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Team Up and Search for Pranksters

28 October 2011

Mischievous Pranksters Hidden in the Haunted Terrortories

Reports are flooding in from hunters at the Haunted Terrortories describing some existing breeds of mice that have taken a liking to playing tricks on hunters! Unfortunately the mice are keeping the identities of the pranksters a closely-guarded secret. Searching for the pranksters will no doubt be a challenge that will push your Halloween hunting skills to their maximum! To help you cover more ground and get to the bottom of this mystery quicker, the King and Larry have recommended that hunters team up!

Forming Your Team

To begin the search for pranksters, you'll first need to form a team. You can captain your own and invite friends to join, or ask a friend to invite you to theirs.

To captain your own team, click Hunting Team within the dropdown menu under the friends navigation button at the top of the game. You'll then be able to name your team and write an optional team motto and description. Once your team has been created you can then invite friends to join it!

If you're invited to a friend's team, you'll receive a notification at the top of the game where you can accept or decline the invitation.

If you want to search for pranksters alone, you can create your own one-person team. However, you'll no doubt find the pranksters quicker when searching with friends!

Searching for Pranksters

Once you've joined a team you'll notice a new heads-up display appear while hunting in the Haunted Terrortories. When you first begin the search, your team will know the identity of one of the prankster mice. When any member of your team captures that breed of mouse, your entire team will then discover the identity of another prankster breed!

You can hover over the mice to see who bagged which breed and when they did it! Once ten breeds of prankster mice have been caught, everyone on your team will receive a reward. Mice are tricksters by nature and, as a result, your team will no doubt be able to repeat the search, with different prankster mice causing trouble!

Spooky Surprise Reward

When ten breeds of pranksters are uncovered, everyone on your team will receive a Spooky Surprise from the King! You can claim your surprise from the gifts page. What's inside? The King doesn't want to spoil the surprise, but he's hinted that the contents will help satisfy your sweet tooth...

Spooky Supply Kit

To aide teams in their search for the identities of prankster mice, The King has put together a most spooky-looking supply kit! Inside is a wealth of Spooky Charms along with some Halloween Cheese!

Want to reinforce your team? You can share these kits or the charms and cheese inside with friends and team mates by using the Give to Friends page.

A Halloween Bonus Challenge

  • Form a team with friends
  • Hunt together and discover what breeds of mice are pranksters
  • Earn a small surprise which you're sure to find sweet

Click Here to Create a Team

-- Dave Vanderburg

Hiding Cobweb Mice

25 October 2011

Cobweb Mice looking for a new hiding spot

It appears as though hunters are not the only ones interested in Trick-or-Treating this year! Cobweb Mice have also been spotted going door to door, but instead of looking for a delicious treat, they've been seeking a safe haven from hunters' traps.

In their efforts to find a more secure place to make a home, these Cobweb Mice have spun webs on the profiles of hunters who have not picked up their hunter's horn in a long time. Nestled safely inside the long-since-used inventories of inactive hunters, these Cobweb Mice think they've outsmarted us by finding a sneaky hiding spot!

You can help flush out these hiding Cobweb Mice by checking the hunter profiles of inactive hunters for Cobwebs. If you find a friend with Cobwebs on their profile, you'll be able to collect them and do your part in helping track down these stray Cobweb Mice. Depending on the size of your hunter's group, you may find up to five Cobwebs on the profiles of inactive hunters during the Halloween event.

To reiterate, please note the limit is NOT five Cobwebs per day. The limit is five Cobwebs in total, for the entire Halloween event.

Visit both the Trapsmith and the Charm Shoppe at the Haunted Terrortories where you can trade Cobwebs for Trap Skins as well as powerful Charms that boost the stats of your trap!

Looking for more Cobwebs?

Cobwebs can also be found as loot by capturing a Cobweb Mouse in the Haunted Terrortories. On rare occasions, a hunter may also find Cobwebs inside Pumpkin Treat Baskets that can be sent as gifts to friends.

Searching for Cobwebs

  • Search for Cobwebs on idle hunter profiles
  • You can find a maximum of five Cobwebs over the course of the entire event
  • Trade Cobwebs for skins and charms at the Haunted Terrortories

Click here to start searching

-- Dave Vanderburg

Halloween at the Haunted Terrortories

19 October 2011

Mousevina von Vermin controls the Haunted Terrortories!

The Haunted Terrortories have returned to Gnawnia and are under the control of a spooky vampire named Mousevina von Vermin!

Mousevina has discovered a rare Soulstone capable of bewitching the minds of mice which she is currently using to defend her stronghold within the Haunted Terrortories. Various spooky mice from around the kingdom have fallen under her spell, and some have even dressed up for the occasion! Reaching her will no doubt be a spooky adventure, but your heroics will be rewarded! The Trapsmith at the Terrortories is especially interested in Mousevina's Soulstone. If you're able to capture her and acquire a Soulstone, be sure to visit the Trapsmith and see what secrets he can unlock!

How to hunt at the Haunted Terrortories

Navigating the Haunted Terrortories will require a hunter to both trick and treat the mice there by hunting with Ghoulgonzola (trick) and Candy Corn (treat) Cheese.

Gathering trick and treat cheese in Gnawnia is a familiar tradition. Each day, hunters may visit up to 10 friends and receive some bait. Before you visit others, be sure to visit your own profile and choose what type of cheese you're handing out! If you find yourself getting low on cheese, you can also hunt at the Terrortories using Swiss, Brie, Gouda or SUPER|brie+ to attract Hollowhead Mice that drop Halloween Cheese. Additionally, you may find it inside Pumpkin Treat Baskets which you can send as gifts to friends!

The Haunted Terrortories consists of three areas: The Corn Maze, Haunted Manor and the Pumpkin Patch. You must both trick AND treat enough mice in your current area to begin attracting mice from the next. Your trick and treat progress will be displayed while hunting in the Haunted Terrortories.

Are you an experienced hunter looking to hunt more challenging and rewarding mice? Visit the Charm Shoppe at the Haunted Terrortories and purchase Spooky Charms which, when armed, will attract more fearsome mice worth greater rewards!

Spooky Rewards

The Trapsmith at the Haunted Terrortories is especially interested in Mousevina's Soulstone. If you capture Mousevina and find her Soulstone, you'll then be able to purchase the Soul Catcher Trap. Highly experienced hunters may also find ways to increase the Soul Catcher's power and create a far spookier piece of hunting equipment that has a special luck bonus!

While visiting friends and hunting your way toward Mousevina, you may also find a few morsels of Halloween Candy, and if you're especially lucky you may even come across rare Cobwebs. These Halloween Candies and Cobwebs can be exchanged at the various Haunted Terrortories shops to purchase a wide variety of exciting loot, including never-before-seen charms and trap skins!

Halloween Skins and Baskets

Looking for some spooky gifts to give to friends? Or perhaps you have a sweet tooth yourself and want to dive into a goodie bag of treats! For the Halloween season, the King is offering a few special haunting supplies!

Halloween Basket

This pumpkin shaped basket is stuffed full of both SUPER|brie+ and Halloween Cheese!

Jumbo Halloween Goodie Bag

This spookily-themed bag is JUST bursting with SUPER|brie+ and Halloween Cheese! Mixed inside, you'll also find a few pieces of Halloween Candy with which to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Zugzwang's Night-Mare Skin

Looking to transform Zugzwang's First Move into something a little spookier? Look no further than this scary-looking trap skin to summon forth the spirit of the headless horseman!

Count Sentinel Skin

Looking to transform the Sandtail Sentinel into a robot with a spooky cloak and a ghoulish walking stick? Well, you have quite specific tastes and this skin does just that! What a coincidence!

Halloween is here!

  • Setup your hunter profile to hand out treats to friends!
  • Visit friends and collect Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn
  • Hunt with your Halloween cheese at the Haunted Terrortories
  • Earn a new trap, exciting loot, trap skins and more!

-- Dave Vanderburg