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6 September 2021

Grab them before they're gone
The Sky Palace Starter and Palace Crasher Bundles are leaving soon

Sky Palace Specials Ending Soon

Hunters throughout the Kingdom have been utilizing the powerful rocket booster technology invented by Ronza to reach new heights at the Floating Islands! The special supplies assembled by the King to jump start this exploration are beginning to wane and are nearly out of stock. Today is the final day to pick up the special Sky Palace Starter and Palace Crasher Bundles before they're gone.

  • Sky Palace Starter Bundle
Try new Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake
  • Palace Crasher Bundle
Storm Cells, Cyclone Stones, and much more!

These incredible deals will be leaving the Premium Store on September 7 at 3:00pm UTC!

Charting What's Ahead

With Rocket Booster technology enabling exploration of even higher altitudes, the Floating Islands Cartographer has been busy studying flight logs to understand the supply lines and logistics of the Empyrean Empire. Using this recognizance, the Cartographer is confident they'll be able to chart a new type of treasure map!

This new map will involve up to five hunters exploring Low Altitude Islands, High Altitude Islands, and the Sky Palace itself in search of clues. Tracking down all the clues will reveal the location of an especially valuable Treasure Chest, the rare version of which will always contain at least two Adorned Empyrean Jewels.

The tireless work of constructing Scroll Cases and charting maps requires Ancient Relics, Pirate Seals, and Empyrean Seals. Once the Cartographer's work is complete, hunters can expect to spend these resources in exchange for this new type of Scroll Case.

Coming Soon: Sky Palace Treasure Maps
Keep watching this space for more info

-- Dave Vanderburg


10 August 2021

Fly to new heights to find troves of treasure!
Unlock Rocket Boosters to ascend above the clouds and collapse the Empyrean Empire!

Collapse the Empyrean Empire

The secret has been revealed! Ronza has completed her research and has invented a means of utilizing Rocket Boosters to provide powerful vertical thrust to any dirigible! Hunters who have proven their mastery of flight by earning a High Altitude Flight License can now construct Rocket Boosters for their own dirigible to explore what lies above the High Altitude Islands of the Floating Islands.

Have yet to earn your High Altitude Flight License? Make sure to visit the Cartographer at the Floating Islands where any qualified pilot can pick one up for a modest licensing fee.

Embark on a new permanent adventure: Collapse the Empyrean Empire
Hunters with a High Altitude Flight License can now build Rocket Boosters in the Workshop!
Upgrade your dirigible now and become one of the first to explore the Empyrean Sky Palace!

Building Rocket Boosters

Once you've proven a capable dirigible captain by fully exploring the Floating Islands, the Cartographer there will be able to issue you a High Altitude Flight License. This license will permit you to retrofit your airship with state-of-the-art Rocket Booster technology invented by Ronza herself! The schematics are relatively simple, only requiring a modest quantity of Sky Glass and Sky Ore to secure the boosters to the balloon. However, fueling the boosters is a more involved process.

The Empyrean Sky Palace lies far above even the highest altitude islands and generating enough lift to nearly leave the atmosphere is no small feat. To generate sufficient thrust, you'll need to safely collect and utilize Storm Cells as an energy source. These powerful and highly volatile cells can only be collected once you possess the Rocket Booster which provides a safe means of handling them. With the Rocket Booster upgrade built, you can find Storm Cells as loot drops from various mice who find them to be a valuable commodity to protect, plunder, and merchant.

Fifty Storm Cells are needed to make the journey to the Empyrean Sky Palace
Make sure to build the booster upgrade as soon as possible to start safely collecting this resource!

Sky High Exploration Supplies

The cunning Floating Islands Cheese Shoppe owner has created an extremely decadent and excessively rich flavour of Cloud Cheesecake which you'll find useful throughout the Floating Islands but especially so in the Empyrean Sky Palace.

Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake is imbued with the power of Sky Ore and Glass, providing a 20% Power Bonus and +5 Luck bonus throughout the Floating Islands. It's extra rich flavour appeals to the most discerning mice, meaning it will repel Kite Flyer and Daydreamer Mice while also attracting the more lucrative breeds. Use some to overpower the island mice but be sure to save some for your efforts in the Sky Palace itself where it will attract several new and very rewarding types of mice!

Bring Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake
20% Power Bonus, +5 Luck Bonus, does not attract Kite Flyer or Daydreamer, and lures new mice!

  • 100 Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake
Repel Kite Flyers!
  • 500 Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake
Power, Luck, and more mice!

Prepare for Takeoff

The Rocket Booster upgrade comes complete with a Launch Console to program your flight path. The Empyrean Sky Palace is a vast complex of a seemingly endless number of vaults that are each loaded with varying quantities and types of treasure. After unlocking the Rocket Booster upgrade you can access your Launch Console while on the Launch Pad to journey to the Sky Palace instead of to a regular Floating Island.

Using your Launch Console you'll be able to dial and lock in a set of coordinates to arrive at a specific vault of your choosing. Each coordinate on the console can be individually locked and you can use Cyclone Stones to reprogram all the unlocked coordinates. Tinker and experiment with the Launch Console to learn all it has to offer. Once you've chosen and locked all of your coordinates then you're ready to hit the "Launch" button and soar to new heights!

Were you able to recover at least 200 Chrome Bits during Ronza's visit and claim the Hazardous Materials Crate? If so, this container can now be safely opened to reveal Ronza's gift of 25 Storm Cells to provide you with a massive head start on your first journey to the Sky Palace! The crate provides a safe means of keeping the Storm Cells stable so you can pry it open even before you acquire your Rocket Boosters.

Open your Hazardous Materials Crate
Get a head start on fueling your Rocket Boosters!

Exploring a Vault

After locking in your coordinates and journeying to the Empyrean Sky Palace you'll find yourself at one of its endless treasure vaults. Exploring a vault is nearly identical to exploring a Floating Island, however, much greater treasures await your discovery!

The vaults are where the Empyrean Empire house their extensive stash of loot and treasures. Vast quantities of Sky Ore and Sky Glass, Raw Ancient Jade to construct Ancient Charms, and even the minted currency of the empire itself: Empyrean Seals. Perhaps most valuable though is the Empyrean Treasure Trove you'll find by fully exploring a vault. Inside you'll always find at least one Adorned Empyrean Jewel along with other valuables!

Find Empyrean Treasure Troves
Earned by fully exploring a vault and always contain at least one Adorned Empyrean Jewel!

Exploring a vault is not without risk as there are several types of Palace Protectors looking to thwart your effort, new Sky Pirates competing for plunder, and even the Empyrean Empress herself to stand in your way!

  • 100 Bottled Wind
Speed up exploration!
  • 500 Bottled Wind
Boost vault drops!

Limited Time Exploration Supplies

With the secret of Rocket Booster technology unlocked the King has assembled some useful offerings to jump start your exploration efforts. These special hunting supply deals will be around until Tuesday, September 7 at approximately 3:00pm UTC.

  • Sky Palace Starter Bundle
Try new Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake
  • Palace Crasher Bundle
Storm Cells, Cyclone Stones, and much more!

These two promotional bundles are available for a limited time only!

New Hunting Equipment & Rewards

Exploring the Empyrean Sky Palace has some unique benefits beyond looting its stockpiles of treasure. Learn the Empyrean Empress' closely guarded secret of Ancient Charms by recovering the eight pages of her codex, purchase Ancient Charms by providing the Charm Shopkeeper with Raw Ancient Jade, and recover ultimate tier charms from the Consumed Charm Tinkerer!

Empyrean Codex
Purchase with eight Empyrean Codex Pages

The magic of this codex creates an alchemical result when using Ancient Charms that provides them with a chance to recombine into a higher tiered version when consumed.

Empyrean Seals & Troves
Purchase more Empyrean Treasure Troves

The General Store owner at the Floating Islands will gladly exchange Empyrean Treasure Troves for any Empyrean Seals that you find while exploring the Sky Palace. The troves cost 3,000 Empyrean Seals and always contain at least one Adorned Empyrean Jewel!

Pirate Seals
Even more Sky Pirates!

Hunters are not the only group looking to thwart the efforts of the Empyrean Empire. While exploring the palace you'll no doubt come across vaults being raided by Sky Pirates, including a new adversary: Peggy the Plunderer! Using your Launch Console you can even find vaults overrun with pirates allowing you to loot loads of Corsair Curd or even 10 Pirate Seals in a single hunt!

Ultimate Tier Charms
Hunt the Consumed Charm Tinkerer

Each capture of the tinkerer will reward you with some variety of an ultimate tier charm and on rare occasions even an Ultimate Charm itself!

Raw Ancient Jade
Looted in Raw Ancient Jade Deposits

Supply these to the Charm Shopkeeper to purchase Ancient Charms directly from the Floating Islands Charm Shoppe.

Explore the Empyrean Sky Palace!
Ronza has shared her new Rocket Booster schematics! Grab your High Altitude Flight License, upgrade your airship in the Workshop, and explore the Empyrean Sky Palace for jewels and other treasures!

Chrome Bits have stopped dropping!
Ronza will be departing Gnawnia on August 17!

Chrome Bits and Chrome Vouchers Will Be
Removed when Ronza Leaves

Make sure you spend your Chrome Vouchers and your Chrome Bits before August 17. After that date, they will be removed from your inventory!

-- Dave Vanderburg