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Archive for updates taking place April of 2010 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Mermaid mouse painting video!

29 April 2010

Hello MouseHunters!

Jacob Johnson here.
It has been some time since I've uploaded a painting video, unfortunately, the last time I attempted to render out one of these videos my computer actually caught on fire, no jokes.

My computer is much healthier and I am only struggling with trying to find some good open source music to use for the videos. I should be getting these videos out much more frequently if I can find some good music, so look forward to them!

You can check out the mermaid painting video HERE

as well, if you haven't seen them yet, check out these other MouseHunt painting videos:

Harpy mouse
Centaur mouse
Keeper's Assistant mouse
Keeper mouse
Golem mouse

Take care and enjoy!

-- Jacob Johnson

Updated - Now 8 T-Shirt Design winners

2 April 2010

Hello MH Communitaaaaay,

The response to our competition was overwhelming and we got way more designs than anticipated. We thought it impossible to just choose 3 designs and after much debate the team here settled on 6 designs. I then pulled rank and added two more I thought had to be included. It is obviously not easy choosing the eventual winners as it meant 8 winners but over 1700 people who lost out.

In no particular order, the following designs were selected;

Winning Entry 962
Winning Entry 694
Winning Entry 723
Winning Entry 689
Winning Entry 117
Winning Entry 227
Winning Entry 1603
Winning Entry 1706

Congratulations to our winners! The T-Shirts with these designs will be available for purchase through our Cafe Press store early next week.

We ran the competition through 99designs and they will have to do something on their side to formally set the winners and pay the prize money, we expect that to be resolved early next week as well.

All the best to you and yours this weekend,

-- Bryan Freeman

What's Coming this Month

1 April 2010

Hey there, MouseHunters!

New stuff will be coming your way soon, and so we wanted to share some of the awesome new features that you can expect this month!

Today, we have a sneak peek at two new areas that will be coming out shortly. Each area will have tons of mice, and lots of new things to do!

First, get your horse and plow and mosey on down to Gnawville, the King's own farming grounds, full of beloved vegetable mice such as the Carrot mouse, Cabbage mouse, the Spud mouse and of course, our old friend Cow, who will frequently get lost and moo for help from your friends page. While hunting in this area, the Hunter's Horn will be replaced by the Harvester Horn, for extra farm-time fun!

Some (very) observant MouseHunters might have noticed that our second new area has been visible on the map for a few months now. Just northwest of the Lagoon lies the Albino Plains, an area with very unique properties. This area will be filled with all new mice and traps, and the mysterious new power type: Invisible.

Here are some spoiler images!

Invis-o-trap of DOOOOM:
Invis-o-trap of DOOOOM
Stealth Mouse:
Stealth Mouse

Along with all of the cool new areas we’re adding to MouseHunt, this month will also introduce handy new features such as the Omni-trap tool. If you’re tired of switching between different power types in order to catch mice, this tool is for you. With the Omni-trap, there will be no more need to switch between traps for the correct power type. You can simply combine all of your owned traps into one super powerful trap, and keep hunting! With the Omni-trap tool at your side, you’ll never miss a mouse again!

But wait. . . there’s more. This month, we will introduce a new way to create unlimited MouseHunt content while negating any need for the art department! Along with the Omni-trap, we will be releasing another new feature: the random mouse generator. Taking hundreds of individual drawings of mouse parts, the system will be able to generate several thousand new unique mice for you all to explore and capture!

Here are some examples of our favorites

Example 1
Example 2

Well, that’s enough spoilers for today. If we give out all the sweetness now, we’ll spoil your dinner! Stay tuned, though, MouseHunters, because we’ve got a lots more exciting stuff coming your way!

-- Dave Vanderburg