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Archive for updates taken place in February 2012 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday!

29 February 2012

Birthday Party Celebration!


It feels like just yesterday, MouseHunt was a young application on Facebook. It's been an amazing four years, and we couldn't have done it without the awesome support and dedication of our players, the MouseHunters.

For this birthday, the King had a GRANDIOSE birthday cake prepared for all of the hunters. But with all that sugar in one place... The excited little mice just couldn't help themselves, and we don't blame them!

Head to the Birthday Party Celebration area in Gnawnia, help us re-build that cake, and celebrate MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday with us!

Our Gift to You

MouseHunt officially turns four years old on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012. Remember to join us on that day for a special treat! The celebrations will end on Friday, March 9th, 2012.

Build a Cake, Save a Birthday


Head on over to the Birthday Party Celebration area and hunt down the mice that have run off with necessary birthday cake ingredients. You'll need to find 15 Blobs of Cake Batter, 15 Dollops of Icing, 4 Birthday Cake Candles, and 4 Sparks of Candle Flame, in that order, to complete the MouseHunt Birthday Cake.

Party Charms

All of the mice at the Birthday Party Celebration area are celebrating, and most have Party Charms on them! Find these charms and equip them to gain a small power and luck bonus, and to better attract mice carrying birthday cake ingredients!

Nanny Charms

In order to bring out some of the more troublesome mice, the final phase of cake-building will need an extra fiery feature. Hunt any mice in the Birthday Party Celebration area during the final build step in order to obtain Nanny Charms, then equip them to finish off the cake!

Dinosuit Mice

Some of the mice have put on party hats for this birthday celebration. These little mice, however, have gone the extra mile and dressed up as their favourite animal: the dinosaur. They want to be dinosaurs when they grow up, and we just don't have the heart to tell them otherwise. Be wary of these little troublemakers; dinosaurs have voracious appetites, and mice love sugar. Put it all together and your cake won't be safe for long once it's fully built!

Bonus Attractions

Carrot Birthday Cake Base

That cake you built sure looks tasty, doesn't it? I bet the mice would like a slice, too! Build the MouseHunt Birthday Cake and you'll be able to sneak a small slice to use as a new celebratory base for your trap.

Also, be sure to visit the Trapsmith to find birthday cake bases from previous birthdays!

Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza

This one-of-a-kind trap was drawn live and created entirely by suggestions from hunters, and will be available only during MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday event. The Trapsmith will require concrete proof of your Mandatory Birthday Party Participation, so get to making that cake!

Elven Princess Mouse

Four-year-olds love dinosaurs, of course. But they also love princesses, and the Elven Princess Mouse just couldn't stay away from a birthday party. Catch her and maybe you can convince her to hand over the Tiara she had made especially for this event!

Magic Mouse

What birthday party would be complete without a magician? The Magic Mouse — attracted to the idea of obtaining more SUPER|brie+ — has kindly offered up his services for the birthday party. In addition to a pile of tricks and toys, he also carries birthday cake ingredients and Party Charms. Catch him for a real boost to your celebrations!

Party Games

What's a birthday without some party games? Check out the birthday tournaments and celebrate MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday in a more competitive way!

Check them out here!

Birthday Gifts for Friends

MouseHunt's Birthday is also your birthday! At least, as a MouseHunter. Give some birthday gifts to your friends!

Visit the gift page to send some birthday gifts to friends!

Party Giftbox and Party-in-a-Box

Party Giftbox

This giftbox is filled with fun goodies to celebrate MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday! Inside you'll find 100 SUPER|brie+ and 20 Party Charms. It also provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened. Buy one and give it to a friend!


Due to a shipping mishap the King has demanded a 10% discount on the new Party-in-a-Box. It appears 450 SUPER|brie+, 75 Party Charms and the Lucky Golden Shield made the container a bit too heavy to lift safely and they all seem to have received a Dent along the way. All items inside are guaranteed to be in perfect working condition but the pretty box is a bit scuffed.

MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday * Head to the Birthday Party Celebration * Collect Party Charms and Nanny Charms * Collect birthday cake ingredients from the mice * Rebuild the MouseHunt Birthday Cake to obtain the Carrot Cake Birthday Base * Catch Dinosuit Mice!

Travel to the Birthday Party Celebration | Buy a Party Giftbox for a friend or get a Party-in-a-Box for yourself! -- Giorgio Sintichakis

Valentine's Day 2012 - Finale

16 February 2012

The Love is Not Lost

Our short and sweet Valentine's Day event has come to a close. We hope you all enjoyed some of the treats and trinkets the mice and other hunters had to offer.

Did you find out you had a Secret Admirer? Was it really any surprise?

Thanks for sharing the love, hunters!

New Wanderer Spotted in Jungle of Dread

Pygmy Wrangler Mouse

It seems like there's a new mouse roaming the Jungle of Dread, taking care of the Pygmy problem. What stories does this bold adventurer have to share? Head over there to find out!

The Romance Lives On

Forever Alone

Forever alone, but never forgotten! I think we all learned something valuable from this poor little mouse. Here's to hoping he can find love soon!

Secret Admirer Gifting

Make sure to check the gifts page to claim any of your unclaimed Valentine's Day gifts! Some of these gifts may have gotten lost in the mail during the event, so be sure to collect them all!

Romantic Tournaments

Sparks flew and traps clashed during the Valentine's Day tournaments! Did you manage to catch any of the action? Be sure to join in on future special tournaments, or check out some of the popular regulars right now!

Valentine's Day 2012

  • Check out the new mouse in the Jungle of Dread
  • Collect any unclaimed gifts
  • Use left-over Valentine Charms in your normal hunting
  • Thanks for sharing the love, hunters!

Travel back to a favourite hunting location | Still feeling the love? Grab an SB+ Gift Basket for someone special!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Valentine's Day 2012

13 February 2012

Love is in the Air

Feeling lonely this Valentine's Day? Spend it with us! This year's Valentine's Day brings some romantic and some... not-so-romantic mice. Some are dressed up, some are dashing, some are wistful, and some just wanna party! So grab some cheese and head to one of the following areas to celebrate:

- Town of Gnawnia
- Laboratory
- Calm Clearing
- The S.S. Huntington II
- Muridae Market

Be Our Valentine?

These mice and special gifts won't be around for long, so be sure to take part right away! The romance will be gone on Thursday, February 16th.

Forever Bemoan and Charming Charms

Forever Alone Mouse

This poor little mouse is as lonely as can be. Hunt him down and show him how friendly hunters can be! Maybe you'll learn something in the process.

Valentine Charm

Look for romantic mice in the special areas to find these Valentine Charms for an added 25% attraction bonus. ;)

Secret Admirer Gifting

Anonymous Gift Box

Visit other hunters' profiles to secretly leave them a special treat or a <3 Gift Basket. It's sure to leave a big grin on their faces and warmth in their hearts when they see just how loved they are by secret admirers!

Start with your friends!

Romantic Tournaments

Check out the new Valentine's Day tournaments! Hunt solo, as a couple, or as a third (or fourth) wheel! For the first time ever, participate in 1-person tournaments!

Check them out here!

Loving Gifts for Friends

Valentine's Day means Valentine's Gifts! Give your friends candies, sweets, secret notes, or even a restraining order to show just how much you... "appreciate" all their attention!

Visit the gift page to send some cute gifts to friends!

The Devs <3 You

<3 Gift Basket

This lovingly-wrapped gift just oozes with mushy feelings and emotions. Inside, to your heart's delight, you'll find 70 SUPER|brie+, 25 Valentine Charms, and, just because we love ya, we threw in a DLU+! It's a great way to tell someone you really like 'em!


Valentine's Day 2012

  • Head to one of the special areas to find romantic mice
  • Collect Valentine Charms for an attraction bonus
  • Find the Forever Alone mouse and learn more about his plight

Travel to the one of the special areas | Get a

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Year of the Dragon Festival Ends Gloriously!

07 February 2012

The Year of the Dragon Festival Ends Gloriously!

It has truly been a grand celebration. The sky was lit up like never before, and the King was delighted to have seen so many hunters gathered to celebrate this Lunar New Year. It was also a treat to see the costumed mice celebrating with us, even if they caused quite a bit of trouble...

Hunters who still have Firecracker, Nitropop, or Dragon Breath charms can use them in their regular, everyday hunting for a boost to their trap's power!

On behalf of the King, we'd like to thank all hunters that participated, and we hope you had a wonderful Lunar New Year!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Ronza's Ship Weighed Down with Gold

03 February 2012

It appears that Ronza's airship has become too heavy to lift off! Although she has unloaded most of her stock, Gnawnian gold is unusually heavy! Over the last four days, hunters have spent more than 200 billion gold on Ronza's wares, making her ship extremely heavy!

Ronza has employed the help of the Scientists of Digby to retro-fit her airship with stronger propellers and a new type of gas to fill her blimp. These upgrades will provide the necessary vertical lift to make it off the ground.

The Scientists of Digby have indicated that they will be finished the airship modifications by Sunday, February 5th, 5pm (GMT).

This will be a hunter's absolute last chance to buy her wares, so make sure to visit her shoppe before she leaves on Sunday!

-- Dave Vanderburg