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Archive for updates taken place in February 2013 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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The Year of the Snake begins!

11 February 2013

The Year of the Snake begins!

With the Lunar New Year and Valentine's happening so closely together, Calamity Carl has decided to try to combine the two in a unique way: A Cozy Cruise around some of the sights of Gnawnia, packed with eye-catching fireworks with which to celebrate! However, he's gotten far more than he's bargained for, as the shape and colour of his cruise ship have proven absolutely alluring to every single water snake in the region and they are slowing down the cruise with their sheer bulk. On top of that, mice have invaded the cruise and run off with all the fireworks!

Thankfully, the snakes can't abide the bright lights and loud noise of fireworks, so it's going to be your job to help out! Hunt down the thieving mice and take back the Firecracker Charms. Arm them on your trap to both scare off the snakes (allowing you to move faster) and attract mice who carry potions to build bigger and better fireworks, all the way up to the incredible Snakebite Charm firework!

The festivities will continue until February 25, where the cruise ship will end its tour, docking at the Harbour. The ship's various Shops will still be open for some time before it finally leaves.

Collect Cruise Bux

On your cruise, you'll be rewarded with Cruise Bux when you pass from place to place, and you may find some on the mice you catch as well. Save them up, and when you have finished your cruise you can visit the ship's Shops and pick up new traps, bases, skins, and more!

Launch another cruise and tour around Gnawnia a second (or third!) time to get even MORE Cruise Bux!

Catch Celebrating Mice

You'll find many mice have flocked to the cruise, from the simple White Mouse to the Students of Furoma, all celebrating and having a grand time, and every stage of the cruise will have visitors from that area - perhaps mice you haven't yet had a chance to see, even!

Also, if you equip a Valentine Charm, you may attract a Firecracker Charm-carrying Totally Not Bitter Mouse. He's having a pretty hard Valentine's Day.

Gather Souvenirs

Each area you visit along your cruise will have a special souvenir associated with it. There is a rare chance you will get the souvenir from each area from the mice there, so try to collect them all!

If you're having trouble picking any up, you can visit the ship's General Store after your first successful cruise to complete your souvenir set!

Fireworks, Gift Baskets, and Cruise Crates

Want to jump-start your cruise with a few extra fireworks? Or maybe a whole crate of poppers is more your style? Whatever your tastes, there's something there for everyone!

These crackly charms twitch and vibrate in your hands, giving your trap an extra boost of power, while also attracting the Costumed Tiger and Costumed Rabbit mice. Handle them with care!

While using these on Calamity Carl's Cozy Cruise, you will scare away the water snakes for a short time, helping the ship move a little faster.

A huggably soft gift basket perfect for giving to friends this Lunar New Year. The wrapping paper is made of cozy blankets!

The basket contains 100 SUPER|brie+ and 35 Firecracker Charms!

Command your perfect cruise ship experience with this crate of explosive gear, fully stocked with everything needed to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Inside you'll find 250 SUPER|brie+, 100 Firecracker Charms, and 15 Nitropop Potions!

The Year of the Snake begins!

  • Travel to Calamity Carl's Cozy Cruise
  • Collect Firecracker Charms
  • Hunt with Firecracker Charms to collect potions to create bigger and brighter fireworks!
  • Equip the best firework charms you have to scare the water snakes and move quickly through the cruise
  • Collect Cruise Bux and finish your cruise to buy fantastic traps, skins, and bases!

Buy a Festive Kit or a Gift Basket for you or a friend | Travel to Calamity Carl's Cozy Cruise

-- Giorgio Sintichakis