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New Year's Nougat Flavour

28 December 2017

There's a new celebration at the Festive Comet!

New Year's Celebration

The Festive Comet is getting even louder with the sound of celebrations! The party cheers have nearly drowned out the explosive excavations.

Hunters can now send their Snow Golems to explore the Festive Comet itself in search of New Year's Party supplies! Golems sent to the comet will recover one New Year's Nougat each time along with a variety of event supplies and new 2018 Charms, depending on their level.

The 2018 Charms pack quite the punch with 2,018 Power!

The extra sweet, party-flavour infused New Year's Nougat recovered by your golems can be exchanged at the various festive shoppes for some new fancy rewards!

Finally, three new breeds of mice have joined the celebration at the Festive Comet! While hunting with Pecan Pecorino, you'll come across New Year's, Partyhead, and Frightened Firework mice that drop various golem parts as well as 2018 Charms.

2018 Party Rewards

  • 2018 Lucky Codex
This magical codex is infused with knowledge directly from the year to come! Having this codex in your inventory will give your trap setup a +1 Luck Bonus that will last until the end of 2018!
  • 2018 New Year's Base
A party-powered base with +10 Luck and a special ability to recover 2018 Charms as loot drops from mice. This base's special effect will last until the end of 2018.
  • 2018 Charms
The Charm Shoppe stocks a supply of 2018 Charms. Exchange your extra New Year's Nougat for 10 charms each.
  • New Year's Trap Skins
The Trapsmith at the Festive Comet has assembled another batch of trap skins that were available during previous Great Winter Hunts. If you're missing any, now's your chance to grab them before they're gone!

Celebratory Supplies, Baskets, and Kits

Stock up and celebrate with the ever-powerful 2018 Charms, collectible Confetti, SUPER|brie+ and more!

  • 15 2018 Charms
2,018 power!
  • 50 2018 Charms
Stock up!
  • 2018 Party Pack
Charms and SB+
  • Golem Builder Party Pack
6 Hats, Bells, and more!

Grand Gift Opening Ceremony

21 December 2017

You can now open tree and stocking gifts!

Gift Opening Ceremony

The King has conducted the always elaborate and lengthy grand gift opening ceremony! With the over-indulgent sceptre waving, countless ribbon cuttings, and both dancing AND prancing now complete, hunters are free to open gifts left under their profile trees and in their team stockings!

Visit your hunter profile by clicking the giant MouseHunt shield or the "My Profile" button on the left-side of the navigation bar at the very top of the game and check if anyone in your hunting party left something under your tree!

Claiming gifts from your profile will claim both your tree and stocking gifts at once!

Happy hunting!

Great Winter Hunt

12 December 2017

Send magical snow golems on loot collecting missions!

The Nougat Core of the Festive Comet

It's that time of year -- the Festive Comet has crashed into Gnawnia in all its festive glory! It seems the comet passed through some rather interesting areas of space en route to Gnawnia, as it consists of several chocolately, crunchy, candy layers!

Some of the comet's layers are composed of materials you'd expect, such as snow and ice, however, there's also more exotic layers such as yule log, egg nog, and even a thick sweater! At the comet's very core is an extremely dense concentration of nougat that has attracted an especially troublesome mouse with its sweetness -- The Naughty Nougat Mouse!

The Naughty Nougat Mouse has concealed itself within the dense nougat core of the comet where it's plotting a not-so-sweet invasion of Gnawnia. Hunters have been tasked with digging through the many layers of the comet to confront this mischievous mouse.

Excavating the Festive Comet

The comet consists of 10 layers, each thicker than the last. Digging a tunnel to the center will be no small feat, requiring some serious explosives!

Luckily, a recent goof up by the scientists of Digby resulted in some festive crackers packed with far too much concentrated fun powder. These highly explosive crackers were already sent for safe burial throughout the Kingdom, but the King has an idea on how to use the magical snow of the comet to retrieve these powerful explosives for a greater purpose...

Building Magical Snow Golems

The magical snow at the comet makes more than your average snowman, it can create sturdy and strong snow golems! While hunting at the Festive Comet with a new nutty flavour of cheese called Pecan Pecorino, you'll collect various Snow Golem parts from mice as loot. Gather a head, torso, and four limbs to bring a Snow Golem to life! The golems can be sent out to retrieve the Explosive Christmas Crackers, along with other valuable loot depending on where you send them.

You can use any type of cheese to collect Pecan Pecorino, however, SUPER|brie+ and old festive event cheese will attract mice that drop this new event cheese more often.

Once your golem returns with an Explosive Christmas Cracker, you can use it to bust through the first layer of the comet. Excavating the comet will not only dig a tunnel to traverse it, but also grant valuable Snow Golem Reinforcing Ice Shards that you can use to upgrade your golems into even stronger versions that will return with more loot and more Explosive Christmas Cracker!

Have too many of a specific type of golem part? Use the recycler on the heads-up display to smash parts into Animated Snow which you can then use to create a different type of part. You can also use Animated Snow to purchase a Festive Summoning Bell that will instantly call your golem back with its entire load of loot!

  • Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat
Adds great items to any level!
  • 15 Pecan Pecorino
Loot Golem Parts!

Snow Golem Architect Mouse

These mice are roaming the Festive Comet, collecting stockpiles of Snow Golem parts to work on their ever evolving golem designs. Their intense focus makes them hard to lure to a trap. In order to bring them about you'll need to use Let It Snow Charms to create a tempting flurry of magical snow bring them toward your trap.

The Snow Golem Architect Mouse always drops two Snow Golem Limbs and has a chance to drop one or both Snow Golem Head and Snow Golem Torso, meaning you can find up to four golem parts when capturing this mouse!

Have Winter Charms from previous years? They'll attract the Snowflake Mouse who drops both a piece of Pecan Pecorino as well a Let It Snow Charm. You'll also find Winter Charms as occasional loot drops, as prizes from the Snowball Showdown, and they occasionally appear as the gift of the day.

  • 15 Let It Snow Charms
Attract the Architect!
  • Festive Summoning Bell
Instantly returns Golem!

Confronting the Naughty Nougat Mouse

Geology experts studying the structure of the Festive Comet warn that its nougat core is highly unstable (and delicious). Your showdown with the Naughty Nougat Mouse is certain to cause a disturbance that will destabilize the nougat core, collapsing the tunnel you've dug. Each time you capture the Naughty Nougat Mouse, you'll be ejected from the centre of the comet, and you'll need to dig a new tunnel. However, as you upgrade your Snow Golems, you'll collect more and more Festive Explosive Crackers, making returning to the core quicker and quicker!

Each time you capture the Naughty Nougat Mouse, you'll recover a delicious Nugget of Nougat from the core. These delicious morsels are highly prized sweets that the local shopkeepers are sure to be interested in. You can exchange your Nuggets of Nougat at the various festive shoppes for a variety of new Limited Edition equipment!


Browse the shops for a variety of rewards. Pay special attention to new Limited Edition items that you can purchase with Nuggets of Nougat.

Infinite Winter Horizon Trap (Limited Edition)
Arcane: 6,000 Power | 10% Power Bonus | 15% Attraction Bonus | 26 Luck
A powerful Arcane trap of festive proportions! Purchase the Frozen Galaxy Event Horizon Module from the Trapsmith to craft an upgraded version of the Event Horizon Trap with +26 Luck!

Harrowing Holiday Harpoon Harp (Limited Edition)
Draconic: 5,000 Power | 12% Power Bonus | 5% Attraction Bonus | 13 Luck
With a delightful musical ring, this Draconic harp fires a powerful harpoon to capture pesky flying dragon mice.

Christmas Crystalabra Trap (Limited Edition)
Rift: 1,200 | 5% Attraction Bonus | 4 Luck
Get a Rift trap with +4 Luck to venture into the Rift Plane! This trap adds extra Calcified Rift Mist when finding any as loot!

Goldfrost Crossbow Trap (Limited Edition)
Shadow: 5,000 Power | 18% Power Bonus | 20 Luck
Purchase the Goldfrost Honing Crystal from the Trapsmith which can be used to upgrade an Interdimentional Crossbow Trap into a more powerful, more lucky version!

Christmas Cactus Trap (Limited Edition)
Law: 1,800 Power | 5% Power Bonus | 15% Attraction Bonus | 4 Luck
With dazzling festive lights, this decorative Law trap lures mice close before activating powerful rotating cactus arms full of spikes! Ouch!

Festive Winter Hunt Base
100 Power | 15% Attraction Bonus | 10 Luck
The perfect festive keepsake -- a highly compressed Christmas tree, carefully formed into a rectangular prism. Its winterfresh pinecones provide an impressive 15% Attraction Bonus, while its prickly needles are sure to stick a mouse, providing +10 Luck. Double ouch!

Festive Gift Baskets and Kits

To help you forage for Snow Golem parts and blast your way through the comet the King has assembled a variety of baskets, kits, and supplies. They make great gifts!

  • 100 Pecan Pecorino Cheese
Collect Snow Golem Parts!
  • 1000 Pecan Pecorino Cheese
Stock up!
  • 15 Let It Snow Charms
Lots of Snow Golem Parts!
  • 100 Let It Snow Charms
Attract the Architect!
  • 3 Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hats
Better Snow Golem Rewards
  • 6 Festive Summoning Bells
Instant Golem Return
  • Snow Golem Gift Basket
Great Gift!
  • Snow Golem Supply Kit
Cheese, Charms, Hats!
  • Snow Golem Treasure Hunting Kit
Rare Map Dust!
  • Snow Golem Supply Box
Biggest and best deal!

Leave Presents Under Friends' Profile Trees

Visit any friend's profile or your team profile to leave a wrapped gift under their tree or in their stocking! Your friends will be able to open gifts once the Grand Gift Opening Ceremony takes place on Thursday, December 21. This year's gifting works a bit differently from previous years. Instead of random festive collectibles, you'll be able to wrap up ANY givable item from your own inventory!

Great Winter Hunt

  • Collect Pecan Pecorino Cheese
  • Loot Snow Golem Parts
  • Send out Snow Golems to recover Explosive Christmas Crackers
  • Blast through the Festive Comet
  • Upgrade your golems for more rewards!