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New Friend System

29 May 2018

Manage your friend list without Facebook

New In-Game Friend System

After months of hard work involving the entire team, a new friend system has arrived! Your MouseHunt friend list is no longer tied to your Facebook friend list, meaning you no longer need to be friends with someone on Facebook to be MouseHunt friends in order to hunt together, invite them to maps, send supplies, etc.

You can send a friend request to any hunter by visiting their profile. Most places in the game where you'd see a hunter's name will link to their hunter profile, or if you're looking for someone specific you can try searching for them on the scoreboard.

When you receive a friend request, it will appear as an Inbox notification where you can accept or ignore the request. You can also view and manage your requests from within the friends section of the game. If you'd prefer to not receive notifications about friend requests, you can turn them off by clicking help in then top-right corner of the game and going to the user preferences section.

Note: As part of the maintenance to launch the friend system we had to clear any pending daily gifts. If friends sent you free daily gifts before the maintenance they will now be expired. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Connecting with Facebook

Although the new friend system no longer requires Facebook, you can still view Facebook friends who also play MouseHunt by going to the requests tab within the friends section and selecting the "Connect with Facebook Friends" subtab. From there you can grant MouseHunt permission to view your friend list and then easily send MouseHunt friend requests to your Facebook friends who have also allowed MouseHunt access to their Facebook friend list.

If you add someone as a friend on Facebook, they will not appear as a MouseHunt friend automatically. Instead, you can visit their MouseHunt profile to send them an in-game friend request, or use the Facebook tool to quickly find their profile (assuming they've granted MouseHunt access to their Facebook friend list).

Feedback, Suggestions, and Support

The new friend system was a huge undertaking! Like with any massive project there will certainly be room for a few improvements and tweaks based on feedback. If you have feedback or suggestions, make sure to visit the forums and share it with us and fellow hunters. While you're there you may even meet a few new friends to add to your hunter's group!

If you come across a problem or something not working the way it should, get in touch with us clicking the help menu in the top-right of the game, click "Contact Us", and then select "Bug" as the subject.

Thanks for being part of this grand community of hunters with us and hopefully these improved friend tools will only make your hunting experience even better! Happy hunting!

Limited Time SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket Deal

To celebrate the launch of the new friend system you can grab 4 SUPER|brie+ Gift Baskets for the price of 3! Each basket contains 75 SUPER|brie+ and rewards a month of Golden Shield when opened. They make a great gift to share with friends!

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