Santa,
Last year I asked for the moon. It was too big so you got me nothing.
I am an gooder mouse tHis Year. Can I please Has a a Lazar Canon?
thank you
I will uze it for good

Letter to Santa, Age 8

Letter to Santa, Age 9

Letter to Santa, Age 10

Letter to Santa, Age 11

Last Letter

Toy Parts

The following toy parts are collected in response to each letter:

Moon Mobile Parts

All little Albert wanted was the moon. Unfortunately, he couldn't have the moon for obvious reasons, and Moon Cheese is known to have pretty serious side-effects. This Moon Mobile is a safe and pretty alternative that's sure to cheer him up! Collect 10 Moon Mobile Parts to build this toy!

Raygun Parts

Since real laser guns don't actually exist (and if they did, they'd be a massive safety issue), hopefully this Toy Raygun will cheer Albert up and satisfy his long-repressed childhood desires. Collect 10 Raygun Parts to build this toy!