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Spring Egg Hunt

11 April 2017

The Spring Egg Hunt has returned! Find hidden eggs throughout the Kingdom!

Hidden Spring Hunt Eggs

Mice throughout the Kingdom are carrying special eggs containing tasty treats of bonus loot! Travel throughout the Kingdom and hunt mice in search of these hidden eggs, then crack them open to see what's inside!

To get started, you'll need a special egg-finding piece of equipment called an Eggscavator. If you do not already own one, you can purchase one from the King for 10,000 gold from the special Spring Egg Hunt heads-up display. Or, you can track down the Eggscavator Mouse in areas throughout the Kingdom to find one for free.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpiles and Spring Hunt Event Mice

The changing of the season has attracted several event mice to certain locations. These hunting spots are home to "stockpiles" of Marshmallow Monterey -- a special cheese that will lure event mice to your trap.

To collect Marshmallow Monterey, visit one of the stockpile locations (listed below) and hunt as you normally would there to collect Marshmallow Monterey as loot.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpile Locations:

Once you've obtained some Marshmallow Monterey, you can use it in any stockpile location to attract Spring Egg Hunt event mice! These mice drop 10 especially valuable eggs that each hunter can loot only once. Event mice also drop special charms to boost the power of your Eggscavator!

Eggscavator Charge Charms and Eggstra Charms

You can obtain special charms to boost your Eggscavator by exchanging Marshmallow Monterey at the Charm Shoppe in any Marshmallow Monterey Stockpile location, or, you can hunt for event mice in those locations to obtain charms as loot drops. Charging up your Eggscavator will allow you to find special Charge Eggs and using Eggstra Charms will double your egg drops!

Capturing a mouse with this charm armed will add a charge to your Eggscavator. You'll lose a charge each hunt taken without a charge charm armed. Depending on the charge level of your Eggscavator, you'll find Low, Medium, and High Charge Eggs that contain Spring Hunt loot!
The Eggstra Charm will double the quantity of any eggs found while hunting! The charm is only consumed when you find an egg.
This special charm combines the abilities of the Eggscavator Charge Charm and the Eggstra Charm both charging your Eggscavator and doubling the quantity of any eggs found! This charm is consumed upon each successful capture of a mouse.

New Eggs for 2017 Spring Egg Hunt

Dark and scary!
Day breaks and so does this egg.
Nighttime in the desert.
Sunny side up?
Attuned with Enerchi.
Swept around by a powerful rift mouse.
Occasionally dropped while Enerchi Charms are armed.
Watch out for a Toxic Spill.
Found past 50,000m while diving.
Good luck.
Splish splash!
Shrouded in mystery.
Hope this is less rare than Sandblasted Metal...
Baked to perfection.
Dropped by the three "shattering" mice.
Careful! It's crystal!
New mice at the Harbour!
Creepy, or cute?

Spring Egg Hunt Supply Kits and Baskets

To help in your egg-hunting endeavours, the King has assembled a stockpile of supplies, gift baskets, and kits!

60 Marshmallow Monterey
75 SUPER|brie+, 25 Charge Charms, 10 Eggstras
300 SUPER|brie+, 250 Eggstra Charge Charms
Exchange for charms!

Spring Egg Hunt!