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Some components are designed to offer small chances of catching a mouse regardless of the mouse’s strength. It is not uncommon for lucky traps to grant hunters the ability to catch mice that seem far too powerful for their trap.

Luck is a trap attribute that gives the player a chance of catching a mouse even if it would have normally gotten away. Aside from power, a trap's luck rating also provides a chance to catch a mouse purely from luck. It is not uncommon for lucky traps to catch mice that are far more powerful than the trap or even sometimes outside of its primary power type; although luck makes no difference when using a power type that is ineffective against a mouse. Luck does not affect the attraction of mice. Additionally, hunters who complete special offers or donate for SUPER|brie+ receive an additional 7 luck added to their trap's luck and a Golden Shield on their Hunter's Profile page for 30 days or more.

The actual mechanics of how the various trap attributes work to catch mice are a mystery and part of the fun of the game is figuring out what strategy works best against the mice you are interested in catching.

There have been various Events that offer increased Luck. There have been some Bonus Luck Weekend events where all hunters gain an extra 5 luck regardless of location. During the Great Winter Hunt 2013, it was possible to get an additional 6 luck during Tournaments by building the Snow Cannon and Ice Armoury, while at the Festive Snow Fort. During MouseHunt's Sixth Birthday in 2014, hunters that built the Sound System got +5 luck at the Dance Hall. The Valentine's weekend in 2015 offered +13 luck

Details of luck

Luck is nonlinear, so the more luck you have, the more effective it becomes. Hence 8 luck is more than twice as good as 4 luck.

The trap effectiveness meter ignores any contribution of luck to your catch rate. This means the trap effectiveness meter is a very poor indicator of your ability to actually catch a mouse.

Trap setups

The weapons with the highest luck are the Chrome MonstroBot, School of Sharks, and limited edition Chrome DeathBot, each with 30 luck. The base with the highest luck is the Minotaur Base with 15 luck. The Golden Tournament Base has only 8 luck on its own, but it gains an additional 4 luck when coupled with a Champion Charm to give a total of 12 luck from the base, or combined 15 luck for the paired base and charm.

The charm with the highest luck is the Ultimate Luck Charm (20 luck), and variants such as Haunted Ultimate Luck, Festive Ultimate Luck and Ultimate Lucky Power Charm; the Rift Ultimate Luck Charm is part of the Riftwalker Set for an additional 5 luck, but only when paired with lower luck Rift weapons. The Rainbow Luck Charm, Ultimate Spore Charm, Extra Sweet Cupcake Charm and Ultimate Ancient Charm provide 12, 10, 8 and 8 luck respectively. The Ultimate Polluted Charm gains 15 luck only when paired with Polluted Base.

The highest observed luck value in-game is 172 luck, achieved by pairing the School of Sharks (30 luck) with the Minotaur Base (15 luck), an Ultimate Luck Charm (20 luck) and the Lucky Golden Shield (7 luck) at Furoma Rift with Level 10 batteries used (100 luck). Before the release of Furoma Rift, 87 luck could be achieved using the same setup (but with Fissure Base) at Twisted Garden with the Yellow Dewdrops poured out (5 luck) during the Valentine's 2015 Friday the 13th event (13 luck).


Since luck is nonlinear, it is a good idea to pair high luck bases with high luck traps and high power bases with high power traps.

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