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== News ==
== News ==
===[{{MHdomain}}/newspost.php?news_post_id=462 Rift Equipment Bug Fixes]===
''Rift equipment corrections''
====Updates to Rift Equipment to Address Bugs====
Greetings, hunters. We recently discovered two related bugs that were affecting both the Prestige Base as well as the Riftwalker and Riftstalker set bonuses. These bugs were causing the various bonuses involved with the base and sets to be doubled in some cases. The issue affecting the Riftwalker (and later Riftstalker) set bonus appears to have been introduced in February, 2015 when the Taunting Charm was given the relevant rift-set bonus when encountering certain mice. The Prestige Base has been affected since its introduction in October 2019.
After carefully reviewing the cause of the problem we decided to fix the error but also increase the bonuses of the Prestige Base, Riftwalker, and Riftstalker sets to still grant the same increased bonuses. However, these increased bonuses will now correctly appear in your trap stats. Or in other words, instead of lowering the stats, we've adopted these unintended "hidden" bonuses and they will now be displayed.
====Riftwalker and Riftstalker Set Specifics====
The bug affecting the Riftwalker and Riftstalker set were doubling the additional ''''Power Bonus''' these sets provide when two pieces of Rift equipment are armed. However, the '''Luck''' of these sets was '''NOT''' affected.
Therefore, the Riftwalker Set Bonus has been updated to provide a 20% Power Bonus, and the Riftstalker Set bonus updated to provide a 40% Power Bonus. Once again, these additional bonuses were already being applied while hunting, but were previously not visible in your trap's stats.
====Prestige Base Specifics====
The bug affecting the Prestige Base was providing both double the Power and Luck given based on your highest floor reached during Ultimate Umbra.
Therefore, the Prestige Base has been updated to provide 20 Power per highest floor reached during Ultimate Umbra and +2 Luck per Eclipse Floor reached during Ultimate Umbra. As was the case with the Riftwalker/Riftstalker sets, these increased stats were already being applied while hunting, but were previously not visible in your trap's stats.
====Why we're adopting the higher stats====
If we were not to adopt the higher stats than hunters who had already utilized these bonuses to reach higher floors within the Valour Rift Gauntlet Tower, or accomplish other difficult feats within the Rift Plane would have had an advantage.
Keeping the playing field level feels especially important due to the nature of the Prestige Base. We felt removing bonuses that in some cases have been active for more than five years didn't make sense. By adopting the higher stats the catch rates and expectations hunters have already come to know will remain the same, and future hunters will have an equal opportunity to accomplish the same difficult feats in the Rift Plane.
After getting feedback from a variety of hunters, we realized that no single solution to address the issue would be popular with every group of player. We still welcome continued feedback and are weighing other additions such as new functionality for the Clockwork Base as part of a future patch. Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming!
-- {{MHP|502041253|Dave Vanderburg}}
===[{{MHdomain}}/newspost.php?news_post_id=456 Gnawnian Games Mice Arrive at Tournament Hall ]===
====Tournament Hall Updates====
The spirit of competition thriving at the Tournament Hall has lured the Great Gnawnian Games mice out of hibernation! These sporty mice can now be found at the Tournament Hall running, jumping, swimming, and well, generally competing with each other!
To lure these quick and athletic mice to your trap, you'll first need to grab hold of some Runny Cheese! This can be collected at the Tournament Hall while hunting with any standard variety of cheese from the Cheese Shoppe. Arm your Runny Cheese at the Tournament Hall to attract the five unique Great Gnawnian Games breeds of mice. Keep an eye out for the Extreme Everysports Mouse: Should hunters manage to catch it, they may find it drops an occasional Tournament Token that it was hoarding from its many competitive victories!
*25 Runny Cheese
:Lure Sporty Mice
Finally, a few items associated with the Great Gnawnian Games items are now available at the Tournament Hall. You can purchase the Winter Cup Dissonance Trap Skin for 130 Tournament Tokens, a collectible Miniature Torch for 5 Tournament Tokens, and while hunting the sporty mice at the Tournament Hall, you'll find three unique journal theme scrap pieces to craft the Gnawnian Games Journal Theme!
-- {{MHP|502041253|Dave Vanderburg}}

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