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Archive for updates taken place in October 2014 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Halloween Is Here!

14 October 2014

A Terror at the Center of the Pumpkin Patch

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and everything is getting spookier! This can only mean one thing: Halloween is here, and the Haunted Terrortories are back!

This year, a terrifying new mouse has charged out of the Corn Maze, torn through the Haunted Manor, and made her home in the middle of the Pumpkin Patch. You'll have to carefully retrace her path in order to challenge her and take her most prized possession!

Gathering Spooky Supplies

To chase down this maniacal mouse, you're going to need both Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola Cheese. Your friends can help you! Simply visit the profile of up to 10 of your friends, "Trick-or-Treat" while you're there, and get some free cheese. Make sure to visit your own profile and choose what type of cheese you're handing out!

Still doesn't feel like you have enough cheese? Just hunt using Swiss, Brie, Gouda, or SUPER|brie+ at the Haunted Terrortories to attract Hollowhead mice, which are known to drop both Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola Cheese.

Tricking and Treating

Got your cheese? Good! Arm it and start capturing mice at the Haunted Terrortories. When you catch a mouse with Candy Corn, you'll treat that mouse, and when you catch a mouse with Ghoulgonzola, you'll trick them! Trick and treat enough mice and you can progress through the Terrortories. Move through the Corn Maze, the Haunted Manor, and the Pumpkin Patch, then catch both the Trick Mouse and Treat Mouse, and you'll have a shot at catching the new menace of the Haunted Terrortories!

A Very Charming Celebration

Looking for more of a challenge? Arm Spooky Charms and you'll start attracting more difficult mice that will require more powerful types of traps. Want an even harder challenge? Try arming Extra Spooky Charms! You'll need to be a Count/Countess to arm these charms, and you'll want a powerful Rift trap to catch the mice you attract! You can purchase both of these charms from the Charm Shoppe for a combination of Halloween Cheese and gold.

Two new challenges this year have been added for hunters of all ranks! If you encounter the Candy Cat Mouse while hunting, he'll drop a Candy Charm. Equip it to entice all mice to drop an extra Halloween Candy, and add a chance to catch the candy-laden Candy Goblin Mouse! Also, keep an eye out for the Tricky Witch! She'll drop a Shortcut Charm, which will give you a chance to zip ahead on your current track in the Terrortories. But watch out! There's also a small chance you'll fall back, too!

Halloween Treasure Maps and Crystal Library Assignments

Halloween treasure maps are making a comeback, and this year they're all-new to focus on the all-new mice! You'll have to capture the boss to get one, so get hunting!

There are also new quests available at the Crystal Library, with new and better rewards! Make sure to visit and pick the quest that's right for you!

Play the Spooky Shuffle!

Every day, you'll get two tickets to the Spooky Shuffle in your Daily Loyalty Chest. Click the spooky button in the Daily Loyalty Chest popup or the one on the Haunted Terrortories heads-up display to load up the Spooky Shuffle!

The goal is to match pairs of cards with spooky Halloween treats on them. When you do, you get to keep the rewards and try another match! When you miss, a Spooky Shuffle Ticket is consumed. Clear the full board for an extra special reward, and to reset it and start over again!

Keep an eye out for other ways to earn Spooky Shuffle Tickets. For example, have you Liked our Facebook page yet? Follow our Facebook updates for MouseHunt news and mysterious gifts from Larry. Whatever could be in them?

Spooky Skins, Baskets, and More!

All your favourite old skins, baskets and goodies are back, and this year, there's more! Check the Trapsmith at the Haunted Terrortories to check them out, collect some from mice as drops, and check out the premium shop for some more!

Kit out your trap in true Halloween style!

Halloween Basket
This pumpkin shaped basket is stuffed full of both SUPER|brie+ and Halloween Cheese!

Spooky Supply Kit
SUPER|brie+, Halloween Cheese, and Spooky Charms make this kit the perfect starting point for more advanced hunters.

Jumbo Halloween Bag
SUPER|brie+, Halloween Cheese, and as a special bonus, 10 Halloween Candies make this jumbo bag extra sweet!

Haunted Treasure Kit
Are you an avid treasure hunter? This kit includes Halloween Cheese as well as Rare Map Dust: everything you'll need for haunted treasure map hunting!

Halloween Pillowcase
A plump pillowcase packed full of Halloween goodness! SUPER|brie+, Halloween Cheese, Halloween and Rift Candy, and Shortcut and Candy Charms!

Halloween Charm Bag
A creepy bag of haunting charms! For those looking to make quicker work of the Haunted Terrortories! 5 Shortcut Charms and 5 Candy Charms are inside to speed you on your way!

Spooky Shuffle Pack
Can't get enough of that Spooky Shuffle! Well this is the pack for you! Two Spooky Shuffle Tickets to try your luck with, and fifteen fantastic SUPER|brie+ to help progress through the Corn Maze, Haunted Manor, and Pumpkin Patch!

Halloween is here!

  • Set up your hunter profile to hand out treats to friends!
  • Visit friends and collect Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn Cheese
  • Hunt with your Halloween cheese at the Haunted Terrortories
  • Collect Candy and Shortcut Charms while hunting to boost your candy supply and zip ahead
  • Play the Spooky Shuffle and earn fantastic prizes!
  • Earn a new base, exciting loot, trap skins and more!

Click here to travel to the Terrortories | Click here to see the new supplies

-- Dan Hulton