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Spring Egg Hunt

27 March 2018

It’s that time of the year again!

Fill Egg Cartons with the Help of Your Friends

An Egg Carton is an activity you can do with up to 3 friends during the Spring Egg Hunt by opening an Unfilled Spring Egg Carton. Once opened, you will be given an egg carton that has 12 empty slots for Spring Hunt Eggs. Any time anyone in your Egg Hunting group finds a Spring Hunt Egg as a loot drop, a unique copy of that egg will be placed into the egg carton (excluding the 10 basic Spring Hunt stockpile eggs and charge eggs).

Once the carton is full, everyone on the team can smash the carton and receive the loot based on the contents of each egg! How eggciting! You can find an Unfilled Spring Egg Carton inside of this year's Golden Egg, in Stockpile General Stores, and in the Premium Shop.

  • Unfilled Spring Egg Carton
Egg Hunt with friends!
  • Egg Hunter Supply Kit
Stock up, Egg up and Team up!

Hidden Spring Hunt Eggs

Mice throughout the Kingdom are carrying special eggs containing tasty treats of bonus loot! Travel throughout the Kingdom and hunt mice in search of these hidden eggs, then crack them open to see what's inside!

To get started, you'll need a special egg-finding piece of equipment called an Eggscavator. If you do not already own one, you can purchase one from the King for 10,000 gold from the special Spring Egg Hunt heads-up display. Or, you can track down the Eggscavator Mouse in areas throughout the Kingdom to find one for free.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpiles and Spring Hunt Event Mice

The changing of the season has attracted several event mice to certain locations. These hunting spots are home to "stockpiles" of Marshmallow Monterey -- a special cheese that will lure event mice to your trap.

To collect Marshmallow Monterey, visit one of the stockpile locations (listed below) and hunt as you normally would there to collect Marshmallow Monterey as loot.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpile Locations:

  • Town of Gnawnia (Recruit)
  • Great Gnarled Tree (Master)
  • Town of Digby (Master)
  • Dojo (Grandmaster)
  • Catacombs (Legendary)
  • S.S. Huntington (Legendary)
  • Cape Clawed (Legendary)
  • King's Gauntlet (Hero)
  • Claw Shot City (Lord/Lady)
  • Muridae Market (Baron/Baroness)
  • Gnawnia Rift (Count/Countess)
  • Fungal Cavern (Duke/Duchess)
  • Moussu Picchu (Grand Duke/Duchess)

Once you've obtained some Marshmallow Monterey, you can use it in any stockpile location to attract Spring Egg Hunt event mice! These mice drop 10 especially valuable eggs that each hunter can loot only once. Event mice also drop special charms to boost the power of your Eggscavator!

  • 15 Marshmallow Monterey
Tasty Spring Cheese
  • 500 Marshmallow Monterey
Hunt for event mice

Eggscavator Charge Charms and Eggstra Charms

You can obtain special charms to boost your Eggscavator by exchanging Marshmallow Monterey at the Charm Shoppe in any Stockpile location, or, you can hunt for event mice in those locations to obtain charms as loot drops. Charging up your Eggscavator will allow you to find special Charge Eggs and using Eggstra Charms will double your egg drops!

  • Eggscavator Charge Charm
Capturing a mouse with this charm armed will add a charge to your Eggscavator. You'll lose a charge each hunt taken without a charge charm equipped. Depending on the charge level of your Eggscavator, you'll find Low, Medium, and High Charge Eggs that contain Spring Hunt loot!
  • Eggstra Charm
The Eggstra Charm will double the quantity of any eggs found while hunting! The charm is only consumed when you find an egg.
  • Eggstra Charge Charm
This special charm combines the abilities of the Eggscavator Charge Charm and the Eggstra Charm both charging your Eggscavator and doubling the quantity of any eggs found! This charm is consumed upon each successful capture of a mouse.

New Eggs for 2018 Spring Egg Hunt

  • White Egg
Simply white.
  • Grey Egg
Slightly fiesty.
  • Brown Egg
Challenging for a Novice.
  • Abominable Snow Egg
Cold and frosty!
  • Bristle Woods Rift Egg
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
  • Absolute Acolyte Egg
Absolutely powerful in those robes.
  • Chamber Cleaver Egg
Grab it before it phases away.
  • Mutated Behemoth Egg
Trashiest of the trashy.
  • Ful'Mina Egg
Rests high above thunderous clouds.
  • Thunder Egg
Oh, I think you know...
  • Wind Egg
Oh high winds, these fly!
  • Rain Egg
When it rains, these pour!
  • Relic Hunter Egg
Doesn’t stay in one place for long...

Spring Egg Hunt Supply Kits and Baskets

To help in your egg-hunting endeavours, the King has assembled a stockpile of supplies, gift baskets, and kits!

  • Marshmallow Gift Basket
60 Marshmallow Monterey
  • Bonus Egg Hunting Kit
75 SB+, 25 Charge Charms, 10 Eggstras
  • Eggstra Charge Charm Kit
300 SB+, 250 Eggstra Charge Charms
  • 1200 Marshmallow Monterey
Exchange for charms!

Feeling Green with the Lucky Mouse

16 March 2018

Collect tons of magical sewing supplies!

Lucky Mouse Arrives at the Mysterious Anomaly

The Lucky Mouse has been spotted at the Mysterious Anomaly to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! This lucrative mouse carries with it a wide variety of loot to bring some luck your way!

With each Lucky Mouse capture, you'll loot:

  • A variety of Luck Charm
  • 1 or 2 Rewind Raclette
  • 3 or 4 magical sewing supplies depending on which year you're hunting in

There's also a small chance to find the Seven Leaf Clover Cap collectible from the Lucky Mouse, if you have not found it in years past. Alternatively, travel to year 2008 and capture a White Mouse and guarantee to loot its Seven Leaf Clover Cap!

Finally, it's worth noting that the arrival of the Lucky Mouse has not affected the encounter rate of the Reality Restitch Mouse. While you have a Reality Restitch Charm armed, you'll have the same chance to encounter a Reality Restitch Mouse as before, and whether or not you have the charm equipped, you'll have the same chance of encountering the Lucky Mouse. So, arm Reality Restitch Charms and watch the magical sewing supplies pour in!

  • 15 Reality Restitch Charms
Collect even MORE loot!

Boost Your Luck even FURTHER

The King is offering some limited time baskets and kits to push your trap's luck to great heights! Grab these great deals before they disappear.

  • Lucky Hunting Kit
The gift of luck

Makes a great gift for a friend! Inside you'll find 100 SUPER|brie+, 100 Luck Charms, and 30 Super Luck Charms.

  • Lucky Clover Kit
Shamrock Charms and more

Grab 300 of the exclusive Shamrock Charms (+3 Luck) inside this kit. Inside you'll also find 750 SUPER|brie+ and 10 Rainbow Luck Charms.

  • Lucky Rainbow Kit
Lots of Rainbow Charms

Stock up with 100 of the magically bright Rainbow Luck Charms which have a +12 Luck Bonus and 800 Power. Inside you'll also find 1,000 SUPER|brie+ and 750 Shamrock Charms!

Make each hunt count!

The Lucky Mouse will leave the anomaly on Tuesday, March 20.

Temporal Tear in Time Threatens Timeline!

5 March 2018

A call for help from Larry!

Strange Anomaly in Gnawnia

Oh thank goodness, a fellow hunter! I was helping some new recruits in the Meadow when suddenly a flash of light swept over us. When our vision cleared everything was... different!

The Harbour is destroyed, the Eclipse Mouse roams free, the Marching Flame has secured the entirety of the Sandtail Desert, and most shocking of all: A mouse is now King! Something is terribly wrong, hunters!!!

This can't be a coincidence. The strange anomaly emanating from near the castle must be responsible for this change which I can only surmise is a shift in the timeline!

10 Years of Altered History

From what I've gathered, it seems this pretender "mouse king" has made critical changes to the past 10 years that have resulted in mice achieving total victory against hunters.

The culprit king is a fashion-obsessed mouse that has used various magical sewing supplies such as Time Thread, Spacetime Spool, and Fabric of Time to travel back and change events over the last 10 years.

You must explore the strange anomaly, track down these resources yourself, and repair the Quilt of Time, as it were, to unravel what the Time Thief Mouse has sewn!

Changing History to Help Hunters

If you're successful, perhaps you can can alter history to give hunters a special edge. If you restore the timeline, you'll be able to share current era trap knowledge with trapsmiths of the past, resulting in some serious trap upgrades! Just be sure to keep it a secret from the Department of Temporal Investigations. Which may or may not even exist right now...?

Check out the Trapsmith at the anomaly for a glimpse at what will be once the timeline is restored. There are plans for five special Anniversary Edition traps that offer some serious bonuses to iconic traps of the past. These traps all have an impressive Luck Bonus as well as a 10% chance to unleash years of hunting power against a mouse to instantly catch it.

Completing the adventure to restore Gnawnia's 10-Year Timeline also comes with a host of new and unique rewards! You'll be rewarded with a 10 Layer Birthday Cake Base, a Magical Birthday Cake, and 100 Hunter's Horn Rewind Charms.

  • 10 Layer Birthday Cake Base
Combines 10 different flavours of cake into one delicious base sporting a handy +10 Luck Bonus! The cupcake portions of the base also contain a few magical sprinkles that will cause mice to occasionally drop Cupcake Charms as loot.
  • Magical Birthday Cake
This magical cake comes lit with blazing candles for you to blow out. Blowing out the candles on the cake will reward you 10 SUPER|brie+ for each year you've been a MouseHunter. If you've yet to play an entire year, you'll receive 10 SUPER|brie+. Finally, the magical candles will relight on your MouseHunt Anniversary (the date you became a MouseHunter). Look forward to blowing out the candles each year!
  • Hunter's Horn Rewind Charm
These charms are imbued with temporal time-controlling energy that is unleashed when you fail to capture a mouse. When activated, the charm will rewind time on your Hunter's Horn to five seconds before you last sounded it, allowing you to hunt again within moments. Note that your cheese is outside the control of this charm, so you'll still lose your bait when it activates.

Anniversary Aura

There are four types of Treasure Maps to embark upon to earn great rewards, including a special Anniversary Aura that gives any mouse a chance of dropping a piece of SUPER|brie+! Opening any of the new Birthday or Time Traveler Themed Treasure Chests will reward or extend this aura.

  • Birthday Treasure Chests provide 1 day of aura.
  • Time Traveler's Treasure Chests provide 2 days of aura.
  • Gilded Birthday Treasure Chests provide 2 weeks of aura.
  • Gilded Time Traveler's Treasure Chests provide 1 month of aura.

Although opening additional chests will extend the aura, the magic of the Anniversary Aura may not be extended beyond March 7, 2019.

Hunting Supplies to Travel Through Time

Along with the altered timeline have also come new items that can be used to gain an advantage for hunters! Rewind Raclette, a new time-sensitive cheese, is a favourite of the time weaving mice, and a Reality Restitch Charm will pull an especially lucrative mouse into phase and towards your trap.

The time shift has also caused two new Gilded Scroll Cases to appear which are sure to lead to impressive treasure, including the Lucky Golden Shield!

  • 100 Rewind Raclette
Attract event mice

Rewind Raclette will lure various event mice towards your trap, including those carrying magical sewing supplies. You'll find it as loot drops, especially when hunting with SUPER|brie+.

  • 15 Reality Restitch Charms
Collect more resources

The Reality Restitch Charm will occasionally pull the lucrative Reality Restitch Mouse into phase with time, luring it towards your trap. This mouse drops a variety of magical sewing supplies depending on the year in which it's caught.

  • Gilded Birthday Scroll Case
Hunt for 20 mice

The Gilded Birthday Scroll Case contains a treasure map consisting of 20 mice spread throughout 2008 through 2013. The chest found at the end of this map rewards the Lucky Golden Shield for one month, 50,000 Gold and Points, 100 Ancient Charms, 25 Gilded Charms, as well as some Rewind Raclette Cheese, and the chance of a birthday themed trap skin!

  • Gilded Time Travel Scroll Case
Hunt for 40 mice

The Gilded Time Traveler's Scroll Case contains a treasure map consisting of 40 mice spread throughout 2008 to 2017. The chest rewards the Lucky Golden Shield for one month, along with an impressive 100,000 Gold and Points, 200 Ancient Charms, 50 Gilded Charms, as well as a stash of Rewind Raclette Cheese, Reality Restitch Charms, King's Credits, and a chance of a birthday themed trap skin!

  • Rare Map Dust
Boost your rewards!

As with any gilded map reward chest, both the Gilded Birthday and Gilded Time Traveler's Treasure Chests have a chance of containing a Slayer Scroll Case. Using Rare Map Dust will lead to a rare version of the chest that has double points, gold, and ancient charms, a higher chance to contain a Slayer Scroll Case, and a guaranteed birthday themed trap skin!