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:*Send Airship Charms as free gifts and find them in loyalty chests!
:*Send Airship Charms as free gifts and find them in loyalty chests!
[[Travel|Travel to Ronza's Traveling Shoppe]]
[[Ronza%27s_Traveling_Shoppe#May_2014|Travel to Ronza's Traveling Shoppe]]
-- {{MHP|502041253|Dave Vanderburg}}
-- {{MHP|502041253|Dave Vanderburg}}
===Double Charge Egg Loot Drops===
===Double Charge Egg Loot Drops===

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Archive for updates taken place in May 2014 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Spring Egg Hunt Comes to an End

27 May 2014

The Omelette Factory has shut down as the Spring Egg Hunt comes to a close.

Spring Egg Hunt Comes to an End

With a massive quantity of eggs looted, the much enjoyed Spring Egg Hunt has now come to an end. The King hopes all hunters enjoyed the festivities and challenge of tracking down elusive eggs!

Were you able to crackdown on mice and find a massive quantity of eggs? Or did mice play a yolk on you, keeping prized eggs just out of reach? Let us know how many eggscellent prizes you poached by squawking on the forums!

Happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Ronza's Shoppe Now Open

13 May 2014

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe is now open in Gnawnia!

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe Open for a Limited Time!

Ronza visits far and distant lands looking for new hunting equipment to bring to the Kingdom of Gnawnia. After a lengthy journey, Ronza has finally returned with a wide array of equipment for sale! Her schedule is a busy one, and she never stays for long, so make sure to visit her shop and browse her wares!

Pay special attention to which of Ronza's wares are Limited Edition. Anything marked as Limited Edition is in short supply and will not ever return to the Kingdom!

Travel to Ronza's Traveling Shoppe!

Ronza's Trapsmith

The Law Draw (Limited Edition)
During a wild journey in the far West, Ronza was the first to discover a Law Trap which incorporates Luck into your trap's setup! Although The Law Draw has slightly less power than the S.L.A.C. II, it packs a punch with +5 Luck! With that sort of bonus, there's just one question a mouse can ask itself: "Do I feel lucky?"

Veiled Vine Trap (Limited Edition)
This exotic and elaborate tangle of vines may not arouse suspicion, however, that's also the tactic behind this trap! Aimed at hunters of intermediate experience, this Tactical setup will prove valuable for those looking for a step up from Zugzwang's First Move. Ranked "Best Vine Compilation 2014" by hunters!

Dragon Lance (Limited Edition)
Draconic traps are extremely difficult to design, making this Limited Edition ware particularly special! With a massive 30% Power Bonus and +12 Luck, will luck be on your side when braving Dracano, or will the heat get the better of you?

Physical Brace Base
Ronza crafted another breakthrough in trap design -- a base capable of dramatically boosting a Physical setup! Although the Physical Brace already has fairly impressive stats, it really shines when paired with any Physical weapon with a massive 25% Power Bonus! Push your high-power Physical traps to new heights!

Chrome Oasis Water Node Trap (Upgrade for the Oasis Water Node)
Ronza's General Store sells a Chrome Upgrade Kit capable of upgrading an Oasis Water Node Trap into a more powerful Chrome version! The Chrome Oasis Water Node Trap has more Power and Luck than its counterpart while looking pretty dang stylish at the same time! The level of shine in this trap makes sunglasses a must while in the desert.

Chrome Phantasmic Oasis Trap (Upgrade for the Phantasmic Oasis Trap)
The same Chrome Upgrade Kit in Ronza's General Store which upgrades the Oasis Water Node can also be used to upgrade the Phantasmic Oasis Trap. Carefully administer the living Chrome onto your Phantasmic Oasis Trap Parts to create the ultimate Hydro trap!

Four Unique Trap Skins (Tradable in the Marketplace)
Not to restrict herself to only making traps, Ronza has designed four new stylish Trap Skins. Customize the look of your Ancient Box Trap, Steam Laser Mk. III, Sandtail Sentinel, or Reaper's Perch Trap!

Ronza's Charm Shoppe

Mining Charm
Packs a bunch against Digby Dirt Dwellers!

Tarnished Charm
Equip to polish it into a powerful Chrome Charm for bonus Luck!

Safeguard Charm
Wards off Cursed and Corrupt Mice!

Grubling Bonanza Charm
Instantly starts a Grubling Stampede!

Super Cactus Charm (New Charm!)
Massive Power Bonus with the Claw Shot Base and either of the S.L.A.C. traps in Claw Shot City!

Unstable Charm (New Charm!)
Turns into a random charm upon use. Wide array of possible charms, from Power and Luck to Ultimate and Shattering!

EMP400 Charm (New Charm!)
Massive power bonus when armed alongside Fusion Fondue! Show the M400 who's boss!

Ronza's General Store

Extra Coarse Salt
Create Super Salt Charms, counts for double the hunts against the King Grub in the Sand Crypts!

Powdered Bleach (New Item!)
Combine with Soapy Suds and a Simple Orb to create a SUPER Soap Charm for Toxic Spills!

Airship Theme Scrap I (New Item!)
Combine this scrap with two others found as loot from Rockstar and Moussile mice at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe to create the Airship Journal Theme!

Chrome Oasis Upgrade Kit (New Item!)
Use this kit to upgrade the Oasis Water Node into the Chrome Oasis Water Node or upgrade the Phantasmic Oasis Trap into the Chrome Phantasmic Oasis Trap! Either way, it's big time Hydro power!

Double Dewdrop Powders
Ronza has once again stocked her General Store with a variety of Double Dewdrop Powders to create powerful loot-doubling charms for use in the Living Garden!

Airship Charms, Airship Kits, and Dirigible Kits

To celebrate Ronza's return to Gnawnia, the King has assembled a special collection of supplies, available only during Ronza's visit! New Airship Charms provide an impressive Power and Luck bonus and are available directly from the King, as free daily gifts for friends, and as free rewards within Daily Loyalty Chests!

15 Airship Charms
Available only during Ronza's visit — 800 Power and +5 Luck!

Airship Supply Kit
Grab 75 Airship Charms and SUPER|brie+ for you or a friend!

Dirigible Kit
An incredible bundle containing 200 Airship Charms and 200 SUPER|brie+! Send your trap or a friend's trap setup to new heights with this special delivery!

Rockforth Cheese, Rockstar Mice, and Moussile Mice

While hunting at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe you may come across a bait with an especially loud flavour -- Rockforth Cheese! The extreme volume means you can only hold 99 pieces in your inventory, however, arming it will bring around two special mice! The Rockstar and Moussile Mouse have both come to visit her shoppe and are carrying special loot. Share what you find as loot on the forums!

Ronza arrives in Gnawnia!

  • New weapons and skins!
  • New base to enhance Physical traps!
  • Wide variety of special charms!
  • Useful crafting items!
  • Send Airship Charms as free gifts and find them in loyalty chests!

Travel to Ronza's Traveling Shoppe

-- Dave Vanderburg

Double Charge Egg Loot Drops

06 May 2014

Charge Egg drops are now doubled until the end of the Spring Egg Hunt!

Double Charge Egg Drops!

The capture of so many Egg Scrambler Mice, in combination with a technological breakthrough from the scientists of Digby, has dramatically increased the usefulness of an Eggscavator! From now until the end of the 2014 Spring Egg Hunt, your Eggscavator will now DOUBLE the quantity of Charge Eggs dropped! Simply arm some Charge Charms and power-up your Eggscavator to start looting twice the number of Charge Eggs!

The doubling effect also stacks with the effects of Eggstra Charms, meaning with an Eggstra Charm equipped you'll receive four Charge Eggs — QUADRUPLE the amount of eggs!

The 2014 Spring Egg Hunt will end on Tuesday, May 27, so get crackin'!

Charging an Eggscavator

You can charge your Eggscavator using Charge Charms which can be purchased from the Omelette Factory, occasionally sent as a free Gift of the Day to and from friends.

To aid you further, Larry the Friendly Knight is handing out Charge Charms for free on the MouseHunt Fan Page! Like the page to not only get free Charge Charms, but also keep up to date with everything that's happening in the Kingdom. Ready to get that charged-up feeling now? Click the link below to claim a free gift of 20 Eggscavator Charge Charms from Larry the Knight, enough to fully Charge your Eggscavator!

As yet another source of Charge Charms, the King has added both Charge Charms and Marshmallow Moneterey as rewards inside Daily Loyalty Chests! From now until the end of the Spring Egg Hunt check your Daily Loyalty Chests to restock on charms!

Claim 20 Free Eggscavator Charge Charms!

Like MouseHunt for future free charms and updates: MouseHunt Fan Page

Keep watching the MouseHunt Fan Page for more free Eggscavator Charge Charms from Larry!

King's Spring Supplies

To aid hunters in tracking down dozens upon dozens of eggs, the King has assembled items, a few treat baskets, and supply kits.

15 Marshmallow Monterey                                                 
Hunt with or exchange it!
15 Charge Charms
Charge your Eggscavator!
Find Charge Eggs!
Dimensional Egg Basket Skin
The cutest dimensional egg basket in town!
5 Eggstra Charms
Doubles all egg drops!
Marshmallow Gift Basket
60 Marshmallow Monterey for you or a friend!
Bonus Egg Hunting Kit
SUPER|brie+, Charge and Eggstra Charms
Track down more bonus eggs!
Spring Arcanum Skin
Spring ahead with Arcane power!
1,200 Marshmallow Monterey
Stock up to hunt with!
Exchange for other supplies!

Charge Egg Drops Doubled!

  • Charge your Eggscavator with Charge Charms
  • Find twice the Charge Eggs as loot!
  • Get up to FOUR Charge Eggs with Eggstra Charms equipped!
  • Watch the MouseHunt fan page for free Charge Charms!

-- Dave Vanderburg