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Winter Advent Calendar

30 November 2016

A festive advent calendar is now available for each hunter!

Tasty Chocolate Treats

From December 1 to December 24, hunters can open a door on their Advent Calendar for a tasty Advent Chocolate! If you open the door on the same day it unlocks, you'll also find a bonus item as a reward!

If your Advent Calendar has a door waiting to be opened, a special banner will appear above your Hunter's Journal to remind you. You can also access the Advent Calendar by clicking the link in the navigation bar at the very top of the game.

Advent Chocolate
These tasty chocolates are found behind each door in your Advent Calendar. Once the Great Winter Hunt arrives, you'll be able to trade these tasty treats in for a variety of trap skins. There will be a number of skins to choose from, so pick wisely!

Daily Bonus Rewards
If you open a door on your Advent Calendar on the same day that it becomes available, you'll find a special bonus reward! These items are different from previous years' rewards and cover a wide variety of items and uses! Make sure to check back and open a door every day!

Can you feel that chill in the air? That's the Great Winter Hunt approaching! Get in the festive spirit by opening your Advent Calendar every day and keep watching this space for an announcement when the Great Winter Hunt has begun!

Defend Varmint Valley at Fort Rox

3 November 2016

A meteor has crashed into Varmint Valley, transforming the mice!

Fort Rox Defensive Position

The eerily glowing moon signals atop the Spooky Sandcastle have pulled a massive meteor towards Gnawnia! The otherworldly chunk of rock has crashed into Varmint Valley, just south of the Gnawnian Express Station.

The cosmic radiation from the glowing chunk of space rock has had a profound effect on the local mice -- they're transforming into powerful weremice at night! The King needs the help of Baron/Baroness (and up) hunters to setup a defensive grid between the meteorite and the rest of Varmint Valley. Get ready to embark on a lycan-slaying, mutant-hunting endeavour, hunters!

There's a new adventure available that starts with obtaining the Fort Rox Battle Summons from the Claw Shot City Cartographer. Head there with some Fool's Gold to get started!

Building Your First Wall

The first line of defense you'll build is a basic wall made of sturdy Meteorite Pieces. Fortunately, the mice in Fort Rox seem to be adept at mining and have been spotted carrying massive quantities of Meteorite Pieces around the area. Setup your trap with a Law power type weapon and Brie, Gouda, or SUPER|brie+ to start hunting these meteorite-dropping mice!

Keep an eye out for the Mining Materials Manager Mouse -- this mouse drops the most Meteorite Pieces of all! You'll encounter this mouse most often by using SUPER|brie+.

You can push your meteroite gathering to the extreme by building a Mage Tower at Fort Rox. The tower can be activated by burning Tower Mana each hunt to DOUBLE all your Meteorite Piece loot drops!

  • 75 SUPER|brie+
Attracts better mice!
  • 50 Tower Mana
Doubles loot drops!

Hunting at Night

Once your defenses are prepared, click the "Defend Fort" button on the HUD to indicate you're prepared for the coming night. When night falls, the relatively normal mice change from mild-mannered miners to enraged Weremice!

Each hunt you take during night will bring you closer to dawn. When night first falls, you'll encounter Weremice that are weak to Shadow traps, however, as dawn approaches, more Cosmic Critter mice will appear that are primarily week to Arcane traps. The Fort Fox HUD will help you spot when it's time to change your setup.

During night, it's best to use one of two lunar-themed cheeses to lure the Weremice and Cosmic Critters towards your trap and away from your wall. If you fail to attract or fail to capture a mouse, it will slip past your trap and assault your wall, causing damage.

Crescent Cheese
Crescent cheese is crafted by combining three Meteorite Pieces and three Curds and Whey. It has an attraction rate slightly better than Gouda during night and will lure a few more mice that drop valuable resources and loot.

Moon Cheese
Moon Cheese is crafted by combining one Meteorite Piece, three Curds and Whey, and two Magic Essence. It has a near-perfect attraction rate during night and will lure more mice that drop valuable resources and loot!

  • 100 Moon Cheese
Avoid the Battering Ram Mouse!
  • 250 Moon Cheese
Collect more loot!

Other Cheeses and the Battering Ram Mouse
Lurking throughout the night is the fearsome Battering Ram Mouse. This mouse has been specially-trained by being constantly exposed to light from the moon in order to keep him in his enraged state. At night, when the moon is out, this mouse will charge headlong towards your fort, unimpeded by traps, and will always cause damage to your wall even if captured!

However, if you use Crescent or Moon Cheese, the presence of two sources of moonlight will confuse this mouse and send him into a blind, uncontrollable rage, causing him to flee from the battlefield altogether, screaming incoherently.

Upgrading your Fort

  • Wall
Upgrading your wall will increase its health, allowing your wall to withstand more damage during night!
  • Moat
The moat will reduce the damage your wall takes when failing to capture or failing to attract a mouse.
  • Ballista
The Ballista specifically targets Weremice, Shadow type mice found in the early parts of the night. As you upgrade the Ballista, it will gain more specialized abilities to help capture Weremice.
  • Cannon
The Cannon specifically targets Cosmic Critters, Arcane type mice that are found as you get closer to dawn. As you upgrade your Cannon, it will gain more specialized abilities to help survive the night and make it to dawn.
  • Mage Tower

The Mage Tower is an especially powerful upgrade that has a variety of effects that work both during day and night! The Mage Tower is activated by clicking a button on the HUD. While active, the tower burns 1 Tower Mana each hunt and will cast a variety of spells to boost your hunting!

As you upgrade and enchant your Mage Tower, it will double certain loot drops, instantly capture mice, heal your wall, and even speed up the night!

  • 50 Tower Mana
Double loot drops!
  • 150 Tower Mana

Surviving until Dawn

Once you've upgraded your fort, your defenses should be able to hold back the mice and allow your wall to remain standing when dawn arrives. The rising light summons two more big, bad mice to assault the fort in an epic final showdown: The Dawn Guardian and the Monster of the Meteor.

During dawn, your wall will still take normal damage when failing to capture these mice. However, each time you defeat the Monster of the Meteor, it will enrage him and his company of guards, causing them all to inflict more damage should you fail to capture them.

The Monster of the Meteor has a chance to drop the most valuable loot found during night -- Silver Bolts and an Animatronic Bird! These strange items can be exchanged at the Fort Rox Trapsmith for a powerful Shadow and Arcane trap, respectively. You can also sell these items on the Marketplace or sell Silver Bolts directly to the General Store for gold.

How long will your defenses hold out?

Fort Rox Shoppes

Make sure to browse the various shoppes at Fort Rox -- a couple of them carry unique wares!


Interdimensional Crossbow Trap - New Shadow Trap
4,500 Power, 15% Power Bonus, 18 Luck, 15% Attraction Bonus, Fresh Cheese Effect
Assembled with a rack of 10 Silver Bolts found from the Monster of the Meteor to unlock a powerful, Shadow force!

Droid Archmagus Trap - New Arcane Trap
5,000 Power, 15% Power Bonus, 20 Luck, 10% Attraction Bonus, Stale Cheese Effect
A highl- intelligent robotic bird controls a droid with incredible Arcane power.

General Store

Silver Bolt
10 of these special-tipped bolts are used to assemble the Interdimensional Crossbow Trap and can be purchased with Dawn Dust collected during dawn. You may also find this item as a loot drop during dawn, in which case the General Store will gladly purchase any extras you have, if you don't want to sell them to other hunters on the Marketplace that is.

Animatronic Bird
This intelligent bird is used to assemble the Droid Archmagus Trap and can be purchased with Dawn Dust collected during dawn. The bird can also be sold to other hunters on the Marketplace.

Meteorite Pieces
You can exchange excess Howlite at the General Store in return for two Meteorite Pieces each. If you've proven yourself as a capable defender by earning a Train Badge, the General Store owner will give you a better exchange rate, offering three Meteorite Pieces per Howlite!

Tower Mana
You can purchase Tower Mana with your excess Bloodstone and Howlite from the General Store at a rate of two Bloodstone and one Howlite for one Tower Mana. If you've proven yourself as an especially capable defender by earning three Train Badges, the General Store owner will give you a better exchange rate, offering two Tower Mana for three Bloodstone.

Fortress Supplies, Basket and Kit

To help you get a leg up on the terrible night creatures, the King is offering a variety of supplies and a basket and kit!

  • 250 Moon Cheese
Best at night!
  • 500 Moon Cheese
Reach for the moon!
  • 150 Tower Mana
Works day and night
  • 400 Tower Mana
Double your loot, and more!
  • Fort Rox Gift Basket
75 Moon, 40 Mana
  • Fort Rox Supply Kit
500 Moon, 400 Mana

Travel to Claw Shot City to obtain the Fort Rox Battle Summons