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Archive for updates taken place in March 2014 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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A Rift Opens...

25 March 2014

A Rift has opened in Gnawnia... Powerful otherworldly mice threaten the Kingdom!

Gnawnia Rift Opening

Outside of the Meadow, a perilous tear in the very fabric of reality has opened, revealing a dangerous plane of existence known as the Rift! Within the Rift are extremely powerful mice that bear a familiar resemblance. Could this be evidence of what caused the abundance of mice in Gnawnia? Could the Rift be feeding power into our realm, strengthening the mice around us?

The King is calling upon the most experienced of hunters to help fight back the mice of the Gnawnia Rift. Hunters with the rank of Count/Countess and above, prepare for a challenge!

Calibrating a Rift Detector

Rifts are just barely within our plane of existence, meaning you're going to need some very specialized equipment in order to locate and enter one. This sort of phenomenon is not entirely a mystery, however. Rifts are similar to the portal located in the Forbidden Grove and to the shift that occurs in the Twisted Garden, only more intense and powerful. After careful experimentation involving the effects of Living Garden Essences, researchers have been able to use them to calibrate a device capable of locating the Rift and allowing a hunter to enter one.

These Rift Detectors require essences to calibrate. However, due to the immediate concern over the Rift, the King has ordered Larry to assemble a stockpile of Rift Detectors to equip any hunter that solved the mystery surrounding the Dance Hall power generator. If you've found all three clues pertaining to the power surges that occured during the Birthday Dance Party, head to the Cartographer at the Vacant Lot to obtain a Rift Detector!

If you have yet to unlock the power generator mystery, there's still time! Head to the Vacant Lot to collect clues and learn of the mystery of the Rift.

Finally, once the Vacant Lot closes and its shops leave, the Rift Detector will be for sale at the Living Garden Cartographer at its full cost of gold and essences.

For a limited time, Rift Detectors are available at the Vacant Lot.
If you've helped solve the power generator mystery, grab a Rift Detector!

Once the Vacant Lot closes, Rift Detectors will be sold at the Living Garden Cartographer

Utilizing the Rift Power Type

Current trap technology is only marginally effective within a Rift. A new power type is required to hunt the powerful mice which reside within a Rift, appropriately named "Rift Power". The Trapsmith stationed within the Gnawnian Rift has already drafted a design for a trap with a Rift power type, however, the design requires a rare and powerful crystal element only found within the Rift itself. Should you come across one of these rare Rift Crystals, be sure to visit the Trapsmith and purchase your first Rift trap!

Until you acquire a Rift power type trap, you'll have to arm your most powerful trap and hope it does the trick! Take heed: Current traps are largely ineffective against Rift mice, but they are the only trap that might stand a chance against these mice. Prepare for a challenge of the utmost grit!

Rift mice are extremely resistant to current trap technology!
Steel yourselves, hunters; it's going to be extremely tough until you build a Rift trap!

A Theory: String Cheese

Early attempts at attracting a mouse within the Rift proved entirely unsuccesful with any current known types of bait. Not long after, however, some peculiar rubbery cheese curds were discovered, capable of producing a highly stringable snack known as String Cheese! The shopkeeper at the Cheese Shoppe has produced a variety of these String Cheeses including Marble, Swiss, and Brie.

A particularly powerful discovery came when combining the power of Magic and Aleth Essences with the curd to create Magical String Cheese! This magical variation is nearly irresistible to many mice within the Rift, boasting a powerful attraction rate!

Craft Magical String using Magic Essence, Aleth Essence, and Rift Curd!

Magic String Cheese Supply Kits

In an effort to defend the Kingdom from the dangerous mice within the Rift, the King has sanctioned the use of the Kingdom's own supply of essences to assemble various packages and kits containing Magical String Cheese!

15 Magical String Cheese
15 Pieces of Magical String Cheese
1 Month Lucky Golden Shield

Magical Rift Gift
75 Magical String Cheese
1 Random, Rift-related item
1 Month Lucky Golden Shield

Rift Survival Kit
1,200 Magical String Cheese
3 Riftiago Potions
2 Months Lucky Golden Shield

A Rift is opening in Gnawnia!

  • Travel to the Vacant Lot (previously the Dance Hall)
  • Spend any remaining Party Supplies and Disco Balls
  • Grab a Rift Detector at the Vacant Lot Cartographer
  • Travel to the Gnawnia Rift
  • Encounter powerful and challenging mice!
  • Discover the first Rift trap

Travel to the Vacant Lot

Dance Hall closes and becomes the Vacant Lot

With the Birthday Dance Party now over, the Dance Hall has closed its doors and been taken down. In its place is the Vacant Lot, where the various shops that were at the Dance Hall will remain open for one week. A cartographer has also been added, which is selling a Rift Detector to any hunter which investigated the power generator mystery involving Moussiles. If you have yet to capture a Moussile, they can still be encountered within the Vacant Lot.

The Vacant Lot Cartographer will soon return to the Living Garden where the Rift Detector will permenantly be on sale for all hunters at a cost of gold and Living Garden Essences.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Power Problems Loom

20 March 2014

Some hunters have reported strange findings involving the Dance Hall's power generator! Keep an eye out for clues in between dance moves...

Generator Power Surges

The generator supplying the Dance Hall with power has begun to spark and surge, sending copious quantities of an unknown energy down the powerlines and into the party. Despite their best efforts, the King's engineers are unable to determine the source of the energy. It almost seems as though the energy is from another world! The King needs your help to get to the bottom of the problem and determine if mice are to blame.

Exploded Lights Showing Up at the Dance Party

Shortly after the reports of strange energy being produced by the Dance Hall generator, several hunters reported coming across Exploded Lightshows as loot from mice at the Dance Hall. It's likely the explosions are due to the random power surges coming from the Dance Hall's generator. Adding to suspicions is that the exploded lights all seem to be quickly scooped up by mice, leading the King to suspect that the mice are trying to hide something.

Upon finding one of these Exploded Lightshows, be sure to closely examine the item for clues regarding what may be going on.

Strange Power Surges

  • Search the Dance Hall for an Exploded Lightshow
  • Examine looted lightshows for clues
  • Get to the bottom of the mystery!

Travel to the Dance Hall

-- Dave Vanderburg

MouseHunt Birthday Dance Party!

04 March 2014

MouseHunt's Sixth Birthday is here, meaning it's time to celebrate!

Birthday Conga Dance Party!

MouseHunt turns SIX YEARS OLD on March 7 and the entire Kingdom is looking to celebrate! The King's construction crews have been hard at work constructing a dance hall, the perfect venue for a massive party!

Unfortunately, all the party supplies and decorations have been stolen by mice in the area. It looks like to get the celebration started, MouseHunters will need to do what they've done best for more than half a decade: HUNT MICE!

Visit the Dance Hall in Gnawnia to help recover the decorations and get the party started!

Gathering Party Supplies

The mice that have stolen the party supplies are all festive breeds, ready for a party. In order to attract these birthday bash mice, you'll need to supply yourself with Cupcake Colby Cheese. Fortunately, mice in the area are carrying potions to create Cupcake Colby. To gather potions, simply start hunting for loot at the Dance Hall. There is a wide variety of breeds at the Dance Hall. Try experimenting with different types of cheese to see what you can attract and what mice drop Cupcake Colby Potions!

Once you've collected enough Party Supplies to finish decorating the hall, you'll be ready to start the dance party!

Visit the Dance Hall ⇒ Gather Cupcake Colby ⇒ Use Colby to Gather Party Supplies ⇒ Decorate ⇒ Get the party started!

Hunting a Conga Line of Mice

The final and most important party commodity is the Disco Ball! This important item is being held by a mouse particularly interested in the expertise of dancing. Capturing this vermin will prove especially challenging due to a unique defense formation: a mouse conga line!

The dangerous dancer, known only as El Flamenco, is leading the front of a conga line, which is full of other birthday party mice, all congaing away from the hunters. Although it may look a bit silly, the conga line serves to protect each mouse participating in it, making only the mouse currently at the rear of the conga line vulnerable to capture. In order to reach and defeat this terpsichorean terror, this serial synchronizer, this precision performer at his own game, you'll have to hunt each mouse in the conga line in order of appearance, working your way to the front, then have a final dance-off with El Flamenco himself!

The Disco Ball is of such value that the shop keeper at the Dance Hall will sell you a new trap, as well as a variety of new trap skins, in exchange for a Disco Ball and some gold.

Forgotten Birthday Gift Trap

The Trapsmith at the Dance Hall quickly found a new source of trap design inspiration while watching the various dance competitions going on! The result: The Forgotten Art of Dance trap. This agile trap utilizes a droid specifically programmed with all the grace contained in forgotten and beauteous forms of dance. With a stealthy twirl and twist, the droid outmaneuvers forgotten mice, delivering a graceful capture.

Variety is the spice of dance! The Trapsmith has also assembled four unique trap skins for the dance trap. The trap, as well as the skins, can each be purchased in exchange for one Disco Ball and some gold in the Trapsmith's shoppe. Additionally, the skins can be directly purchased from the King in the premium shoppe.

Capoeira Skin
Dancing with Grit!                  
Dance Instruction Skin
Bust the right moves!

Disco Dance Skin
Burn Baby Burn!         
Riverdance Skin
Kick, stomp, and tap!

Art of Dance Skin Pack
Grab all four new dance-themed trap skins!

Building the Ultimate Dance Hall

As you hunt through Conga Lines of mice, you'll continue to recover more stolen Party Supplies. You can continue to put your Party Supplies to use by constructing upgrades and additions to your Dance Hall!

Additions to your dance floor include: Chaperone Table, Dance Leaderboard, Buffet Table, Donkey Tail Pin-Board, and a rockin' Sound System! Those that are devoted to dance and manage to build ALL five upgrades will earn a Limited Edition First Place Dance Hall Trophy collectible to show they were masters of dance in 2014!

If you still have even more Party Supplies remaining, the shop keeper at the General Store will put together Birthday Goodie Bags in exchange for your excess supplies. Inside each Birthday Goodie Bag, you will find a few small treats to help you in your hunter endeavours.

Load up for Party Time with a Sugar Rush

To get the party started, the King has assembled a supply of freshly baked Cupcake Colby, Party Charms, and more!

15 Cupcake Colby                                   
15 Pieces of freshly baked Cupcake Colby!
1 Month Lucky Golden Shield
Cupcake Party Tray
175 Cupcake Colby and 175 Party Charms
1 Month Lucky Golden Shield
Sugar Rush in a Box
1,200 Cupcake Colby and 1,200 Party Charms
4 Month Lucky Golden Shield
15 Party Charms
Mice drop bonus Cupcake Colby and Party Supplies!
1 Month Lucky Golden Shield
Cupcake Party Tower
500 Cupcake Colby and 500 Party Charms
2 Months Lucky Golden Shield

Birthday Conga Dance Party!

  • Collect Cupcake Colby at the party
  • Hunt with Cupcake Colby to decorate the Dance Hall
  • Capture a conga line of mice!
  • Collect Disco Balls from El Flamenco
  • Party with a new Forgotten Trap and skins!

Travel to the Dance Hall

-- Dave Vanderburg