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King's Giveaway

25 November 2013

It's giveaway time in Gnawnia! An increased number of prize mice are roaming the entire Kingdom carrying with them prizes of King's Credits, SUPER|brie+, real cash, and more! The giveaway will last for one week with over $25,000 in prizes to be won! Arm your traps and get hunting!

Prize Mice

Treasurer Mouse (common)
Compared to other prize mice, Treasurers are somewhat common during a giveaway. Found wandering the Kingdom, they carefully catalog and count the King's Credits that "higher-ups" have managed to hoard. Capture one and you'll find a few King's Credits for yourself!

Snooty Mouse (uncommon)
Snooty mice enjoy the finer things in life, trading their stockpiles of King's Credits for gourmet cheese and fine clothing. These mice can be difficult to find, but with their capture comes a small handful King's Credits!

High Roller Mouse (rare)
These mice hustle massive quantities of King's Credits from other mice using their keen instincts and straight poker face. High Roller mice carry with them a large quantity of King's Credits, however, they're also quite rare. You'll need lady luck on your side to even encounter this mouse, let alone capture it!

Mobster Mouse (very rare)
Mobster mice don't like a lot of competition from other mice on their turf, and as such, encounters with a Mobster can be few and far between. Capturing a Mobster Mouse will earn you what they call "the good stuff", although it's more frequently referred to as SUPER|brie+ by hunters.

Leprechaun Mouse (extremely rare — only a few hundred in the entire Kingdom!)
Leprechauns are the source of many fictional stories throughout the Kingdom, which seems suiting as, along with their rarity, many hunters believe these mice to be fiction! Leprechauns are the rarest mouse in the Kingdom with only a few hundred out there to be found. Will luck be on your side and will you find the rarest of all rare mice in your trap?

Regal Journal Theme and Charms!

This most opulent Regal Journal Theme is comprised of two halves. The first half is dropped by Treasurer, Snooty, and High Roller mice; the second half can be purchased from the King's Arms for 15 King's Credits and 10,000 gold. Show off your prize-hunting prowess with regal style!

Regal Charms are handcrafted in Gnawnia from only the finest materials, making them only available in short supply. These extremely powerful charms have 1,000 power, 6 luck, and 20% attraction bonus! Regal Charms can only be found while the Giveaway is active inside Daily Loyalty chests, daily gifts, and in the Regal Gift Basket. Once the Giveaway is over, these charms will no longer be available, so make sure to share as many as you can with friends!

Regal Gift Basket

Packed to the brim with Regal Charms and SUPER|brie+! The Regal Gift basket is perfect for feeling fancy and hunting like a King! Perfect to give to a friend who needs a little lavishness in their life!

Updated King's Arms Items

Put your King's Credits to good use by spending them at the King's Arms located in the Valour region. There you'll find a wide variety of loot to help you in your hunting endeavours. The King has stocked new items, like the Sheriff's Badge Charm, so make sure to visit and check out the wares!

Where can I encounter a prize mouse?

Prize mice can be found anywhere other than the Meadow. However, keep in mind that not all bait will attract a prize mouse. See the list below of bait capable of attracting a prize mouse.

What cheese can attract a prize mouse?

All of the following bait types are capable of attracting a prize mouse:

What happens when I catch a prize mouse?

Journal entries for prize mouse catches are bright green, making them hard to miss! In addition to a journal entry, you'll also receive a notification in your inbox letting you know which mouse you caught and what prize it was carrying.

If a prize mouse was carrying King's Credits, SUPER|brie+, or other items, the items are added directly to your inventory. Should you capture a mouse carrying a real cash prize, you'll receive a second journal containing a link to claim your prize.

Prize mice are on the loose!

  • Hunt almost anywhere for prize mice
  • Over $25,000 in prizes!
  • More than 500,000 pieces of SUPER|brie+ to win!
  • Collect King's Credits to spend at the King's Arms
  • Collect the Regal Journal Theme

Good luck in the giveaway, hunters!
-- Dave Vanderburg

Dev Corner: November Update — TRAINS! (And Traps and Timezones)

12 November 2013

We wanted to bring you all some tweaks and updates for the month of November! Check them out below!

Smugglers on a Train

Hunters riding on the Gnawnian Express can now smuggle some train items with them onto other trains! Any leftover Royal Supply Crates, Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent, or Fuel Nuggets can be brought with you to the next train (up to a maximum of 10)!

Forget to load up those crates, spray some repellent, or throw the last few nuggets into the train engine? No worries! Bring up to 10 of each with you and use them in a future train ride.

Train items collected during trap checks will also be smuggled off the train and can be used on a future train ride. However, be warned: If you leave a train before it arrives at its destination, you will lose ALL of your saved crates, repellent and nuggets!

Trap Selector Favourites

Check out the changes to the Trap Selector on the Camp page. When choosing a Base, Trap, Charm or Cheese, hunters can now select their Favourite Five for each of those categories. Quickly and easily switch between your best trap setups for different areas, events and tournaments at a moment's notice!

There's also some more useful information displayed when selecting a charm. We now show you important stats like Power and Power Bonus, Luck, Cheese Effect, and when and how the charm is consumed. In the future, we will also display extra info regarding the special effects of charms in certain areas.

Timezone Troubles

Every year, hunters have reported that their journal entries appear offset by an hour or so during Daylight Savings Time. This has been due to how we retrieve timezone information from your profile, but now we have a solution for that.

Check out the new User Preferences page under the Support link in the bar along the top of this page. From there, you can set your Gender (for use in Hunter Titles) and your local time so that your journal entries are properly aligned again!

Look forward to more updates in the future! Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Haunted Hunting comes to an end

07 November 2013

The Haunted Terrortories have closed up for the year. We hope you enjoyed the spooky hunting and collected tons of Halloween Candies!

The Halloween shoppes will keep their doors open in the Vacant Lot, an area near the Town of Gnawnia, until November 14. So be sure to visit the scary shoppes to trade in your Halloween Candies and Cobwebs for some terrifying treats!

If you have any leftover Halloween or Undead Treasure Map Scroll Cases, these will remain in your inventory and you can use them again next year. The frightening Halloween mice have scampered off and cannot be caught again until next year. You will not find them at the Vacant Lot, so save those scroll cases until next year and don't open them until Halloween 2014!

Thanks for joining us for another haunted Halloween hunting! The Halloween mice will return again next year!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Haunted Terrortories close on November 7

04 November 2013

The Haunted Terrortories will be closing on November 7 at approximately 11am EST. Upon closing, an area called the Vacant Lot will remain in its place where all of the Halloween shoppes will stay open for another week. You can keep trick-and-treating and collect Halloween Candies and Cobwebs right up until the Haunted Terrortories closes.

Note that any Halloween and Undead Treasure Map Scroll Cases you have will remain in your inventory. After Thursday you will no longer be able to hunt Halloween breeds, meaning you should avoid starting any new maps if you're worried about finishing them in time.

Happy haunted hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg