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Articles needing attention lists the various articles around the MH Wiki that need significant contributions from other editors. This page aims to centralize all the tasks that need to be done so that it can more easily be spotted and picked up. Please refer to the respective talk pages for further discussion on the individual tasks in question.

Besides the articles listed here, many of the other pages can do with some improvements. Go ahead and make edits if you feel it will improve the look/layout/information flow etc of the page.

Pending Tasks

Anyone can add to this page if you spot something that needs improvement. The important thing to remember is to make the task description as clear as possible.

If you decide to work on an article, do add your name to the list so that any other editors who wish to help out know at a glance who is already working on it. If you consider a task completed, please move it to the next table.

Article Description of work that needs to be done Currently being worked on by
Links on various pages This is very general work, basically involves adding relevant links to the pages in the wiki to aid navigation. Additionally, a short description of the link should also be included. Awaiting Editor
Organization of Loot The Loot page needs checking on the individual Loot articles to see if unimportant Loot with just 1 or 2 lines of description are redirected back to the main article and cleared of their contents. Watch out for loss of information, such as Trivia etc. If in doubt, discuss on the talk page. Awaiting Editor
Various location articles The location articles such as Mountain, Laboratory, Dojo etc, all require a good expansion of the Hunting Strategy sections with information on the cheese strategy for that location. For example in the Mountain, players using Swiss will earn more than those using Brie, but those using Brie have a slightly better chance to catch the Ninja with the Map Piece with the higher attraction rate. Awaiting Editor
Effectiveness The Tribal Isles mice need to be added. Pus
Cheat Sheet crafted cheese section New crafted cheese should be added Awaiting Editor
Trap Setup Options needs to be updated based on Mutated Venus Mouse Trap MVMT is better than VMT -Meditation Room needs to be updated Ralphminer
Arcane Was split into Arcane and Forgotten, in view of coming new Forgotten-type traps. However, work on this project is not done until Forgotten traps are crafted and tested against mice of each power type to determine their effectiveness. Dreamwalker

Completed Tasks

Please move all completed jobs here for the record

Article Description of work that needs to be done Work completed by
Bait Preference Different cheeses attract mice at different rates depending on the location. In addition some mice have preference or dislike of cheeses. My plan is to confirm the information in the Wiki against the catch rate estimates. Ralphminer 18:30, 1 August 2009 (UTC)
Scoreboard This page is currently tagged for deletion. The article can be further improved with an explanation of the various functions available in the scoreboard past and present, and thus taken off the deletion list. It will also need proper linking from other pages. Ralphminer
Brie Alchemy Potion Article needs revamp in a similar manner as Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion User:Mikeyco
Revamp of the various location pages Currently they are somewhat disorganized. Work needs to be done to get them back in line with each other, along with the creation of a common template for locations that should be followed for additional locations. User:Mikeyco
Navbox for the Editor's Corner Need a Navbox similar to Template:Location for the articles in the Editor's Corner User:Mikeyco
Starting out Needs further explanation, including updating of information based on the new newbie introduction process involving a knight called Larry? User:Mikeyco
Larry This article needs expansion. User:Mikeyco
Mouse Pages The individual Mouse pages need to be standardized according to MHWiki:Manual of Style. User:Mikeyco
Cheat Sheet Put locations in order encountered User:Jimmy
Luck This article needs improvement in light of recent information revealed by Dave in the video. See Talk page. User:Camomiletea
Weapons & Bases Articles The individual weapon and base pages need to be standardized according to MHWiki:Manual of Style. User:Mikeyco
Hunting Sequence Hunting Sequence currently makes no mention of the situation in which the baited cheese fails to attract a mouse. This section will need to mention the possibility of cheese going stale, depending on the Cheese Effect of traps. User:Mikeyco
FAQ FAQ needs fact checking and linking, as well as general cleanup and addition of further questions. It must be noted that almost none of the questions and answers were created by the Developers. Various editors
Unchristened Ship Needs in-game description from someone who crafted it. An image from the Crafting inventory would be a plus. User:Artyom
Cheat Sheet Major updates needed
  • New crafted weapons should be added into the Weapons table -- Complete Camomiletea 20:31, 31 July 2009 (UTC)
  • New Tribal Isles mice need to be added, probably using the vertical format for the columns -- Complete Camomiletea 19:16, 3 August 2009 (UTC)
Cheat Sheet mice section With the addition of more mice, the mice list is now long enough to warrant additional location segments such that no mouse is without the location header either above or below. Please keep reorganization along alphabetical lines. User:Camomiletea
Various tournament related articles The following articles need to be expanded: Party Horn, Hunting Party (fix POV), and Tournaments (which will include info about Party Points and the multiplier) Stinson

Images Needed

This section contains the list of images that need to be retrieved from the game and uploaded to sites such as photobucket or imageshack and linked back from the MH Wiki. Please note that the HitGrab developers have asked that we do not link directly to the game servers, so no direct links please.

Please update accordingly as needed. Status reflects the possibility that some images do not meet the standardized criteria, and thus need a replacement.

Attention: appears on all mice images starting with http://i722.

Article Image Needed Status

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