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Archive for updates taken place in July 2014 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Marketplace Madness

23 July 2014

The new and improved Marketplace is here at last! Terrific improvements in trading technology have made their way to Gnawnia. Buy and sell with equal ease! List multiple items at once! Check out your full Marketplace history! And more!

New Layout, New Love!

The new Marketplace is now an on-page popup, so you don't have to leave what you're doing in order to pick up a few choice crafting ingredients or a fancy new skin. Plus, we've added a ton of useful new tabs to help you manage your listings. In short? There's more stuff!

What's New? What's in Demand?

The first new tab you'll see is the Featured tab, which showcases interesting items. Things that are new to the game, or really expensive, or traded frequently, or that have fallen drastically in price recently, and more! We update the list through the day, so check back to see what's hot and why!

Plus, go and look through the list of items for trade! You'll find a bunch of new items that weren't tradable before!

I Want It, But On My Terms

Tired of trying to buy something, but not finding the prices to your liking? Well now you can create an offer to buy for a price you like, just like how you could create a sell offer before! Just choose the item you want to buy, click "Create Your Own Offer To Buy", enter your quantity and price, and wait for someone to sell it to you!

This also means that on the Sell page, you'll find brand-new listings of people who will buy your items instantly! No more waiting!

More Slots for Buying and Selling!

With all this new functionality, it would be really swell if you could list more than one item at a time, right? Well, now you can!

Everyone starts with three (count 'em three) buy slots and three sell slots, meaning you can offer to buy and sell a total of six items at a time. Hunters with the Lucky Golden Shield get an extra slot of each type, and if you visit the General Store in the King's Arms, you'll find a Regal Marketplace Display Case and a Regal Marketplace Stool, which will give you +1 sell slot and buy slot, respectively!

History Is No Longer a Mystery

We now do a better job of showing off useful Marketplace information for items. Average price, price history, and sales history, all in graph form! All these are available to help you make better trading decisions.

Furthermore, we now offer a complete history of your Marketplace transactions on the My History tab, so you can see just how much of what you bought and sold over the years!

Go Give It a Try!

The new Marketplace is live now now now, so go and try it out!

-- Dan Hulton

Discover the Sunken City

02 July 2014

A new city and hunting location has been discovered, deep under the Rodentia Ocean! This new, permanent hunting area for Count/Countess hunters contains 60 new mice, new Hydro traps, a powerful new base, and much more!

Sunken City Discovered in Rodentia

Sandtail lore speaks of a city that was once perched on the far west cliffs of the desert until the arid soil cracked and shifted, causing the city to slide into the water. The story was long thought to merely be a popular tale perpetuated by thirsty desert denizen, fascinated by a city with access to an infinite supply of water. However, it appears the stories are true, as an ancient Sunken City has been discovered just off the coast near Daredevil Canyon!

Learning to Enter the Sunken City

Traveling down to the city requires knowledge of its layout, which can learned by purchasing a Sunken Souvenir from the Muridae Market Cartographer. The souvenir is an accurate model of the city, allowing a hunter to learn the best means with which to approach the underwater city and the location of the airlock to safely enter it once there. The souvenir is made of high-quality Sandtail glass, and as such, the Cartographer there will ask to be compensated with 90 Molten Glass in exchange for the souvenir. However, during the first week of the city's discovery, the Cartographer is offering the souvenir for merely the gold cost. How generous!

Preparing for Underwater Exploration

Although not much is known about the Sunken City, one thing is clear: It's not immune to the mouse invasion consuming the rest of the Kingdom! The mice in the city have been exploring the ocean, recruiting the aquatic mice there and gathering underwater resources. The King needs you to use a state-of-the-art totally fully-tested and safe to use submersible sea shuttle to explore the deep sea in order to see how far the reach of the Sunken City goes and to stop those mice waiting to strike from the sea!

Your ultimate goal is to travel as far along the ocean floor as possible, researching powerful mice and finding the valuable loot they carry. Achieving this is no simple task, however, and will require some careful planning.

Upon arriving at the Sunken City, your first task will be to prepare to explore the ocean floor. You'll have access to a sea shuttle to explore, however, you'll need an ample supply of Oxygen Canisters in order to brave the ocean depths to hunt the mice that live underwater. Oxygen Canisters can be collected by hunting mice within the Sunken City. At first, not many mice will be attracted to your bait, however, after exploring the ocean you'll be able to craft a much more effective type of bait -- Fishy Fromage.

Conducting Underwater Exploration

Once you have some Oxygen Canisters stockpiled, you can begin a dive. Exiting the airlock in the city will consume 10 Oxygen Canisters, so make sure you have enough to make your exploration worthwhile before diving -- about 100 for your first dive will last you a good day or two of underwater hunting! Once you exit the city into the water, each hunt you take will consume one Oxygen Canister. Successfully capturing a mouse will reveal a good portion of the seafloor ahead, moving your submersible forward by 30 meters. Failing to capture a mouse will reveal much less, moving your submersible forward by only 10 meters. Finally, failing to attract a mouse will not reveal any new territory, meaning your submersible will not move at all.

As you move forward you'll discover different areas of the ocean floor, each with a unique population of mice and loot to explore! There are a lot of mice and a ton of loot to be found, including materials needed to craft the valuable Fishy Fromage, which will dramatically help you resupply for your next dive!

The Rodentia Ocean is quite expansive. In fact, you'll likely find that it seems quite endless! There does not appear to be any limit to how far away from the city your submersible can travel, however, take caution as the further out you go, the more powerful the mice you'll encounter! That said, with great risk comes great reward, meaning the further out you go, the more valuable loot there is to be found! Carefully managing your diving supplies will be crucial to routinely reaching far depths of exploration.

Fishy Fromage and Resupplying

While exploring the ocean, you'll find Damaged Coral Fragments, Mouse Scales, and Barnacles. These ingredients can be exchanged at the shop (or crafted together) to create Fishy Fromage! Although this unique "flavour" of cheese smells horrible, the mice within the Sunken City cannot resist it, making it the best bait for collecting Oxygen Canisters to resupply in between dives. Use Fishy Fromage while in between dives to attract new types of mice in the Sunken City which drop Oxygen Canisters much more frequently and in greater quantities.

Fishy Fromage is so effective at collecting Oxygen Canisters that after several dives you may find yourself with an ample supply of the bait. Fortunately, the Charm Shoppe in the Sunken City provides another use for your underwater loot in the form of an extremely powerful Water Jet Charm. Capturing a mouse while having a Water Jet armed will propel your submersible forward by 500 meters! They're rather expensive, however, so make sure to choose when to use them wisely and balance your supply of Fishy Fromage and Water Jet Charms carefully!

Sunken City Shopkeepers

The shopkeepers within the Sunken City deal in more than just Gnawnian Gold. Some of their wares cost loot items, including a currency unique to the Sunken City called Sand Dollars. Sand Dollars can be found during diving expeditions along with various other loot items that will help you become a diving expert!

Tidal Base Harnessing the power of ocean currents, the Tidal Base adds an impressive 800 Power to your trap along with a generous 8% Power Bonus!

Rune Shark Trap The King had one simple request. And that was to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently the aquatic trapsmiths have informed the King that such a thing can indeed be done. Better yet, the runes within the shark provide power to their "hover fins", making this trap equally effective on land!

School of Sharks This is it: The Hydro trap that has it all. If sharks with lasers were not intimidating enough, how about an entire school of sharks with upgraded lasers and the latest in mouse-tracking projectiles? The School of Sharks Trap is the pinnacle of Hydro traps. In fact, it's hard to imagine anything surpassing it! With 9,850 Power, 15% Power Bonus, and +30 Luck, the School of Sharks can be challenging to control, requiring a high level of hunting experience: 450,000,000 points worth, to be exact, but it's absolutely worth the training to use such an amazing trap!

Water Jet Charms These projectile charms provide a massive output boost to your submersible's propellers while exploring the ocean, launching you forward by 500 meters upon catching a mouse! However, they're rather expensive. Carefully planning how often you equip these, and where to use them, is key to routinely reaching great distances underwater.

Predatory Processor These futuristic segmented processing units can be used to upgrade the Rune Shark Trap into a formidable School of Sharks! The assembly process is conducted inside of a secretive, specialized cleanroom within the Sunken City, meaning you'll need to have the local Trapsmith assemble the upgrade, rather than craft it yourself.

These powerful processors can be purchased using Sand Dollars, or on rare occasion, found as loot drops from the most powerful mice in the far depths of the ocean.

Underwater Loot Lunch Packs The General Store is stocked for hungry hunters and mice alike! Have way too many of one type of ocean loot and no where near enough of others? Exchange your excess loot using gold and a Sand Dollar for something you need instead!

Show Off Your Diving Skill

The length of the Rodentia Ocean has no end in sight! With such an expansive area to explore, the King has put up a few new scoreboards to record which hunter has braved the dangerous waters and reached the furthest distances, among other important watermarks.

Compete with friends, or against all hunters, for longest distance traveled, most catches during a dive, most Oxygen Canisters and Water Jet Charms consumed in total. What strategy will you pursue? Will you stockpile tons of Oxygen Canisters, or skillfully employ Water Jet Charms to reach new and awesome lengths?

Underwater Supply Kits

To help in you underwater exploration efforts, the King has put together a few supply kits and gift baskets stocked with SUPER|brie+ and a few fishy supplies!

Sunken Gift Basket SUPER|brie+ and an aquatic item

Ocean Crafting Kit SUPER|brie+ and a few crafting items

Diving Kit SUPER|brie+, Fishy Fromage, and Oxygen!

Submersible Supplies SUPER|brie+, Fishy Fromage, Oxygen, and charms!

Sunken City discovered!

  • Purchase a Sunken Souvenir from Muridae Market
  • Explore the Rodentia Ocean floor
  • Hunt 60 new breeds of mice!
  • Unlock new, powerful Hydro traps
  • Compete for furthest dive distance and other great feats

Visit Muridae to Purchase the Sunken Souvenir

-- Dave Vanderburg