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Year of the Rooster

26 January 2017

Celebrate Lunar New Year with DOUBLE loot and up to +50 Luck!

Costumed Mice appear throughout the Kingdom

Eight unique costumed mice have appeared in nine locations in the Kingdom! Visit one of nine "Lunar Stockpile" locations to collect Dumpling Cheese and lure the costumed and other event mice out of hiding. Use Dumpling Cheese to capture each of the eight costumed mice and confront the Costumed Rooster Mouse to find a Rooster Lunar Lantern!

Lunar Stockpile Locations

Visit any one of these nine locations to collect Dumpling Cheese as loot drops from the mice normally native to that location. Hunting with SUPER|brie+ will attract mice with more loot drops! Then, arm Dumpling Cheese in those same locations to potentially lure the Lunar New Year Event Mice to your trap.

Light up your Lunar Lantern!

The various Lunar New Year mice drop Lunar Lantern Candles that you can use to illuminate your Rooster Lunar Lantern. While your lantern is lit, you'll use one candle with each hunt you take, but you'll also DOUBLE most loot dropped by mice you capture. Every 10 hunts you take with your lantern lit will also add a +1 Luck bonus to the lantern that will be active while the lantern is lit. You can earn up to +50 Luck!

The Lantern's loot-doubling and bonus luck effects work ANYWHERE in the Kingdom!

Lantern Loot Doubling
While the lantern is lit, you'll find double loot for most items dropped by mice. The magic of the lantern works for most loot drops, however, there are a few drops not affected by your lantern.

'Items Not Doubled by Lunar Lantern'

Lantern and Other Loot Bonuses
The lantern loot bonus does not stack with most other loot-increasing effects or bonus loot provided directly by charms, auras, bases, etc. For example, the Nightshade Farming Charm puts Nightshade directly into hunters' inventories and is not dropped by the mouse itself. Nightshade from the charm will not be doubled.

However, if the mouse's loot is modified by some effect, that loot will still double. For example, Rift Vacuum Charms add Calcified Rift Mist directly to a mouse's loot and will therefore be doubled. Basically, as long as the mouse is dropping it and it's not one of the items above, the lantern will double it!

Additionally, if an item has a maximum inventory quantity, the lantern may not be able to double your loot drops depending on how many of that item you already own.

Lantern Luck Bonus up to +50 Luck

Every 10 hunts you take with your lantern lit will add a +1 Luck bonus to the lantern which will be active while your lantern is lit. Your lantern can be upgraded to have a maximum of +50 Luck, meaning after you take 500 hunts with your lantern lit it will be fully upgraded!

For example: If you take 80 hunts with your lantern lit, your trap will have a +8 Luck Bonus while the lantern is lit. Your trap will only take advantage of the +8 Luck Bonus while your lantern is lit. Keep those Lunar Lantern Candles burning!

Gift Baskets and Supply Kits

Get the celebration started with these special supplies assembled by the King!

  • 15 Dumpling Cheese
Attract event mice!
  • 100 Dumpling Cheese
Collect more candles!
  • 50 Lunar Lantern Candles
Light your lantern!
  • 100 Lunar Lantern Candles
Stock up on DOUBLE loot!
  • Year of the Rooster Gift Basket
Great for giving!
  • Year of the Rooster Supply Kit
Get a quick start!

Lunar New Year

  • Visit a stockpile location
  • Collect Dumpling Cheese
  • Capture all 8 Lunar Costumed Mice
  • Light your Lunar Lantern for DOUBLE loot and up to +50 Bonus Luck!

Lunar New Year event ends: Tuesday, February 7

Leftover Festive New Year's Fireworks

11 January 2017

The King's personal pyrotechnic expert has been surveying the remaining fireworks left in hunters' inventories across Gnawnia and has come to a frightening conclusion. She has informed the King that simply allowing these undeployed fireworks to remain is a recipe for disaster!

Who knows what might set them off while they are spread across the Kingdom in precarious locations? Imagine if a large quantity of them were to deploy while underground in the Fungal Cavern, or while scaling the narrow stairs of the King's Gauntlet, or while facing the Marching Flame at the Fiery Warpath— Wait, that last one might be alright.

Operation: Fireworks Disposal

In any case, she has made the recommendation to the King that all available hunters should make their way back to the Vacant Lot in order to safely detonate and dispose of their leftover ordnances.

Under her advice, the King has agreed to allow hunters to visit the General Store in the Vacant Lot and deploy their remaining Festive New Year's Fireworks for 1,000 gold each (as an Environmental Handling Fee).

In exchange, hunters can hang onto the Deployed Festive New Year's Fireworks left behind from the fireworks disposal.

Once hunters have disposed of their old fireworks, they can check out the other festive shoppes to purchase the special New Year's goodies! Remember that these items are Limited Edition and will not be tradable on the Marketplace.

If you have any leftover Festive New Year's Fireworks, head to the General Store in the Vacant Lot now to deploy them!

This disposal enterprise will operate until Tuesday, January 17, when all shoppes in the Vacant Lot will close.

The Great Winter Hunt has ended

10 January 2017

The winter hunt has come to an end, make sure to browse the shops before they close!

Winter Hunt Shoppes at the Vacant Lot

The Great Winter Hunt has come to an end. In its place is the Vacant Lot, a location where the various event Shoppe Keepers remain to sell the last of their wares. Make sure and visit the shops there to spend any remaining Advent Chocolates you have left and pick up any other items you may be interested in.

The Shoppe Keepers at the Vacant Lot will pack up and leave on Tuesday, January 17. Make sure and check their shoppes one last time before they leave!