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To travel to a different location, a fee must be paid. To go to certain locations, a hunter must have a certain title, and have received a map piece dropped by a mouse.


There are seven known regions and twenty five permanent locations between them. An additional location, Ronza's Traveling Shoppe, appears from time to time and is not tied to any one region. A King's Stockade location was discovered on 25 April 2009, where banned players go.

Refer to the travel page for exact travel costs between locations.

Region Location Minimum Title Additional Travel Requirements
Gnawnia Harbour Apprentice None
Meadow Novice None
Mountain Journeyman None
Town of Gnawnia Novice None
Whisker Woods Calm Clearing Journeyman Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece
Great Gnarled Tree Master Gnarled Tree Map Piece
Lagoon Grandmaster Map of the Lagoon
Burroughs Bazaar Grandmaster Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar
Laboratory Master Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Mousoleum Master Tattered Mousoleum Map
Town of Digby Master Key to the Town of Digby
Acolyte Realm Legendary Keeper's Candle | align="left" | Ocean Navigation Kit
Nerg Plains Legendary Ocean Navigation Kit
Other Ronza's Traveling Shoppe Novice None

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