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Archive for updates taken place in June 2015 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Ronza's Shoppe Open for a Limited Time!

30 June 2015

Ronza will leave Gnawnia on Tuesday, July 7

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe Open for a Limited Time!

Ronza visits far and distant lands looking for new hunting equipment to bring to the Kingdom of Gnawnia. After a lengthy journey, Ronza has finally returned with a wide array of equipment for sale! Her schedule is a busy one, and she never stays for long, so make sure to visit her shop and browse her wares!

Pay special attention to which of Ronza's wares are Limited Edition. Anything marked as Limited Edition is in short supply and will not ever return to the Kingdom!

Travel to Ronza's Traveling Shoppe!

Ronza's Trapsmith

Chrome Sphynx Wrath (Upgrade for the Sphynx Wrath)
Ronza's General Store stocks a chrome upgrade kit capable of enhancing your Sphynx Wrath trap into a more powerful and luckier chrome version! The Chrome Sphynx Wrath has 6,500 Power, 15% Power Bonus, 10% Attraction Bonus, and +28 Luck!

Chrome Onyx Mallet (Limited Edition)
Focused on bright, shining, overwhelming power, the Chrome Onyx Mallet carries a massive 5,000 Power and 30% Power Bonus! In case pure smashing power is not enough, the Chrome Mallet also has +20 Luck. Smash, crush, and pulverize mice in chromium style!

Dreaded Totem Trap (Limited Edition)
With 3,000 Power, 15% Power Bonus, 10% Attraction Bonus and +10 Luck, this totem is not only a formadable Shadow trap, but its tribal origin packs a particularly strong punch against the mice of The Dreaded Horde! When used inside the Jungle of Dread, this trap activates a massive power bonus! The Jungle of Dread becomes a little less dreadful with this trap!

Physical Brace Base
Ronza crafted another breakthrough in trap design -- a base capable of dramatically boosting a Physical setup! Although the Physical Brace already has fairly impressive stats, it really shines when paired with any Physical weapon, adding a massive 25% Power Bonus! Push your high-power Physical traps to new heights!

Four Unique Trap Skins (Tradable in the Marketplace)
Not to restrict herself to only making traps, Ronza designed four stylish Trap Skins. Customize the look of your Ancient Box Trap, Steam Laser Mk. III, Sandtail Sentinel, or Reaper's Perch Trap!

Ronza's Charm Shoppe

Super Wealth Charm (New Charm!)
Have way, way too many Wealth Charms? Ronza's invented a means of compressing four Wealth Charms into a more powerful Super Wealth Charm! Exchange 4 Wealth Charms for a Super Wealth Charm capable of a greater gold-earning boost and higher maximum yield!

Gargantua Guarantee Charm (New Charm!)
Arming this charm with a streak of 7 or higher in the Fiery Warpath will lure the Gargantuamouse towards your trap!

Oxygen Burst Charm (New Charm!)
Gather Oxygen in the Sunken City more quickly! You'll receive an extra Oxygen Canister when a captured mouse drops one!

Super Rift Vacuum Charm (New Charm!)
An upgraded version of the Rift Vacuum Charm, this charm can generate an additional Calcified Rift Mist when capturing a mouse.

Super Cactus Charm
Massive Power Bonus with the Claw Shot Base and either of the S.L.A.C. traps in Claw Shot City!

Unstable Charm
Turns into a random charm upon use. Wide array of possible charms, from Power and Luck to Ultimate and Shattering!

Mining Charm
Packs a bunch against Digby Dirt Dwellers!

Tarnished Charm
Equip to polish it into a powerful Chrome Charm for bonus Luck!

Safeguard Charm
Wards off Cursed and Corrupt Mice!

Grubling Bonanza Charm
Instantly starts a Grubling Stampede!

EMP400 Charm
Massive power bonus when armed alongside Fusion Fondue! Show the M400 who's boss!

Ronza's General Store

Chrome Sphynx Upgrade Kit (New Item!)
Upgrade your Sphynx Wrath into a more powerful and lucky chrome version! Like other upgrade kits, this chrome kit can be exchanged on the Marketplace. Due to a limited supply, Ronza has limited each hunter to three of these kits.

Airship Journal Theme
Celebrate Ronza with this unique journal theme purchased at Ronza's Traveling Shop!

Spiked Metal (New Item!)
These spiked panels of metal are used to create the Spiked Anchor Charm, a more powerful version of the Empowered Anchor Charm.

Heavy Gold (New Item!)
This item is used to create the Golden Anchor Charm. These charms increase Sand Dollar loot drops while diving at the Sunken City.

Extra Coarse Salt
Create Super Salt Charms, which counts for double the salt power against the King Grub in the Sand Crypts!

Powdered Bleach
Combine with Soapy Suds and a Simple Orb to create a SUPER Soap Charm for Toxic Spills!

Mini Maelstrom (New Item!)
Used to craft the Smart Water Jet Charm. These charms automatically disarm after being consumed for more controlled water navigation. Crafting your own charms also skips the Sand Dollar cost that the Sunken City Charm Shoppekeeper charges!

Double Dewdrop Powders
Ronza has once again stocked her General Store with a variety of Double Dewdrop Powders to create powerful loot-doubling charms for use in the Living Garden!

Airship Charms, Airship Kits, and Dirigible Kits

To celebrate Ronza's return to Gnawnia, the King has assembled a special collection of supplies, available only during Ronza's visit! New Airship Charms provide an impressive Power and Luck bonus and are available directly from the King, as free daily gifts for friends, and as free rewards within Daily Loyalty Chests!

15 Airship Charms

Available only during Ronza's visit — 800 Power and +5 Luck!

Airship Supply Kit

Grab 75 Airship Charms and SUPER|brie+ for you or a friend!

Dirigible Kit

An incredible bundle containing 200 Airship Charms and 200 SUPER|brie+! Send your trap or a friend's trap setup to new heights with this special delivery!

Rockforth Cheese, Rockstar Mice, and Moussile Mice

While hunting at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe you may come across a bait with an especially loud flavour -- Rockforth Cheese! The extreme volume means you can only hold 99 pieces in your inventory, however, arming it will bring around two special mice! The Rockstar and Moussile Mouse have both come to visit her shoppe and are carrying special loot. Share what you find as loot on the forums!

Ronza's Next Visit

Ronza has specific plans for after she departs Gnawnia. A large chrome mine has been located that is abundant enough to fulfill another supply of Chrome MonstroBot Upgrade Kits. Barring any major chrome catastrophe, Ronza is planning on bringing another limited supply of Chrome MonstroBot Upgrade Kits when she next visits Gnawnia. When she plans to visit, however, no one knows!

Ronza arrives in Gnawnia!

  • New Chrome Sphynx Wrath!
  • Wide variety of special charms!
  • Useful crafting items!
  • Send Airship Charms as free gifts and find them in loyalty chests!

All New Treasure Maps

23 June 2015

Season Three of the Relic Hunter has begun and a host of new treasure maps are now available!

Start of Relic Hunter Season Three

The third season of the Relic Hunter has now begun! Completing a Treasure Map found from the Relic Hunter Mouse will now award a "Season Three" chest containing new rewards.

The new, Limited Edition trap to be found is the Warden Slayer Trap. This powerful physical trap is particularly useful when hunting Theurgy Warden mice as well as the Warmonger Mouse. There's a chance of finding the trap in any chest that has "Season 3" in the name. Take note that the previous season 2 chests can no longer be obtained.

Along with the new rewards, a massive overhaul of Treasure Maps has taken place. This overhaul changes how to find maps, the mice that can appear on maps, as well as what type of rewards there are and how they are earned. Read on to learn more!

Types of Treasure Map Scroll Cases

Relic Hunter Scroll Cases
Regular scroll cases are now called "Relic Hunter Scroll Cases" and can be found by tracking the Relic Hunter, found in a random location in the Kingdom. In order to attract the Relic Hunter Mouse, you still need to have at least one Ancient Relic in your inventory, which are found as drops from rare and powerful mice throughout the Kingdom. Upon capturing the Relic Hunter Mouse, it will take a single Ancient Relic and leave behind a Relic Hunter Scroll Case. Your existing scroll cases will still be in your inventory, they have simply been renamed.

Specially-Themed Scroll Cases
Specially themed scroll cases are more focused hunts for specific treasure and will often only take you to a handful of locations in the Kingdom. These scroll cases are sold by various Cartographers throughout the Kingdom and are purchased with multiple Ancient Relics. If you find yourself with a stockpile of Ancient Relics, check out any of the many Cartographers to begin a specialized treasure hunt of your choice!

Relic Hunter Scrolls * Dropped by the Relic Hunter Mouse * Random map of varying difficulty * May take you throughout the Kingdom! * Earn Points, Gold, Ancient Charms, King's Credits, and unique Relic Hunter items!

Specially-Themed Scrolls * Purchased with Ancient Relics from Cartographers in various hunting locations * Treasure map with area-specific mice * Earn Points, Gold, Ancient Charms, and area-specific loot!

Scroll Case Limit
In order to provide hunters with more choice over how their Ancient Relics are used and spent, there is a limited on the number of Relic Hunter Scroll Cases you can obtain from the Relic Hunter Mouse. In this way, you will not continue to lose an Ancient Relic to the Relic Hunter Mouse after reaching the maximum (20 scrolls), which is especially helpful when you are saving up to purchase a specially-themed scroll case!

Mice Found on Maps

The mice that can potentially appear on Treasure Maps has been completely overhauled to include many more of the mice found in the Kingdom! When opening a Relic Hunter Scroll Case, you'll find a random map of varying difficulty. The higher your Hunter's Title is, the more likely you are to find a more difficult map. Easier maps will mostly contain mice from low-ranked areas, while more difficult maps will mostly contain mice from higher-ranked areas.

When opening a specially-themed scroll case you'll find a map themed to the scroll case. For example, a Sunken City Scroll Case will contain a Sunken City Treasure Map. As you'd expect, these specially-themed maps will take you to only a single, or a small number of different hunting areas.

Rewards for Treasure Maps

The type of chest you'll find at the end of your Treasure Hunt largely depends on the type and difficulty of the Treasure Map you completed. When completing a Relic Hunter Treasure Map, you can find an easy, medium, hard, elaborate, or arduous Treasure Chest. When completing a specially-themed treasure map, you'll find a treasure chest themed to the map you completed. For example, completing a Fungal Cavern Treasure Map will reward a Fungal Cavern Treasure Chest.

Rewards have had a complete overhaul, as well. No matter what type of treasure chest you open, you'll always find Points, Gold, and Ancient Charms. The quantity of these items entirely depends on the difficulty of the map that rewarded it. Easy Treasure Chests have fewer items than Hard Treasure Chests, etc. The same applies to both Relic Hunter and specially-themed treasure chests. The more mice on the map, the greater the reward! The changes to the loot inside of treasure chests will only apply to new season 3 chests that are found. Any existing chests in your inventory will still contain the previous loot items.

Relic Hunter Map Rewards: Relic Hunter maps are those found within Relic Hunter Scroll Cases. These maps can award an easy, medium, hard, elaborate, or arduous chest, depending on difficulty. In addition to the rewards you find in all chests, Relic Hunter chests have King's Credits as well as unique Relic Hunter items! The quantity of King's Credits and the number of unique items found scale with the difficulty of the chest. These are the only chests that can potentially contain the Limited-Edition Warden Slayer Trap!

Specially-themed Map Rewards: The specially-themed maps are those found within scroll cases purchased from Cartographers. These maps will always award a chest themed to the area(s) you hunted in to find clues. In addition to the rewards you find in all chests, specially-themed chests have a variety of items from the area(s) the chest is themed after. For example: Sunken City Chests may contain Oxygen Canisters, Fungal Cavern Chests may contain Minerals, etc.

Finding the Limited Edition item: Earning the Limited Edition trap works a little differently this season! Each time you claim a Relic Hunter Treasure Chest your chance of finding the Limited Edition item will be slightly increased. After opening 29 Relic Hunter chests of any difficulty, if you still have not found the Warden Slayer Trap, it will be guaranteed to be inside your 30th chest! Remember, only Easy, Medium, Hard, Elaborate, and Arduous Chests can contain the Warden Slayer. You won't find it inside area-themed chests and claiming those chests do not increase your chance of finding the Warden Slayer.

New Treasure Map Interface

The treasure map interface has been given a complete overhaul as well! You can now access treasure maps at anytime by clicking the button within the blue marble towards the top-right of the heads-up display. From this interface you can now do a lot more than simply view the progress of any map you're currently working on!

New Heads-up Display Features: * View and manage any invites to Treasure Maps you've received from friends * See which friends are on maps and which are not when inviting them * View and open any scroll case in your inventory * View all Cartographers in the game that sell scroll cases and quickly travel there * See how many Treasure Clues both friends and all other hunters have found * View a hint about where the Relic Hunter Mouse currently is * Access a message board for the map while working on one * View how many clues you've found, and how many Ancient Relic and Rare Dust you own

In addition to the display features above, some neat changes were added to making treasure hunting even better!

New Treasure Hunting Features: * Should the map owner leave the map, ownership is automatically transferred to another hunter (chosen at random) * The journal entry seen upon completing a map now shows who caught each mouse and who caught the last mouse!

Using Rare Map Dust

As always, using Rare Map Dust on a Treasure Map will cause a rare chest to be found at the end of the treasure hunt, meaning more rewards for everyone! No matter what type of map you're doing, dusting the map always doubles the amount of Points, Gold, and Ancient Charms. The dust will also increase other rewards based on the type of map you're working on.

Relic Hunter Maps: Dusting these maps will double the Points, Gold, and Ancient Charms, as well as increase the quantity of King's Credits! The Rare Map Dust will also increase the chance of finding the limited edition item, as well as double the number of special Relic Hunter items inside the chest! For example: When opening an Arduous Treasure Chest, you'll normally find five Relic Hunter items, however, if you dust the map you'll find a rare chest that has TEN Relic Hunter items!

Specially-Themed Maps: As above, dusting these maps will double the Points, Gold, and Ancient Charms. The dust will also increase the number of other items you find in the chest! For example: When opening a Sunken City Treasure Chest, you'll normally find five Sunken City items, however, if you dust the map you'll find a rare chest that has eight Sunken City items!

Rare Map Dust

Boost map rewards!

Treasure Hunting Kit

3 Rare Map Dust
125 SUPER|brie+

Jumbo Treasure Hunting Kit

10 Map Dust with 500 FREE SUPER|brie+

All New Treasure Maps!

  • New Limited Edition Warden Slayer Trap
  • New themed maps for a ton of areas!
  • New types of chests and rewards to find!
  • Massive variety of mice to hunt for Treasure Clues

Fungal Frenzy Mini-Event

12 June 2015

A Fungal Frenzy has started!

Total Fungal Frenzy

Attention Duke/Duchess hunters and above! A frenzy of fungal growth is taking place in the Fungal Cavern! The wild growth means mice are dropping extra Fungus! The Nightshade Masquerade Mouse also seems to be interested in more than just fungus. She's carrying Nightshade Farming Charms!

This growth spurt is expected to last for only four days, so get farming fungus!

Fungal Frenzy in the Fungal Cavern

  • Mice dropping an extra Cavern Fungus!
  • Nightshade Masquerade Mouse dropping Nightshade Farming Charms
  • The frenzy ends Tuesday, June 16