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Spring Egg Hunt

31 March 2015

The Spring Egg Hunt has begun! After a quick Eggscavator re-calibration, scour the Kingdom for a plethora of hidden eggs!

Calibrating an Eggscavator

Eggs have been hidden across the entire Kingdom, however, in order to locate them you'll need a properly calibrated Eggscavator! Calibration can be done by visiting the Chocolate Factory and finding 10 special eggs, including the Golden Egg.

The Golden Egg is being carefully guarded by a new mouse menace — the Chocolate Gold Foil Mouse. This gold-glittered mouse will only show its face once the other nine special eggs at the factory have been collected. You can track down these eggs by collecting Marshmallow Monterey as loot at the Chocolate Factory then using it to lure Egg Painter mice out of hiding. After capturing nine Egg Painter mice, the Chocolate Gold Foil Mouse can be attracted and with its capture the Golden Egg found!

Looking for a more challenging hunt while at the factory? More spooky breeds have taken shelter there, including fearsome lich mice! Purchase Dark Chocolate Charms from the Charm Shoppe at the Chocolate Factory and arm them to attract these fearsome breeds. The powerful scent of SUPER|brie+ when armed alongside a Dark Chocolate Charm will also bring around the most powerful liches of all -- the lich mice of the Tribal Isles! With great risk comes great reward: Though tough to catch, these undead guardians hold more Marshmallow Monterey than any other mouse at the factory.

Hunting for Bonus Eggs

With your Eggscavator properly calibrated, you can now find dozens of eggs hidden nearly everywhere in the Kingdom! Track which eggs you've found and which you have yet to collect by pressing the "ping" button on your Eggscavator in your inventory or in the HUD. You'll also find a few hints and tips for where to find each egg and what mouse or mice may be carrying it!

The Charm Shoppe at the Chocolate Factory carries a variety of charms!

Eggscavator Charge Charm
Capturing a mouse with this charm armed will add a charge to your Eggscavator. You'll lose a charge each hunt taken without a charge charm armed. Depending on the charge level of your Eggscavator, you'll find Low, Medium, and High Charge Eggs. These eggs contain Spring Hunt loot!

Eggstra Charm
The Eggstra Charm will double the quantity of any eggs found while hunting! The charm is only consumed when you find an egg.

Eggstra Charge Charm
Combines the abilities of the Eggscavator Charge Charm and the Eggstra Charm both charging your Eggscavator and doubling the quantity of any eggs found. This charm is consumed upon each successful capture of a mouse.

Spring Egg Hunt Supplies, Baskets, Kits, and Skins

15 Marshmallow Monterey

500 Marshmallow Monterey
Stock up!

1,200 Marshmallow Monterey
Stock up!

Marshmallow Gift Basket
60 Monterey ready for a gift!

20 Eggstra Charge Charms
New this year!

5 Eggstra Charms
Double your egg drops!

Bonus Egg Hunting Kit
75 SB+, 25 Charge Charms, 10 Eggstra Charms

Eggstra Charge Charm Kit
300 SB+ and 250 Eggstra Charge Charms

Egg Basket Box Trap Skin
Skin the Ancient Box Trap

Spring Hunt Shark Skin
Skin the Rune Shark Trap

Spring Egg Hunt!

  • Visit the Chocolate Factory
  • Collect Marshmallow Monterey Cheese
  • Hunt with monterey to find 10 special eggs
  • Search the rest of the Kingdom for bonus eggs!