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Archive for updates taken place in July 2012 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Time for a Run!

31 July 2012

Time for a Run!

The King is proud to announce the Great Gnawnian Games of 2012! This summer sports event is host to the "100 Mouse Dash", a challenging run of 100 hunts (and mice!) over hurdles and obstacles. Race against your friends to the finish, catch as many mice as you can along the way, and win rewards!

Head to the Great Gnawnian Games, hunt mice to collect Runny Cheese, then compete against hunters in the race! Rewards are given based on performance, so hunt well, MouseHunters, and good luck!

The Great Gnawnian Games will end on Monday, August 13, 2012.

Go for a Jog

Hunt anywhere to find mice who drop Runny Cheese. When you have collected some, travel to the Great Gnawnian Games. While there, with Runny Cheese on your trap, you will make progress along the track toward the finish line!

While running, you will encounter athletic mice. Encounter a hurdle on the track, and a Hurdle Mouse will appear!

Having trouble with some of the tougher mice? Use Athlete Charms to gain a +10 luck bonus while in the Great Gnawnian Games!

Competing Mice

Hurdle Mouse

Not satisfied with a simple race, this competitive mouse takes his sport to the next level by leaping over objects twice his size. He'll steal your cheese and jump over your trap before you can even finish sounding your horn! Luckily for hunters, he takes his training seriously and seems to be doing laps around the course. Worry not if you miss him; he'll be around again!

Trampoline Mouse

Within the Great Gnawnian Games, the mice practice a variety of different sports. Unfortunately for the trampoline team, the allotted space given for their setup lands them right in the middle of some of the more precarious events.

Aside from focusing on their form, they often need to place a lot of effort in evading dangerous projectiles or even Robert, the lone Judo mouse who just really wants someone to practice on.

Extreme Everysports Mouse

The Extreme Everysports mouse doesn't know the meaning of the word erinaceous, but then again, you had to look it up too. He also doesn't know how to quit, or even what that means, and you DON'T have to look that one up.

This is one accomplished mouse. Training day and night is the only thing this mouse seems to know (along with a few words). Capable of dominating in nearly every sport known to mousekind, he is a fierce competitor in the Great Gnawnian Games.

Training and Rewards

Athlete Charm

This charm has been training hard all season for this very moment. Hunters who equip this charm can expect a mighty +10 luck bonus while hunting at the Great Gnawnian Games. After the event, they retain some luck and power, and can be used anywhere!

Obtain this special charm as a reward at the end of the race, or get them from either the Training Gift Basket or the Athlete's Kit!

King's Medallion

This ceremonial medallion represents excellent performance in the 100 Mouse Dash during the 2012 Great Gnawnian Games.

Hunters who catch at least 60 mice during the 100 Mouse Dash will be awarded one of these prestigious medallions!

Athlete's Kit

This kit contains professional athletic gear for use in the Great Gnawnian Games "100 Mouse Dash" event! Inside you'll find 200 Runny Cheese and 50 Athlete Charms. Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened.


Training Gift Basket

This gift basket contains training equipment to aid in the Great Gnawnian Games "100 Mouse Dash" event! Inside you'll find 15 Runny Cheese and 15 Athlete Charms. Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened.


Time for a Run!

  • The Great Gnawnian Games begin!
  • Collect Runny Cheese from mice across the lands or at the event
  • Hunt with Runny Cheese in the Great Gnawnian Games to compete
  • Run against hunters in the "100 Mouse Dash" to win rewards!
  • The Great Gnawnian Games will end on Monday, August 13, 2012

Travel to the Great Gnawnian Games | Buy a Training Gift Basket or Athlete's Kit for yourself or a friend

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Bonus Luck Weekend!

13 July 2012

Bonus Luck Weekend!

It looks like a light smattering of lucky fairy dust has settled over Gnawnia. Or perhaps the Digby scientists have been up to more of their irresponsible experiments? Maybe everyone's just on an incredible streak. Whatever it is, every trap is lucky this weekend, and everyone gets a +5 luck bonus on every hunt!

Take advantage of all that extra luck and hunt down some of the tougher mice this weekend!

Lucky Mouse

This little guy has collected a pile of "Lucky" trinkets: a funky lucky sock that he'll never remove because he claims it once messed up a Monstrobot's sensors, lucky beads that managed to jam a trap's trigger mechanism without him even noticing, and his lucky belt that has... been a good conversation starter at least.

But also in his possession is a collection of actual Luck Charms, Super Luck Charms, and even Ultimate Luck Charms! Seek him out and catch him in your trap to claim your lucky prize!

Lucky Hunting Kit

Looking for even more luck? This kit comes jam-packed with it! 200 SUPER|brie+, 100 Luck Charms, an incredible 30 Super Luck Charms, and a 1 month Lucky Golden Shield will boost your luck to incredible levels.


Bonus Luck Weekend!

  • +5 luck bonus on every hunt!
  • A new Lucky Mouse wandering the lands
  • Find that mouse!

Travel around to find the mouse | Buy a Lucky Hunting Kit for you or a friend

-- Giorgio Sintichakis