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The Great Winter... Shopping Spree?

10 December 2012

The Great Winter... Shopping Spree?

Long ago, a little mouse called Albert had his heart broken repeatedly by Santa when he asked and asked for presents every year, but never received them. This continued year after year until finally he decided he'd had enough, and would get his own presents from then on!

We didn't hear much from him after that until this year, when — immediately after the Festive Comet landed — a collection of construction vehicles with "Greedy Al" emblazoned on the side showed up, plowed the Festive Comet flat, and built a huge big-box store right on top of it! Then they left, but only after having distributed the following flyer to everyone around:


Hysteria! Chaos! Confusion!

Everything is ruined! Or is it? Perhaps if we can restore Greedy Al's faith in the spirit of the season — the spirit of giving — we can prevent everyone from devolving into selfish curmudgeons and save everything!

Hunters have been reporting sightings of a confused-looking mouse with a mailbag, handing out old letters of Al's. Each has a clue to an old toy that he wanted and didn't get. If we can just re-create that toy — or a reasonable version of it — and give it to him, perhaps we can warm his heart enough to get him to see joy again!

Hunt ANYWHERE in MouseHunt the land for the Confused Courier, read the letter, and head to the MegaBuy Mart!

How Can I Help?

Start out by hunting all over for that Confused Courier! When you find him, he'll drop a letter that explains the plight that has befallen Al, and you'll be allowed into the MegaBuy Mart. Once you're inside, hunt mice and collect the Festive Feta they'll drop. You're going to need a lot! Try using SUPER|brie+, which will attract the Snowflake mouse, who drops extra Festive Feta.

Hunt with Festive Feta in the MegaBuy Mart to attract the Confused Courier again, only this time he'll drop a letter with the details of a toy from Greedy Al's youth that you'll need to build. Keep using Festive Feta to catch a new mouse that drops the parts for this first toy.

You only have a few days to collect all the parts you need before a new mouse appears and the old one gets rarer, so hurry up!

To speed things up, consider hunting with Winter Charms, which you can purchase from the shop with two Festive Feta. These will attract Snowflake mice, who drop Ice Coins, and will help you attract mice who drop toy parts from previous days in case you fall behind while building toys.

Depending on the toy being built, you will also attract the Winter Past/Present/Future, Scrooge, Mad Elf, and Squeaker Claws mice from Great Winter Hunts passed who will help you build the different toys on different days.

When you have all the toys completed, you can use the toys you created plus the Ice Coins the mice have been dropping to buy the Wrapped Gift Trap, which you can use to give Greedy Al his presents! Your reward will be an exceedingly special trap, unique from all other traps in the game!

Wait, Did You Say Ice Coins?

When you're done collecting toy parts, you can still collect Ice Coins. You're going to need a lot for the final trap, but there's also a new Winter Theme, and all kinds of crates and goodies you can exchange them for!

You can also get Ice Coins by equipping Winter Charms and catching Snowflake mice! Why wait until you're done all the toy-building? Get those special festive rewards now!

Kits and Baskets

This handy kit is fully stocked with everything needed for the Great Winter Hunt!

Inside you'll find 100 Festive Feta and 50 Winter Charms. Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of opening.

A soft velvet hat may not be the best choice for storing briny cheese, but when it comes to holiday gifts, it's really just the thought that counts.

Inside this hat is 50 pieces of Festive Feta with which to hunt during the Great Winter Hunt! Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of opening.

This basket is packed with supplies to help you compete in festive tournaments!

Inside you'll find 100 Festive Feta. As a special bonus, you'll also find 50 Champion Charms inside! These charms add +400 power, 5% power bonus and +3 luck to your trap. Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of opening.

This over-sized basket makes the extra-special hunter in your life! This jumbo gift basket is full of SUPER|brie+ and makes a great gift this Great Winter Hunt.

Inside you'll find 200 SUPER|brie+. Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of opening.

The Great Winter... Shopping Spree?

  • Find the Confused Courier in ANY location
  • Get to to the MegaBuy Mart
  • Find and equip Festive Feta
  • Find the Confused Courier again
  • Collect Toy Parts and build the toys!

Buy a Festive Kit or a Gift Basket for you or a friend | Travel to the MegaBuy Mart

-- Giorgio Sintichakis