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Royal Challenges

30 August 2016

By King's decree, the next four weeks shall present hunters with unique challenges!

King's Royal Challenges

The King has put together an especially challenging mission for hunters! Each week, for the next four weeks, four new challenges will be revealed! Hunters bold enough to embark upon these difficult tasks will be rewarded with +1 Bonus Luck to their trap for the remainder of the event along with King's Credits, SUPER|brie+, Gold, Points, and other items!

Some of the challenges ahead will be rather daunting! The King doubts any hunter can finish them all, except perhaps for a few elite. Similar to finding all the bonus eggs during the Spring Egg Hunt, you'll want to choose which goals to pursue carefully. Consider which challenges to take on based on your hunting prowess for it will certainly be difficult to complete them all!

How Challenges Work

  • The King's Royal Challenge event will last for five weeks
  • The first four weeks will each reveal new challenges
  • Competing a challenge immediately awards your trap +1 Bonus Luck for the remainder of the event
  • Completing a challenge also rewards special items, with harder challenges rewarding more items
  • You can view challenges and track progress from the banner above your journal

The Challenges

The first week's challenges will have hunters hunting in quite a variety of areas, including the twisted realm of the Living Garden! Hunt down Granite mice, Hydra mice, Balack the Banished, and Twisted Carmine to earn rewards.

These are FOUR separate challenges
Each one rewards +1 Luck along with Gold, Points, and items
You do not have to complete them all for a reward, each one is claimed individually

Looking forward to weeks two, three, and four, the King is remaining hush-hush. Keep an eye on the news ticker, and MouseHunt's Facebook Fan Page for any hints that Larry might be able to squeeze out of the King (along with some helpful reward links!)

Challenge Supply Kits

To celebrate the challenges and spur hunters on, the King has put together a unique supply kit for each week during the challenges. Each kit will become available at the start of its respective week and will remain available until the end of the event.

  • Royal Week 1 Challenge Supply Kit
Week One Supply Kit

King's Royal Challenges!

  • Event lasts for five weeks
  • Each of the first four weeks will reveal new challenges
  • Complete challenges by the end of the event for rewards
  • +1 Bonus Luck per challenge completed
  • SUPER|brie+, King's Credits, Gold, and Points to earn!
  • Put your bonus luck to good use!

Great Gnawnian Games

09 August 2016

Collect Runny Cheese and track down Great Gnawnian Games mice!

Gnawnian Games Mice Competing Throughout the Kingdom!

Sporty Gnawnian Games mice have setup throughout the Kingdom where they're holding races to swipe cheese from hunters' traps! Visit any one of nine locations in the Kingdom where these event mice can be found to collect Runny Cheese and hunt down these extra competitive mice.

Click the banner above your journal to view event locations

  • Collect Runny Cheese
Click the banner above your journal to view the nine locations where Runny Cheese can be collected as loot from mice. Arm Runny Cheese in those same locations to lure a variety of mice to your trap, including the event mice! In some locations, you may even spot a breed or two that usually likes more valuable bait such as a few Gruyere Grazers in the Fungal Cavern, Riftiago mice in the Gnawnia Rift, higher-tier mice in the King's Gauntlet, and more!
  • Loot Torch Charms
Hunting event mice comes with a special reward: Torch Charms! These smouldering charms will burn each hunt you take with them armed, revealing a bonus item! You can find SUPER|brie+, King's Credits, Ultimate Luck Charms, Magic Essence, Rainbow Luck Charms, and much more!
Torch Charms also provide Luck and Power bonuses to your trap. When used in a Runny Cheese location their heat intensifies, providing an impressive +10 Luck! This makes them great for getting that extra edge against any tough mice in Runny Cheese stockpile locations.
  • Build the Gnawnian Games Journal Theme
Go for gold and show off your completion of the Great Gnawnian Games by constructing a new journal theme! Gnawnian Games mice drop three scraps that will construct this sporty theme.

Supply Kits and Gift Baskets

The King has put together supplies, kits, and baskets to equip hunters looking to compete against the sporty mice! You'll find Runny Cheese, Torch Charms, and SUPER|brie+ to celebrate the games with!

  • 25 Runny Cheese
Hunt Gnawnian Games mice!
  • 300 Runny Cheese
Stock up for the race!
  • 50 Torch Charms
Burn into bonus loot!
  • 500 Torch Charms
Blazing hot stock!
  • Games Gift Basket
50 Runny Cheese, 50 Torch Charms
  • Competitor's Kit
300 Runny Cheese, 500 Torch Charms, 300 SB+

Great Gnawnian Games

  • Visit Runny Cheese stockpile locations
  • Collect Runny Cheese and hunt event mice
  • Collect and arm Torch Charms for item rewards!
  • Collect 3 scraps to craft the Gnawnian Games Journal Theme!