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Library Assignment is a set of research tasks that Lords/Ladies (and above) can do to help recover Zugzwang's hunting research from Zurreal's army of inorganic magical-tech mice.

To start an assignment, hunter's must travel to the Crystal Library and click on the brown "Get Assignment" button on the HUD. Each hunter can only have at most one assignment at any point of time. Tasks of an assignment may be completed in any order, with the exception of Mystic/Technic King Research Assignment and Advanced Zugzwang Research. Completing assignments will earn hunters rewards based on the assignment carried out, along with Library Points which are required to start more advanced assignments.

Hunters can choose to terminate an assignment prematurely by smashing it with their Hunter's Hammer. However, they will be unable to start any new assignments for one hour, starting from the time the previous assignment was assigned.

Catalog Library Mice

This envelope contains basic research assignment that will have you capture various library mice in order to catalog them.

Requirement: None

Tasks: all 7 of the following tasks

AND 1 of the following tasks


Library Research

This envelope contains one of many assignments that will test your knowledge of hunting within the Crystal Library.

Requirement: 20 Library Points

Library Mice Research

Tasks: 5 of the following tasks, 8 mice are required in total.


Library Power Type Research

Tasks: 3 of the following tasks, with at least one task for both trap power types


Zugzwang Research

This envelope contains basic one of many assignments that will take you from the Seasonal Garden to the Zugzwang's Tower. These assignments can potentially reward you with Amplifier Charms, Rook Crumble Charms, Spellbook Charms and a few other items to help you better hunt in the tower.

Requirement: 50 Library Points

Seasonal Garden Research

Tasks: 1 of the following tasks (this can be done in conjunction with other tasks)

AND 4 of the following tasks, including mice from at least 2 different seasons


Mystic/Technic King Research Assignment

Tasks: 5 steps which must be done in the following order

Note: Before entering Zugzwang's Tower, hunters may want to consider buying an Aqua Base pre-emptively as it may be needed for Step 4.


Furoma Research

This envelope contains one of many assignments that will have you follow in Zugzwang's footsteps and recover the lost knowledge of Furoma. Completing Furoma Research assignments will earn you various supplies to help you better hunt in the Pagoda there. Be warned: Some of these assignments will be a challenge for hunters who have yet to capture all the mice and find all the loot there is to find in Furoma.

Requirement: 130 Library Points

Furoma Research Assignment



Pagoda Research Assignment



Dojo Sensei Research Assignment



Advanced Zugzwang Research

This envelope contains one of many assignments that will push your knowledge of the Seasonal Garden and Zugzwang's Tower to absolute maximum! Be warned: You may require advanced equipment to complete this research.

Requirement: 150 Library Points

Mystic/Technic Amplifier Reseach

Tasks: 4 steps which must be done in the following order


Advanced Tower Amplifier Research

Tasks: 4 steps which must be done in the following order


Zurreal Research

A vital section of the Library has been destroyed containing information about Zurreal the Eternal. Once the library has been repaired the King will allow hunters to start this research. Check back later.

This assignment cannot yet be started.