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*[[Searcher Charm]] dispels the Lost Curse, allowing the [[Essence Collector]] Mouse to be attracted, while repelling [[Cursed]] Mouse for the first three hunts.
*[[Searcher Charm]] dispels the Lost Curse, allowing the [[Essence Collector]] Mouse to be attracted, while repelling [[Cursed]] Mouse for the first three hunts.
*[[Safeguard Charm]] repels all [[Cursed]] Mice.
== History and Trivia ==
== History and Trivia ==

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This city suffered a terrible curse and was lost between dimensions! The mice residing here are ghostly apparitions as well, trapped between dimensions in an incorporeal state.

Description and Requirements

The Lost City is a location in the Sandtail Desert region requiring a minimum rank of Baron/Baroness and the Living Garden Key to enter.

The alternate version of this location, the Cursed City, can only accessed after catching a Carmine the Apothecary in the Living Garden.


These are the shops that can be found in the Lost City:

Lost City Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Cursed 6,500 1,250 Lost City Mice
Essence Collector 22,500 4,250 Lost City Mice Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Dreamfluff Herbs
Ethereal Enchanter 13,500 2,580 Lost City Mice Aleth Essence
Dreamfluff Herbs
Ethereal Engineer 15,000 1,200 Lost City Mice Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Dreamfluff Herbs
Ethereal Librarian 14,500 1,850 Lost City Mice Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Dreamfluff Herbs
Ethereal Thief 16,500 1,650 Lost City Mice Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Dreamfluff Herbs

Hunting Strategy

Lost Curse Minigame

To activate the Lost Curse Minigame, a hunter needs to catch a mouse while the Searcher Charm is armed. The following message will be displayed in the Hunter's Journal upon activation:

The power of my Searcher Charm dispelled the Lost Curse, lifting the curse from the Lost City!
I should unequip my Searcher Charms and save them for later.

The HUD message will also change to The curse is lifted! The Essence Collectors have stopped hiding! Watch out for that Cursed Mouse! Once the minigame is activated, Essence Collector mice can be attracted to the hunter's trap, and the Cursed mouse will not be attracted for the first three hunts. The curse will reappear once the hunter encounters a Cursed mouse, at which time the following message will be displayed:

The terrible power of the Cursed Mouse re-ignited the curse on the Lost City!

While playing the minigame is the fastest way to collect Garden Essences, it is by no means a requirement.

Adventure Book

Hunters can complete steps to Defeat Twisted Carmine by hunting with Dewthief Camembert in the Lost City.

Hunting tips by Larry

I hope you managed to build up a large collection of Dewthief Cheese , hunter. The mice in this city don't seem to like anything else!

Long ago something strange happened to this city: it became trapped between two dimensions. You will only find ghostly appertains here, but do not be fooled - these mice are very much alive! Existing in multiple dimensions has it's advantages and the mice have learned to control them. These mice can swipe your cheese while still being mostly immune to your trap. It would seem that they are bound to our reality by their inherent magical aspect. Because of this weakness, your Arcane traps will be extremely effective at countering these wispy foes.

If you're looking to collect the most Garden Essences here, you'll want to dispel the Lost Curse that affects you while here. To do that, purchase a Searcher Charm from the store and catch a mouse. Simple as that! When the curse is dispelled, the Essence Collector Mouse is free to roam, and you're free to catch it and steal his cache of Garden Essences! But beware, should the Cursed Mouse show, the Lost Curse will be renewed and you'll need to use another Searcher Charm again.

Be sure to collect all the Dreamfluff Herbs you can while you're here. You'll need them to create cheese to keep hunting with!

Location-Specific Effects



History and Trivia

  • The Lost City opened on 14 November 2012, along with the Living Garden.


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