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Archive for updates taken place in March 2012 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Tournament Update Pack #1

29 March 2012

You may have noticed a sneaky update performed yesterday that changed some things about tournaments. If not, head on over to the Team Profile and Tournament Scoreboard pages and check them out!

What's New?

New Challenger Rank

There's a new badge in town: The Challenger! Rank within the top 10% of a completed tournament to earn this badge, along with a greater token bonus. Check the Rules tab for any tournament to see the rewards for obtaining this badge.

In the future, you will be able to show off all of your trophies and badges on your team's profile page!

Be On The Ball

Team members will notify the rest of the team when they join a new tournament, and the tournament HUD will let you know whether or not you're in the right environment to score points!

Team Journals

Visit your Team Profile page to find a new tab featuring the last 4 journal entries for each team member! Watch over your team's progress as you tackle the tourneys!

Team Size Expansion

The competition is growing fierce, so teams must grow with it! Check your Team Profile page to see how to unlock some extra team member slots! Talk to your captain to get completed slots unlocked!

Tweaks and Improvements

Tournament Scoreboard

The Tournament Scoreboard page has been improved to be a little more useful. You'll notice the dropdown menu for selecting a tournament has been cleaned up and is also more helpful!

Team History

The Team History tab on your team's profile page will now list completed tournaments across several pages, and also inform you of any unclaimed prizes!

And Lots More!

A lot of behind-the-scenes fixes, tweaks and improvements for better performance and some groundwork for more tourney updates in the future!

Tourney Update Pack #1

Join an upcoming tournament!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

St. Patrick's Day and Bonus Luck Weekend

16 March 2012

Green White mice have been spotted... White Green mice? White mice turned green! They're running around dyed green from enormous ear to enormous toe! Catch them to find out why, then head off to other areas to enjoy...

+5 Bonus Luck all weekend!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day

  • Find the White mouse turned green!
  • Catch him to find out why he's dyed
  • Enjoy +5 Bonus Luck all weekend!

Travel to a location with White mice

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

The Party Was a Blast!

12 March 2012

The Party Was a Blast!

MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday Party was absolutely incredible, thanks to all of you! Seriously, you made this party awesome!

We can't wait for next year's grand celebration! We really hope you can come!

Have some left-over Party Charms? You can use them for a power bonus! What about your Nanny Charms? Save them! I'm sure we'll see the Terrible Twos mouse again...

Speaking of troublesome mice, Glitchpaws will be around until Wednesday!

Thanks again for everything, MouseHunters!

MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday is over

  • Glitchpaws will be around until Wednesday
  • Come back next year to get any missing Birthday Cake bases

Head back to your regular hunting grounds!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

The Party is Almost Over!

12 March 2012

The Party is Almost Over!

MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday Party has been so amazing, thanks to all of you!

Unfortunately, all parties must eventually end, but we'll have another grand celebration next year!

If you're still building the Birthday Cake, head to the Birthday Party Celebration area in Gnawnia and finish up quickly! The party will end later today, so be sure to buy any of the Birthday Bases you might be missing, and obtain the Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza if you have proof of catching the Dinosuit Mouse!

Birthday Gifts for Friends

The birthday gifts for friends are still around, so be sure to buy something special for someone special!

Visit the gift page to send some birthday gifts to friends!

MouseHunt's Fourth Birthday

  • Head to the Birthday Party Celebration
  • Finish building the birthday cake
  • Purchase last year's Birthday Bases
  • Construct the Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza

Travel to the Birthday Party Celebration

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Glitchpaws Invade the Party

07 March 2012

Hey hunters,

It seems the Glitchpaw Mice were eager to celebrate our fourth birthday and crashed the party, resulting in a hefty amount of downtime just as the party was coming to a climax. Once the Glitchpaw invasion was discovered, the team worked for hours to isolate the problem.

Unfortunately the aftermath of this Glitchpaw attack was hunters inventories being a little jumbled and gold, points and progress stats to be drastically lowered. After diagnosing the problem and exhausting all other options, we determined that a rollback was necessary.

This means that the game state and the stats of all hunters were reverted to an earlier state. Anything done in-game between 12am GMT to 6am GMT was restored to the state they were at 12am GMT.

For example: If you spent 1,000 gold on a trap or marketplace item during the effected time, it will be as if it never happened, meaning you do not have the trap or item and still have your 1,000 gold.

We realize a rollback can be extremely frustrating for players and as such they are always a last resort. Please know the team worked extremely hard looking for ways to restore lost data without having to revert the game to a previous state. Please know that over the coming days we will continue to look into what lead to this problem and are looking for ways to help avoid such problems from occurring again.

If you purchased SUPER|brie+ or another item with real-world cash we are working from a backup of our transaction history to restore those purchased items to your inventory. We're working hard to get those items in your inventory as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and your support!

You can help get MouseHunt's 4th Birthday Party back into swing by hunting Glitchpaw Mice that can be found across nearly the entire Kingdom. If you capture a pesky Glitchpaw Mouse while at the Birthday Party celebration you also find some very special loot! Due to the downtime, the party has been extended by a few extra days, giving you even more time to hunt down those troublesome Glitchpaws!

As a special token of thanks for your patience and understanding during the downtime, we've packed some extra SUPER|brie+ into a special birthday gift. If you've hunted at all during the birthday event you'll find a a DLU Gift Box in the special section of your inventory. Unwrap it now and enjoy the goodies within!

-- Dave Vanderburg