Living Chest

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This chest is actually alive, pulsing and groaning where it sits. You'll have to be quick and brave to open it, but the rewards are sure to be worthwhile!

A Living Chest is dropped by Twisted Carmine in the Twisted Garden. It is placed in the Special inventory tab.


Each Living Chest contains 1 Fresh Twisted Garden Soil and 1 Gur Essence, and may additionally contain some of the following items:

Item Quantity
Dewthief Camembert 5-10
Dewthief Petal 10-20
Dreamfluff Herbs 10-20
Duskshade Camembert 5-10
Duskshade Petal 10-20
Fel Essence 1
Graveblossom Camembert 5-10
Graveblossom Petal 10-20
Lunaria Camembert 1-2
Lunaria Petal 1-3
Plumepearl Herbs 1-3

History and Trivia

The Living Chest was released on 14 November 2012, as part of the Living Garden update.


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