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Zombie Invasion!

17 May 2017


Zombie Invasion

The otherworldly dimension of the Rift has recently become increasingly unstable! Digby Scientists are predicting that the Rift is getting ready to expand which will most certainly cause a new Rift location to tear open sometime soon!

The current Rift expansion has caused a new breed of mouse to appear at the Burroughs Rift: The Tomb Exhumer Mouse! The strange occurrences have also corrupted some potions in the Burroughs Rift, resulting in some of the zombie breeds there to drop a new Undead String Emmental Potion.

The increased undead activity has resulted in a full blown ZOMBIE INVASION! Head to the Burroughs Rift, Catacombs, or Mousoleum to collect Undead Emmental and hunt down the undead horrors!

Larry's Zombie Hunting Guide

  • Undead Emmental Potion
Can be collected at the Mousoleum and Catacombs.
  • Undead String Emmental Potion
Can be collected at the Burroughs Rift.
  • Undead Emmental Cheese
Works at the Mousoleum and Catacombs. Has a chance of attracting the Grave Robber Mouse!
  • Undead String Emmental Cheese
Works at the Burroughs Rift. Has a chance of attracting the Tomb Exhumer Mouse!

Bristle Woods Rift

31 May 2017

Another fearsome Rift has torn its way into the Kingdom!

Just outside the Acolyte Tower a Rift has opened, connecting our dimension to the strange and dangerous Rift dimension! Within this Rift is the Absolute Acolyte Mouse, a powerful creature that holds the unique ability to alter time.

Brave hunters of Grand Duke/Duchess and above are needed to venture into this Rift before the Absolute Acolyte Mouse and its legion of lich mice can pollute the timeline of Gnawnia!

Exploring the Rift Acolyte Tower

The Rift Acolyte Tower is a strange and confusing place consisting of a seemingly endless number of chambers, all connected by magical portals. However, by defeating the mice in the chamber and collecting the loot they drop, the portals will crack open.

Explore the Rift Acolyte Tower by moving from chamber to chamber and discover new potions and cheese. Experiment with different bait combinations in different chambers to see what unique resources there are to find!

Tracking the Absolute Acolyte

With its ability to influence the normal flow of time, the Absolute Acolyte Mouse has used this power to hide within its own chamber, just slightly out of phase with time. In order to reveal the entrance to the chamber, you'll need a special hourglass which is hidden somewhere in the tower. Once you find this Ancient Hourglass, you'll be able to collect Time Sand. Fill your hourglass with more and more Time Sand to reveal the entrance to the Acolyte Chamber.

Once inside the Acolyte Chamber, you'll need Time Sand in order to maintain quantum time continuity. Each hunt you take while in the Acolyte Chamber will drain your Time Sand and if you run out, you'll be pulled out of the chamber and back into the other parts of the Rift Acolyte Tower.

Even within the Acolyte Chamber, the Absolute Acolyte Mouse has taken measures to ensure its safety from meddling hunters by again hiding just out of our own timeframe, existing mere seconds ahead of hunters, but far enough away to remain unseen. To summon the Absolute Acolyte Mouse into our timeline, you'll need to charge the mysterious Timesplit Obelisk within the Acolyte's domain by collecting loot in the chamber. Once the obelisk is fully charged, it will summon the Absolute Acolyte Mouse for a final showdown!

While the Absolute Acolyte is hidden from our time, it will be able to syphon your Time Sand every hunt you take, using it to protect itself from capture once summoned. Charge the Timesplit Obelisk as quickly as you can to ensure the Absolute Acolyte can't protect itself for too long.

Absolute Acolyte's Mysterious Rift Box

There is so much to explore and discover in the Bristle Woods Rift! All sorts of loot and resources are tucked away and hidden within the tower, with the greatest rewards coming from the Absolute Acolyte itself!

The Absolute Acolyte drops a Mysterious Rift Box containing valuable Clockwork Cogs as well as some Tiny Sprockets that you can use to better your Rift equipment. Some boxes also contain the very valuable Timesplit Rune -- a key resource to unlocking a new and powerful Rift base and trap!

As you earn King's Crowns for the Absolute Acolyte Mouse, your ability to track loot will increase! On your tenth capture of the Absolute Acolyte Mouse, it will begin dropping a bronze version of the box, on the 100th capture a silver version, and finally, on the 500th capture a gold version!

Higher tier Mysterious Rift Boxes are more likely to contain Timesplit Runes, with the silver having a guaranteed rune inside and the gold containing two runes!

The higher tier boxes also contain a larger quantity of Clockwork Cogs and greater variety of other items such as Quantum Quartz, Timesplit Charms, Rift Ultimate Luck Charms, and more!

The rare and valuable Timesplit Runes are used for a new and powerful base, trap, and charm. The runes and charms can also be exchanged on the Marketplace.

Take note that these boxes are so out-of-phase with time that not even the Quantum Pocketwatch can affect them. The Absolute Acolyte only ever drops one box, even while your Quantum Pocketwatch is active.

Timesplit Runes, Clockwork Cogs, and Tiny Sprocket Rewards

Be sure to visit the various shoppes at the Bristle Woods Rift and browse the wares for sale. There are a variety of new charms, a new base and trap, as well as the powerful Riftstalker Codex!

  • Riftstalker Codex
This mysterious codex provides complex instructions on how to tune your Rift equipment. Purchase the codex to DOUBLE the effectiveness of the Riftwalker Set bonus, revealing the secrets of the Riftstalker Set! Hunters with the codex will have a 20% Power Bonus and +10 Luck added to their trap when three pieces of Rift equipment are armed.
  • Clockwork Base
800 Power, 20% Power Bonus, and +13 Luck
Clicking gears, zinging sprockets, and low hum can be heard when this base whirls to life. Its powerful design is based on the Fissure Base and provides a significant upgrade.
  • Timesplit Dissonance Weapon
3,000 Power, 10% Power Bonus, and +7 Luck
The ultimate in Rift hunting technology. The Timesplit Dissonance Weapon harnesses the power of Timesplit Runes to subject mice to a near infinite timeline of catch attempts in an effort to find one where it is successfully caught!
  • Timesplit Charms
3,000 Power, 25% Power Bonus, 20% Attraction Bonus, and +18 Luck
These charms are some of the most powerful ever discovered! Although they'll work anywhere, they're especially effective in Rift locations where they work alongside the Riftwalker or Riftstalker set bonus.
  • Realm Ripper Charm
This unique charm works in the Forbidden Grove where it will lure the Realm Ripper Mouse out of hiding even while the grove is open!

Bristle Woods Rift

  • Explore the chambers of the Rift Acolyte Tower
  • Loot chambers to open portals and traverse the tower
  • Collect Ancient String and Runic String Potions
  • Track down the Chronomaster Mouse to find Time Sand
  • Locate the Acolyte Chamber for a final showdown!